Black Lion Front

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General Information
Country Flag-South Africa.jpg South Africa
Abbreviation BLF
Newspaper [Black Lion Front Defender]
Forum Forum
Colors Black, Red, Gold
Founded August 16, 2008
Members 115 (19 May 2009)
Congress Occupancy 0 seats (0%)
Succeeded By United South Africa
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian

The Black Lion Front was a center-left libertarian socialist and democratic socialist party in South Africa developed from the party formerly known as the Socialist Party of eSouth Africa.

It was reborn August 16th following the resignation of Alexeilalas and the stepping up of Esteban Delgado, who received the same number of votes during party elections on August 10th. The party presidents have been Esteban Delgado, Deus Ex, Brendan E Austerion, Rico Suave (interim), and Howard Roan.

As of the turn of 2009, the BLF is no longer a center-left libertarian socialist and democratic socialist party, and is now defunct.

In the February-March 2009 elections, this party held 25% of the congress of South Africa.


Originally, the Black Lion Front was composed of Esteban Delgado, Deus Ex, Harald de Moskon Robespierre, Jizzie McGuire, and Leif Archaix. It is interesting to note that none of these are still in the Black Lion Front except for Jizzie McGuire, who currently leads it (though Howard Roan was the party president). It was a far-left party which attracted a good number of members, enough to enter the Top 5 and contest Congressional elections, as well as to start up various social initiatives, notably Bong Belly (Big Bambu, the BLF's second cooperative, was also made, but much later).

However, two parties full of multi's essentially kicked it out of contention for both the presidential and congressional elections of September 2008. In fact, it was only on the ballot for the last three minutes of the election, after admin intervention. The infamous Zocky and his Croatian - African UNION ended up winning the election for both Congress and the Presidency, and promptly plunged the country into takeover-mode; the Black Lion Front and Free Africa joined forces to make SAIL- the South African Independence League, which fought for and lost two elections. However, the Croatians finally left after they received their country with the onset of V1; FA and BLF's hastily forged alliance promptly fell apart under the direction of FA leader Compmage. Esteban Delgado, the longtime party leader, resigned around this point.

The party has undergone major changes since the resignation of Esteban Delgado from party leader. Two-term party President Deus Ex led the party in its struggle against Free Africa but lost to Compmage in the first election; Hireshmont Vellos, South Africa's pre-eminent economist and prominent political feature, lost as the BLF's candidate during the next election. Following Deus Ex was Brendan E Austerion, who moved the party from far-left to center-left, launched a very vigorous campaign for Presidency, and who lost to then President ERDWURM by only 7 votes- the closest vote margin in South African history. The next candidate for the Presidency from the Black Lion Front was Jizzie McGuire; however, Mr. Austerion has expressed some interest in attempting to seek the post again sometime in the future, though for now he is on a military tour of duty.

Young Lions

Logo of the Young Lions

The Young Lions are the youth wing of the Black Lion Front, a far-left libertarian socialist and democratic socialist party in South Africa. They act as the primary recruitment wing of the main party and can sometimes be found doing charity work for the local needy of South Africa by offering free gifts. The YL is not itself a political party nor does a Young Lion need to be a member of the actual BLF party.

Paramilitary unit