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Nationality Flag-USA.png American
Date of birth Apr 12, 2011
Day 1239
Date of death Summer 2014 (est)
Residence South Carolina
Newspaper Mars Investigations,
formerly known as:
Covert affairs
Party president of Federalist Party
February 2014 – April 2014
Preceded by Tyler Bubblar
Succeeded by Jefferson Locke
2x Congress Member of USA
Military unit Icon-USA.png eUS Military
Squadron 13
Position Soldier
Military rank Icon rank National Force**.png National Force**


Blondeninja was born in 2010 under a different username, mused around, but was unable to set aside the time.

Blondeninja rejoined in early 2011 as a regular USA citizen. blondeninja began by perusing a career in US intelligence organization CIA, under Rod Damon at the time. After Blondeninja went undercover in Spain, and came back, Blondeninja joined the USA Military to gain more in game knowledge as well as to join and work with the OSS (Office of Strategic Services). Blondeninja went on missions under the umbrella of the OSS while moving through the US Training Corps, from here Blondeninja's career began to blossom.....

Military Career

Blondeninja started out in the United States Training Corps as a trainee, she moved through the 1st Training to graduate with honors from the 124th Platoon (Diablos). Blondeninja was then transferred to the 3rd Division to the 303rd Skullcrushers, where selected for an officer spot as Platoon Executive Officer of the 124th Diablos under John Marsten. After a short stint as PXO, she was then promoted to 2nd Lieutenant and assigned as 123rd (Berzerkers) Platoon Commanding Officer. Blondeninja was also, soon thereafter, added as Personnel Office Junior Officer and Information Systems Junior Officer under Hajime Hitoshi and DMJ respectfully. After taking on an executive officer, FreckledChik, Blondeninja was also promoted to 1st Lieutenant and assigned the Personnel Office Senior Officer position while maintaining the PCO and other Staff office positions.

124th.png 303rd.jpg 123rd.png

Soon Blondeninja was promoted to 11th Company Executive Officer, under Captain bdr 127 and remained in position until the reorganization of United States Training Corps structure under then General Gryphon Skull. After the Reorganization, Blondeninja was assigned as a Division Recruitment Officer, while the two former companies, 11th and 12th, were rolled into one: Tango Company, under Captain Rike Tosh. Quickly after that assignment, Blondeinja was assigned as the newly formed companies Executive Officer and began to work to bring USTC's stats up. Blondeninja received a Commendation from General Synesi:

For outstanding service to the US Training Corps in the form of his initiative and dedication.

First Lieutenant Blondeninja, It is with great pleasure that the US Training Corps awards you a Level 1 Commendation for your initiative and dedication to your Branch. Your dedication to your Division shows that you are willing to go above and beyond your job description.

You have shown Superior Performance in performing your duties as Tango Company Executive Officer, Senior Personnel Officer, as well as taking on the additional duties of Quartermaster and assisting in the Operations Office. Additionally, you are always looking for ways to improve the Training Corps experience for Recruits and never shy away from taking on extra duties to make those improvements.

You provide an exemplary example to both divisions on what an officer should be like. You are a great asset to us. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. Proudly wear the attached ribbon in recognition of your service.

Blondeninja soon was promoted to Captain and Company Commanding Officer of Tango Company and served under Hajime Hitoshi while constantly working to improve USTC and make Tango Company better. As both the Division CO and XO were away for a prolonged period of time Blondeninja also worked as acting Division CO for a month before being promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, and subsequently Division Commanding Officer of the 1st Training Division under the newly appointed General Brad Gwatney. With the promotion of former Senior Officer Roo Rocket to his former position of Major and Division Executive Officer, Blondeninja was promoted to Colonel. Blondeninja served as Colonel and DCO of 1st Division for 3 months while working hard to keep USTC from losing trainee's while General Brad Gwatney and Lieutenant General Christina Cordell were both away for months. Blondeninja, with Colonel Komari, kept TC on its feet during the extended absence of command until the Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, Cyber Witch promoted Blondeninja to USTC Branch Executive Officer and subsequently Lieutenant General. Which was the first step in reviving the leadership of TC.

Blondeninja served under Brad Gwatney for a short period of time before Brad resigned, and promoted Major Samoht Resyk, a Division Executive Officer at the time, to General and Branch Commanding Officer of the Training Corps where he served until February of 2013. Blondeninja was promoted to General and thusly Branch Commanding Officer of the United States Training Corps. Blondeninja chose Snorunt30 (Sno) to be her Executive Officer and with JCS approval Sno was cheesed. Blondeninja served as the Commanding Officer for over a year making changes and bringing new trainees through to the US Military. The USTC participated in AIM, and the MU had been rolled into the official MU for the entirety of the US Military, among many other things. In early March of 2014, Blondeninja underwent a lateral Transition to the US Army as their Branch Commanding Officer. In order to revive the branch from its degradation and lack of activity.


  • Top Damage in a Campaign: 4,722,582 for Flag-USA.png USA, Achieved while trying to defend Yukon against Canada on day 2,363
  • True Patriot Damage History:
    • 39,036,857 for Flag-USA.png USA

Political/Intel Career

Blondeninja has not been as politically active or as much a part of the government as many others have in their time. This is due to Blondeninja's focus on military and intelligence as well as the dislike for politics and it's subsequent squabbles and quarrels. However, after a long career in intelligence Blondeninja has become Overt and an intelligence organization leader as well as playing an active leadership role in politics.

Intelligence Career

Blondeninja started out working with the eCIA as an agent/spy. Blondeninja went on a deep undercover mission into Spain and reported back findings. After this mission, and some classified ones, Blondeninja became part of the Office of Strategic Services and proceeded to conduct many more missions under Director Of Intelligence Roo Rocket. After serving as an agent for some time, Blondeninja was made Office of Strategic Services Section 1 Deputy Chief and continued to run missions with the Section Chief at the time, Juan Ladino. When Roo Rocket Resigned, Juan took over command with no Deputy Director and promoted Blondeninja to Section 1 Chief.

Blondeninja promoted Jack Mensley to the Section's Deputy Chief and together they worked on the missions handed down by Juan Ladino. Blondeninja had been running the Covert Operations Section for sometime when Juan Ladino resigned as Director of the Office of Strategic Services and promoted Blondeninja to the Director of the organization. Blondeninja has been running the Office of Strategic Services since with the help of Section 1 Chief Jack Mensley and Section 3 Chief Keshaun1222.

Following the dismantling of the OSS Blondeninja moved to work intelligence in party politics more. On a national level, she was Deputy Secretary of the Homeland Security under Secretary Dr Luis Sentieiro. She served for a second time under Tiacha and assisted in ATO. Blondeninja also served as the Director of the Immigration Enforcement Service for 2 terms before retiring towards the end of the second term due to RL obligations and a new director was placed.

Political Career

Blondeninja joined the American Military Party in May of 2011 during the party's infancy. Blondeninja never played much of a leadership role in the party and always stuck to voting and low posting on the forums. Blondeninja, recently, became more of an active member after being on the Party President Cerb's cabinet staff as the Intelligence/Security Department Head as well as the Technology Department Head.

Party-American Military Party.jpg

Blondeninja has remained as head of both those departments, all the while taking on, keshaun1222 as Technology Department Deputy and GhostKillah and Soulsnight as Security Department Deputies. Blondeninja has coordinated Anti Take-Over Operations as well as providing Party Security and Tech support for all the google documents and their resulting scripts. Blondeninja is also a forum admin for the AMP and has been assisting with coding. Under the leadership term of Dr Luis Sentieiro the AMP moved forums to ones designed by Blondeninja, becoming the new head admin she took on Jack Mensley as her deputy admin and ran the Security/Technology department as well. Running security for the new forums and the congressional elections as well as coding the polling system for the AMP Blondeninja made many advancements in the AMP. When the AMP underwent the PTO by Free Area she helped to create a solid security database and to rebuild AMP with the rest of the leadership team under John Killah. AMP emerged from the PTO scared and tried to rise from the ashes, however following toxic atmosphere and leadership Blondeninja eventually left the AMP in late August of 2013 to the Federalist Party.

Party-Federalist Party.jpg

Blondeninja was welcomed into the Federalist Party and soon became as a deputy in the FBI as well as the founder of a new department; the Technology Department. She worked here for over 5 months before making her first run for the party president. Through a close race, she lost to the returning Party President; Tyler Bubblar. She served as his Chief of Staff for his term and worked closely with Trekker who was Vice PP. She then ran again the following term against Trekker Tlumac and emerged as the winner of the election with Trekker as her Chief Of Staff. Blondeninja ran again the following month and was the only candidate, she started a second term as a Party President.


Icon achievement Freedom Fighter off.gif
Freedom Fighter (x0)
Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x22)
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif
Congress Member (x2)
Icon achievement Country President off.gif
Country President (x0)
Icon achievement Media Mogul off.gif
Media Mogul (x0)
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif
Battle Hero (x7)
Icon achievement Sky Hero off.gif
Sky Hero (x0)
Icon achievement Campaign Hero off.gif
Campaign Hero (x0)
Icon achievement Resistance Hero off.gif
Resistance Hero (x0)
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x56)
Icon achievement Society Builder off.gif
Society Builder (x0)
Icon achievement Mercenary off.gif
Mercenary (x0)
Icon achievement Top Fighter off.gif
Top Fighter (x0)
Icon achievement Top Aviator off.gif
Top Aviator (x0)
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif
True Patriot (x10)
Icon achievement Prestige Hunter off.gif
Prestige Hunter (x0)