Blake Ruggiero

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Blake Ruggiero

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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth Day 874
Date of death 2011
Residence Karnataka
Newspaper The Modern Ego
Military rank Icon rank Captain.png Captain
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

Blake Ruggiero was born on Day 874 of the New World in Florida, USA. On day 877 he moved to Karnataka, with his friend Sage Thanos. To assist in Military ATO efforts he moved to India on day 927. Moved back to USA, Karnataka a few days later but had to hold his Indian citizenship.

Getting Started


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My First Days

The world was strange to me I was lost and I spent many hours pouring through newspapers and reports, and old history books that spoke of the old Alliances and first wars. I found them very...intriguing to say the least, I couldn't stop they were amazing I couldn't believe that I had missed so much and wanted to make up for it. I made a commitment to become as involved in this world as much as possible and to change the whole world for the better. I got a job, not for very long and found myself working in several different places. With the war effort going on in the eastern part of the world I decided to help my country and move to Karnataka following in the footsteps of a young man I met Sage Thanos. It was here I met Celsius a candidate for the Party President of the Imperialist Party of America, we spoke briefly and I grew to support him and his cause. I became an Imperialist. Celsius would later win the election and grant me Wiki Director of the IPA due to my extreme dedication. I sought to help people and to save people, I soon signed up with the American Red Cross and take great satisfaction in knowing I am helping people who need help. I continued on assisting the ARC and the IPA and nothing changed...things became routine I did some help for ARC and attended what needed to be attended for IPA but life was no different. Then the Indo-American war in Thailand happened. My life once changed again.

The Battle for Thailand

Although not apart of the United States Military I was issued an order by the Department of Defense to travel to Southern Thailand as a militia man to assist in defending the country from Indonesian assault, and I complied eagerly. Upon my arrival on the shoreline my squad's landing craft was almost immediately hit by a mortar and I was thrown over the side into the water. A small battle pursued on the beach and we eventually pushed forward into the mainland. I saw many die that day and many more maimed, I hate the Indonesians and I always will. Over the next couple of days I fought hard and killed many Indos but also saw plenty of good Americans killed as well this was a life changer for me. As a boy I always wanted to have glory from fighting in war but never realized until then that their is no glory in war, the only glory goes to those who die, they are the ones who deserve the honor. We who live are just those who bear the mental scars and deserve no honor we did what we did to survive and that was all, we gave nothing but our fear. In the end the United States secured Southern Thailand and I returned home to Karnataka. There I continued my work with IPA and ARC, Southern Thailand was soon again assaulted by the Indos, although I did not return this time. Instead I chose to do it the right way to protect my lands they way they should be protected. I signed with the United States Training Corps, and soon after was contacted by the International Secret Intelligence Service who, for some reason, saw interest in me. What I have done for them cannot be said here.

USA Military

USTC Basic Training

On day 879 I found myself riding a bus filled with TC recruits to attend Basic Training, I was scared...shitless, to say the least. Upon arrival chaos erupted, yelling and screaming, the essential 'discipline' that the military is so proud of. Here I was assigned to the 121st training platoon, The Coyotes, under Lt. Spanied. I spent most of my Basic running in circles and learning the ropes. The Lieutenant was amazing and I respect him greatly even to this day, if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have made it through.

302nd Sentinels

Upon graduation I was awarded the rank of E-1 Private and handed over to Cpt.Necros Xiaoban the commanding officer of the 3rd Division, Alpha Company, 302nd Platoon 'Sentinels'. I loved the TC and still do, I tried my hardest to advance in the ranks and do as much as I could to help out, and it showed. I was soon advanced to E-2 Private First Class and on day 900 achieved E-3 Corporal along with a pay raise. I was even able to get into the top 10 of all troops in TC, a very remarkable feat, at least for me. This dedication however did have complications, because of my desire to do the very best that I could in the 302nd I had to resign from the American Red Cross as well as ISIS. I have never regretted joining the USTC.

World War IV

(Currently Active)


The following is everything the Blake Ruggiero has ever done in eRepublik, in extensive detail.

Job History

During his first day in America Ruggiero became employed with Breadman Food Company (Q1) and starting making a meager pay of only $1.15 a day. After 3 days of being employed at Breadman Foods Ruggiero saw opportunity else where at Armtec (Q1) where he saw his pay more than double to $2.49 a day. After another few days working at Armtec Ruggiero became more skilled in his manufacturing abilities and looked for a higher paying job. He was hired on day 880 by Sparxis Bio Foods (Q1) making $3.40 a day. Hired by California Raisin and Prune (Q1) on day 883 making $3.68 a day. Hired by Cale Gifts on day 887 making $4.20 a day. Hired by Krusty Brand (Q1) on day 890 making $6.81 a day. Hired by Training Corps Weapons 2 (Q1) on day 893 making $2.30 a day. Received a raise to $2.90 upon reaching Corporal. Moved to India on day 927 for ATO efforts and got a job at SSI-Indian Gifts (Q1) making $9.50 a day. After moving back to the USA Ruggiero became employed by Rias Atlas (Q1) making $6.25 a day. Ruggiero later after leaving Rias Atlas became employed with UNY Weapons (Q1).


  • The Modern Ego
Founded on day 881 of the new world.


  • ISIS (Resigned)
  1. On day 878 of the new world Ruggiero was assigned to the International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS).
  2. Eventually became Inactive with the ISIS and removed himself.
  • eAmerican Red Cross (Resigned)
  1. On day 880 of the new world Ruggiero found a way to help those unfortunate and became a Friend Requester for the eARC.
  2. Ruggiero eventually stepped down from eARC to focus more time on his military career.
  • Military ATO Efforts (Actively Involved)
  1. Volunteered on day 926.
  2. Sent to India on day 927.
  3. Back in USA,Karnataka on day 930.


Ruggiero is a patriotic man who believes that the power of the USA is going unrealized. Some may consider him Nationalist, Socialist, and/or Pro-Federal Power.
  1. Joined on day 875.
  2. On day 878 promoted to Wiki Director by new Party President Celsius.
  3. On day 891 the IPA was changed to the Fluffy Bunny Party. The party community had died and Ruggiero resigned from his position and the party.
  1. Joined on day 891.
  2. Resigned on day 908.
  • NoS (Actively Involved)
  1. Joined on day 908.


Ruggiero on his first day in the New World participated in fighting back the resistance in Chongqing which lasted well into his second day. As well as on day 877 fought against the Indonesians in Southern Thailand. He also fought in Hello Kitty, along with several other important battles, and is currently involved in the ongoing World War IV.
  1. On day 879 Ruggiero was enlisted into the USTC and placed in the 1st Division, for Basic Training.
  2. On day 883 Ruggiero was officially placed into the USTC 1st Division, 12th Company, 121st Platoon "The Coyotes".
  3. On day 887 Ruggiero graduated Basic Training and was awarded the rank of Private along with a Basic Training graduation ribbon.
  4. On day 890 Ruggiero was placed into the 3rd Division, Alpha Company, 302nd Platoon "The Sentinels". Serving under CPT Necros Xiaoban.
  5. On day 900 Ruggiero was promoted to the rank of Corporal.
  6. On day 919 Ruggiero was promoted to the rank of Sergeant.
  7. On day 921 Ruggiero was promoted to the rank of Master Sergeant and assigned to the 121st Platoon "Coyotes" as the XO.
  8. On day 944 Ruggiero was promoted to the rank of Senior Master Sergeant.
  9. On day 947 Ruggiero was promoted to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant and made CO of the 121st Platoon "Coyotes".


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif 3x Hard Worker