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STAR SILVER.JPG This article was originally published in a Newspaper.

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In Blizzard, Romanian author Hattor analyzed the end of Romanian dominance in the New World. The article was published in both English and Romanian under the title Blizzard/Viscol.


 This is just a game. That's why it's important" 
( Inspired by Trouble News4 by Belea2008, ex Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs and much more.)

To be the best, means to play by the rules, and play well. And that's an understatement. Well, during the past week, Romania's near to flawless military campaigns have come to a halt. More than just reviewing the events of this campaign, we'll also try to explian, what could've been done better, for future reference.

In the beginning... things didn't start out well
And I'm talking about the Ukrainian independence. Movement meant to create a Romanian ally. The battle for Subcarpathia, that took place on day 471 was meant to have a Romanian leader in order to create a tactical advantage.

Ukraine was granted independence, and things seemed to go according to plan, but just two days later, the president of Ukraine became an Hungarian citizen. Not the desired result, as the Indonesian war had just passed. Could've this been avoided? Yes. The Romanian president, dsalageanu should've not started the riot, but someone trusted, and the independence should've been granted two days later. After the elections. But this was to be only the first of mistakes.

The loss of the modern capital
Because a capital should be a country's most important region, so was Western Siberia Region for Romania. Day 473 saw Indonesia attack the border region, before the 24 hour term expired for Romania's attack. Yet, all officials felt comfortable. Just moments before this, the open war against Hungary saw a new battle: Southern Great Plain was under seige by Hungarian forces, and nearly simultaneous with the Indonesian attack, a Moldovian region was the target of an unwanted rebellion.

All officials felt comfortable again. 3 fronts, but nothing that hard, was it? Orders came, and the Romanian army, helped by allies was to secure everything. It wasn't a problem to repell all Hungarian forces. Many battles have ended with them retreating, and this time it wasn't a problem. But the following morning, massive enemy troops amounted to fight in the remaining wars. One after the other, Romania lost Transnistria, region received from Moldavia since the merger, and also it lost the crown jewel: Western Siberian Region. The reasons are easy to find and are named well played enemy tactics and really high ego from the Romanian side. Indonesia broke the army with the Hungarian attack, as Romanian troops found themselves too tired (in rp terms; read this as wellness pack exhaust) to overcome the fresh Indonesian army.

A loss that wouldn't be easy, as many citizens have found themselves over the border together with massive amounts of infrastructure.

The turnaround
Of course, the easiest thing to do, would be for the Romanian army to attack again. But Hungary's attacks didn't cease, thus complicating matters. And even worse, Indonesia played a good card again. It attacked Northern Region, the only way Romania could reach Western Siberian Region. The following days, although repelling initial Hungarian attack, Romania lost more regions. Southern Transdanubia and Southern Great Plain were lost (or better yet given) to Hungarian forces, in an effort to try and save Northern Region, the only bridge to Indonesia, yet this failed, as the Romanian army had it's morale low (rp wise; read this as - the attack wasn't well planned).

The end of the Indonesian front
And the end came really soon. Indonesia started the works to give gack Northern Region, one northern desert, to Russia. The first try failed, as in the ending hours of the fight, many troops gathered to keep Northern Region in Indonesia. But just as the time came to attack, as Romania finally defeated a poor attack in Volga-Vyatka, it wasn't to be. Yet, another mistake, which actually proves to be very costly came around. Thus far, Pakistan kept Indonesia busy by constantly attacking it. When Indonesia needed an attack, it would retreat, yet now, when this was needed the most, Pakistan stood its ground. One important Indonesian region is Karnataka, and an attack there could've been important, but Pakistan remained silent, and allowed Indonesia to opt for another attack in Moscow. Another Poor attack, nevertheless, but it gave them time for another riot in Northern region, and thus also gave way to the Hungarian war. Under the menace of an asian tentacle in Europe, Romanian troops left the Hungarian War. Angered by this, the Romanian army entered Pakistan attacking Tibet and Karnataka, and trying to liberate Western Australia, but as the day had passed, Indonesian coordination was flawless, complemented by another Hungarian attack, thus making all Romanian efforts useless.

And it comes to this day, that Romania does a balance of things, losing many unimportant regions, but also with Western Siberia gone, and untouchable as the way to there would be through Russia, already packed with protection packs with all PEACE members.

Congratulations to winners, back to the drawing bored for those that didn't pay attention. One big ego for the loss, and two mistakes from tactics. Careful Romania, as at three strikes...

This ends the English article, but be sure to check the grand finale.


Well, it's widely spread that Romanians are vampires, and drink the blood of virgins, but just look at Cristala. She's a gorgeous vampire, now left in Western Siberia. Help me get back to her!

Good night and good luck, Hattor

PS: the usual; if you pertamax, Zoli, matza or anything on this article you won't see a woman again.