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Binary Party

Party-Binary Party.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Norway.jpg Norway
Abbreviation BP
Founded October, 2009
Dissolved September 2011
Congress Occupancy 0 /29 seats, 0%
Succeeded By National Liberation Party
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Authoritarian

Binary Party was one of the biggest parties in Norway. It was renamed to Binary Norway after the creation of Binary Australia in Australia. After June 2010, party disappeared with its old an original ID - 2745 and it was re-established one year later under new ID number - 3679. Party played very important role in Norwegian politics.

Party Program

There were 3 clear issues as the pillar stones for the development;

  • Hospital in all regions
  • Maintain the army, reassuring a strong defence, domestic and international
  • Always provide a training war in times of peace


Recent History

After the merger with Finland in September/October 2009, an operation by EDEN to avoid the constant threat from Russia in the north, and to fend of Operation Valhalla, by the Brits, all Norwegian parties were lost. When Norway was regained, a party called Unisont Noreg was formed, in a common effort by the former members of Teknokratene, Gullpartiet, and Nye Norge to avoid a PTO. After the party president election, and discussions in Congress, this party ended up as the new Teknokratene.

This left many people without a party to whom they could identify with, so discussions about new parties were made. There were a lot of talking about waking Gullpartiet and Nye Norge to life again, when suddenly Binary Party appeared out of the blue.

Cirno and some friends (needs more details) had been discussing a new party, and felt the old Gullpartiet had stagnated towards the end, so they felt a change from that direction was needed. By naming this new party for Binary Party, they managed to create a big stir amongst the senior players. They immediately thought about Forconin and the Norwegian Gold Scandal. But as things calmed down, people became aware of the fact that this was a different party, with an old name. It had attracted several members of the previous Gullpartiet, despite them having bad memories of The Binary Party from the past. They decided to not judge the book by its cover, and take part in the forming of this new party with the murky past. In its first week of existence, it quickly arose to become the second larges political party in Norway.

In the following country president election, there was tight race between Cirno and Terje Hansen of Teknokratene. Several news paper articles from both camps were written, and there was campaigning via shouts and on IRC as well. The battle between the two candidates lasted to the very end, with a seperation of only a few votes to either candidates through out the night. At the end of one of Norways tightest races for presidencies, Cirno ended up as the first president from Binary Party, with 73 votes, to Terje Hansens 68.

Old History

Forconin was once a well respected politician, businessman and citizen. He was party president of The Binary Party at the time when Norway was the biggest country in eRepublik, as a direct result of the Norway-Russia War and the Norway-Finland War.

In the build up the September elections of 2008, (Sovereign Finland) was formed by the Finnish people of Norway, becoming far bigger than The Binary Party. Things were headed for a big congressional win for Souvereign Finland, and for inunova to take the presidency.

In order to "protect" Norway, Forconin moved Icon-gold.gif 4000 GOLD from the national treasury, in to his own account, and changed the Binary Party into United eNorway.

Party presidents

This is the list of known Party presidents:

Name Term
Cirno October 2009
Scorpicus November 2009
Damien Alexander December 2009
anestezii* January 2010
Sebulba January 2010
Gatewayy February 2010
Unknown president March - June 2010
Party doesn't exist June 2010 - May 2011
Scorpicus May 2011
Scorpicus June 2011
Scorpicus July 2011
Scorpicus August 2011
.* Banned for gaining power through the use of multiple accounts

Country Presidents

Country Presidents from Binary Party:

Name Term
Cirno November 2009
Sebulba February 2010
Bob Turkee March 2010
Bob Turkee April 2010
Tommy Skaue May 2010
Scorpicus July 2011
Ms.Carmen August 2011
Christopher Moe September 2011