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Big Boy Bulley

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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth January 23rd 2008
Date of death 2010
Newspaper BBB's Big Brilliant Book
President of Philippines
6th April 2009 – 5th July 2009
Preceded by blitzwithlimes
Succeeded by HazzN
Vice President of Movement for Democratic Unity
16th October 2008 – 16th December 2008
Succeeded by Patrick Reckitt
Vice President of UK
5th February 2009 – 5th March 2009
Military rank Icon rank Major***.png Major***
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Big Boy Bulley was a citizen of the Philippines and United Kingdom.

Economic History

Upon joining the New World, Big Boy Bulley fell into a job in the food industry under the employment of Hot Cross Buns, where he worked for around 3 weeks before transferring to Liban Food, which was later known as Aurum Food. He worked there for a while and now works in the little sister company of Aurum Food UK.

Big Boy Bulley formally had his own SO, containing just 1 company, however, he joined forces with S-K corp, and later he owned part of the well known Aurum brand.

Big Boy Bulley was also the sole person in charge of the running of Bulley's Bookies (formerly Aurum Bookies), which adds an extra dimension in eRepublik for UK citizens. Cited as the first UK gambling organization, BBB Group runs a gambling firm called Aurum Bookies.
The easy system in place (essentially a "You ask about it and I'll bloody well give you odds on it!" system) is what has made the bookies successful.
Because just about everything can have a bet placed on it when using Aurum (odds can be given on both eRepublik and RL events) the idea of betting in eRepublik appeals to more citizens than it would, had it been an "eRepublik bets only" bookies. The Bookies is largely non profit but brings something extra to the tedious 2 click regime for those who don't enter the forums.

Big Boy Bulley was an Aurum Shareholder for a long time in his life, however, in December 2008, he decided to resign and withdrew his shares from the corporation. This left him with slightly more than Icon-gold.gif 100 GOLD.

Since the release of v1, Big Boy Bulley took the opportunity to maximize the potential of the new donation system. He and tim09 set up Merchant Traders. Merchant Traders was an organization that buys and sell citizens good and makes a profit from it.
In December 2009 Big Boy Bulley bought out his partner tim09 for Icon-gold.gif 50 GOLD, and from then was the sole owner/manager of merchant traders. The service allowed citizens to save money on what they would have otherwise have paid on the markets.

Political History

Big Boy Bulley joined the community on 23rd January 2008. He found his feet and after reading the manifestos of the political parties decided to join Now El313ct Winners (N.E.W), later known as The Unity Party (TUP), then under the leadership of 94asm.

However with the decrease of activity within TUP, on returning from a foreign conflict with the UK Paratroopers decided to join People's Communist Party, with high levels of activity and unique manifestos.

Big Boy Bulley finally decided to take a more active role in erepublik politics when CV James posted on the forums asking for people to help him with the reformation of PZP, which became MDU. At the time the party had only 13 members and was completely unrecognised on a national stage. BBB and CV managed to get the membership levels to rise to more significant amounts, and since the party has gone from strength to strength.

In January 2009 (a year after birth) Big Boy Bulley decided to run for his first congress elections representing MDU in Scotland, however, he faced stiff competition against JerryGFL (UKRP PP).

In the same month, he looked even higher on the political spectrum and made a bid to become UK President, the first step of which was to overcome Tommy Tommasino in an inter-party vote to decide the candidate.

After growing bored in the UK, Big Boy Bulley was the catalyst behind a group of UK citizens moving to the Philippines to help oust the oppressive government and stabilize the country. Their first step was the creation of the Filipino Progressive Movement (FPM).
From there they managed to gain a stranglehold on Congress and began to right the wrongs of the previous regime. In the April CP election Big Boy Bulley won comfortably and implemented the nations first pieces of structure, such as the introduction of 4 departments (Defence, Foreign Affairs, Home Affairs, Finance).

Military Activity

Big Boy Bulley was a paratrooper since their foundation (March 2008) until he decided to embark on his political path in January 2009. He has been their leader for 6 months (July 2008 - November 2008), taking them into many conflicts and becoming very knowledgeable and experienced whilst doing so. Big Boy Bulley resigned from the leader post in November 2008, however to this day he remains an elite paratrooper and one of the best soldiers in the UK.

Upon his move to the Philippines Big Boy Bulley founded the Armed Forces of the Philippines during his term as President of Philippines; with the assistance of HazzN (first Director of Defense) in April 2009.


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Hard Worker (x2)
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Congress Member (x3)
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Country President (x3)
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Battle Hero (x1)
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Super Soldier (x1)