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Nationality Flag-USA.png American
Date of birth 9 April 2008
Date of death Summer 2015 (est)
Residence Calabria, Italy
Sex Male
Mayor of Milan
21 April 2008 – 20 May 2008
President of Italy
2 August 2008 – 1 September 2008
Preceded by paologis76
Succeeded by Gracchius
Military rank Icon rank Legendary Force*.png Legendary Force*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Bisiacco was a citizen of Italy and USA


Bisiacco entered the New World in the April 2008 with a big part of NGI community (NGI forum). After 10 days he was elected Mayor of Milan as the representative of Vox Populi

Later, he was appointed Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for two terms; one under president Rocco_Marcelli and president Akira. He was also the official representative for Italy in the Mediterranean_Alliance

His political career was growing fast, and under president Paologis76 he was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs, and in the next presidential election he won the highest seat, supported by AetG, D&F, LN and other parties.
During his mandate, he mainly focused into improving Italy's economy. Under his leadership Italy became the 3rd best exporting country in the world.
In the last days of the mandate, World War I began and Italy deployed its army for the defense of its ally, Hungary.

After the mandate, he left Italian politics and moved to Austria with his partner Mapplna, focusing on managing NGI Coop Austria

Political Career

Bisiacco served as a Mayor of Milan from 21 April 2008 til 20 May 2008.
He was also a President of Italy from August to September 2008.

Media Career

Breaking News is the newspaper published by Bisiacco. It had about 240 subscribers, but number of the subscribers dropped.

The Army Career

Besides the Political Career, Bisiacco is really active in the army. He was the commander, and founder, of 4a Divisione Cavalleria Nerd during May - July and September 2008. This division was the first to become organized in the Italian Army, with its own SO, its command chain, thus becoming the first cell of the Italian army structure.

From October, he became the second CIC of the Italian army, after Colinar.
The army that Colinar left was very motivated and efficient.
Bisiacco gave it a newer organization structure, which provided faster communication along the command chain.
What the army lacked wasn't its internal structure, but all the external interfaces, like a better enlistment system and a faster and more efficient logistics.
He has signed various contracts with a lot of Italian weapon companies, to avoid, situation repeating from Swiss war, when soldiers went to battle unarmed or were forced to buy overpriced weaponry.

The transfer to V1 has forced the armies of all the world to change their fight strategies: this is the main task that Bisiacco had to face with his staff in the following months, to protect Italy and its people, their future and their dreams.

Bisiacco was also the Commander of Divisione Arditi - 1a Armata.

Military offices
Preceded by
Commander In Chief of the Italian Army
October 1, 2008 - January 1, 2009
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Commander In Chief of the Italian Army
March 6, 2009 - June 4, 2009
Succeeded by