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Big Brother (not to be confused with the eRepublik player of the same username) is the almighty leader of The Party. His omnipotent views on Party actions are praised the world over for their effectiveness and positive contributions to The Party. Big Brother appoints The Triumvirate, who in turn oversee the actions of The Party in his abscence. Big Brother is the founder of the ideology of INGSOC as well as President of Minitrue University in addition to his roles within The Party.

Younger Years

The date of birth of Big Brother is unknown to anyone. Big Brother himself is rumored not to know of his birth date, but he is said to be over 150 years old. During a fierce thunderstorm, Gaia, mother of the Earth, gave birth to Big Brother. Born an American, Big Brother was a child descended from the Gods. He gained his omniscience at the age of seven. Seeing the lack of conformity in the world and need for a militaristic, orderly society, young Big Brother set out on the path to gain knowledge in order to create his empire. After years of studying, Big Brother assumed the responsibility passed down to him from his father (who is known only to the triumvirs and Big Brother) of controlling The Party. This marks the point in which Big Brother started his journey and moved to South Africa.

The Establishment

Noting his lack of time to commit to running The Party, Big Brother called upon three influential Party members to succeed him and run The Party. Father, Teacher and Watcher were picked by Big Brother due to their righteousness and loyalty to the cause. Rumored to be 50 years after the creation of his empire, Big Brother officially transferred day to day control to the triumvirs for the betterment of The Party. As a general rule, the word of Big Brother is law, and to oppose it is a thoughtcrime. The Triumvirate often looks to Big Brother in times of crisis for guidance and wisdom. Big Brother showed The Party the light during the Great Crisis of 1982 and was forever revered for his quick thinking and leadership.

Big Brother is watching

The Retirement

Big Brother was tired. He needed to rest. While still young at heart, he was clearly old in age. At this time, The Party was being run by Big Brother on the guidance of the Triumvirs. However, he officially passed the torch and stepped down as 'Ruler of all Rulers' to allow the party to head in it's new direction. Big Brother still watches over all. The only words ever spoken and recorded are listed in the The Office of The Triumvirate and pertain to the passing down of Party organizations. After that quote, Big Brother was never heard from again.