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Nationality Flag-Bulgaria.jpg Bulgarian
Date of birth 17 May 2008
Date of death 2010
Residence Ruse, Bulgaria
Sex Female
Congress member of Bulgaria
October 2008 – January 2009
July 2009 – September 2009
Party president of Bulgarian Democratic Party
15 October 2008 – 15 December 2008
Preceded by Krembo
Succeeded by Dancho
16 January 2009 – 16 June 2009
Preceded by Dancho
Succeeded by Ealendil
16 September 2009 – End of October 2009
Preceded by Chukcha
Succeeded by Jeunny
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria
September 2008 – N/A
Preceded by Nadzy
Secretary-General of PEACE Global Community
5 February 2009 – 20 February 2009
Preceded by Matthieu Bonne
Succeeded by Arthk
Minister of Defense of Bulgaria
November 2008 – 20 January 2009
Preceded by Imaginapolis
Succeeded by Marcus Vist
President of Bulgaria
6 April 2009 – 6 June 2009
Preceded by Garabeda
Succeeded by Ealendil
Military rank Icon rank Supreme Marshal.png Supreme Marshal
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Bimba was often referred to as the "lil miss" of Bulgaria. One of the most colorful, passionate and dedicated people ever born in Bulgaria. One of the few people "guilty" for almost every event or activity in the small Balkan country. She is described as a Builder of the Bulgarian society and Enlightener of the national consciousness. Soldier of truth and defender of the Bulgarian freedom. As PeaceFull fighter, Bimba will also be remembered as one of the contributors to PEACE Global Community.



She is introducing her self as: "true friend of her allies and a proud enemy of her foes". The truth is what she admires and the smile is what she uses as a weapon. She is deeply connected to her country and has dedicated most of her time in the New World to contribute to this "Balkan Perl", as she uses to call Bulgaria, and to help her fellow citizens in developing.

 My country is one of the few small and peaceful countries still having all its original territories. Funny enough, as a member of PEACE Global Community there was a time when it was completely surrounded by countries outside the alliance. People call us lucky, I think we are just not interesting for conquering, either because we lack a high level of resources or from a poor geographic position. Bulgaria has never been in a direct war (as an attacker or attacked) but have seen battles of conquest over its territories during the Balkan War. No matter that my motherland has been so peaceful, we are and always will stand behind our allies and help them in our common fights against the oppressors! 


Wise politician and diplomat; Seven times Congress member of Bulgaria; Four times MoFA of Bulgaria; Uncountable times as Party president of Bulgarian Democratic Party; Four times advisory representative of Bulgaria in the international military alliance PEACE Global Community; Former Secretary-General of the PEACE Global Community; Commander of the Balkan Platoon - the elite military forces of Bulgaria; Middle size publisher of articles and editor of eBulgarian Media; Icon Field Marshal.jpg V1 Field Marshal and One time battle hero and resistance hero.



Bimba was "born" in the mid days of May 2008 in the small, undeveloped, empty but very beautiful country of Bulgaria, after being summoned by one the greatest soldiers in the New World - vegaicm. As a very communicative person, she has created a net of contacts just to understand that this country was living its "dark ages" and true light and passionate love is what should be given. Walking hard and thorny paths, full of anger or apathy, looking for new messiah tо bring the light, she invited the citizen known as Imaginapolis. Together they created the most extraordinary group of developers totally dedicated to the country - the Hattrick Builders. With common interests and common love - Bulgaria, they brought the country to its golden period between July - September 2008. This time will be remembered forever, as the Elves still remember the first songs of the Earth. Hundreds of people have come to this "flower of the Balkans" to share their lives, full of sunshine and purity.

New moon

To live forever in a perfect world is what we all wish for and what is hardly possible. With the wish to bring more positives to the New World, its creators changed the sky and the earth and what was once simple and ordered, became chaos.

The old, pure and charming world was gone for a night and with every new coming day, the people were vanishing, leaving the new world, unsatisfied and disappointed of the new dawn. The chaos was now the reality and vagabonds were exploiting what once was the quiet and thorough world. Bimba was left without hope for change, she was looking into a completely unknown world. She apologized to all the contributors and left the New World with no promises and tears in her eyes.


People were suffering, the country was crippled and the Bulgarian leaders were left with no choice than to sacrifice everything in finding a solution to the problems. The whole New World was sick from all the new influences, fighting to survive. Bimba was asked to come back and help her beloved country. Little by little they gathered what was left from the destruction and learned how to use the new futures. With every new day more and more hopeful news were arriving and improvement were often encountered. The New World 's creators were fully dedicated to the community and worked day and night to bring happiness. The sunrise was close.

Breaking dawn

The creators have won the battles and almost all the sicknesses were healed. The New World had its new dawn, new beauty, new charm, new leaders and new battles. Bimba was there, side by side with the newborn population, growing and wishful. Ready to fight again and recreate what was lost. She gathered the warriors of the old days and together they fought in the epic world wars of the New Age. As one of the members of the PeaceFull union, Bimba and her countryman have encountered many glorious victories side by side with they allies. The battles lost were only there to give them new strength. The New World was blossoming day by day and the time was running fast showing borders reordered and new history written.

Last active days

Bimba was back after a deserved rest among the silent hills of the Balkan Mountain Chain. The time to enjoy the silence has finished. Following the events in the New World, Bimba expects to face many more difficulties but the end of the story is yet to come. She was there before, she will be there after, but now is her time, when after hundreds of battles, outnumbered articles, among true friends and new enemies to fight, Bimba stands in Bulgaria, defending the weak, helping the needing, arguing for rights and telling truths.

Bimba is having silent days behind the curtains. No sleepless nights, no propaganda, no important fights. Just, from time to time showing her generosity to the citizens and her knowledge for the secrets of the New World to the young leaders. Just for fun, she joined Drunken Masters - a military unit in Bulgaria.