Black Order Press

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Black Order Press

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General Information
Country Flag-USA.jpg USA
Language English
Owner Crimsonninja
Founded 13th September 2011
Subscribers 31
Articles 17
Content Various

Black Order Press is a multipurpose newspaper publishing in Icon-USA.png USA


Black Order Press was founded by Crimsonninja in mid September of 2011 as Random Fun. Random Fun had the initial purpose to publish random stories and articles to entertain the public, but it eventually became more than just a newspaper for fun and laughs. Since its creation, it's published Congress election platforms, Country President endorsements, riddles, random stories, and so on.

Name Change

  • On Day 1,816 (November 9, 2012), Random Fun was renamed to The Keshaun Times
  • Day ?, The Keshaun Times was renamed to Black Order Press
Logo for the Random Fun