Bloque Obrero

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Bloque Obrero

General Information
Country Flag-Spain.jpg Spain
Abbreviation BO / BOI
Forum Forum
Founded 25 December 2007
Dissolved N/A
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Orientation Far-Left

Bloque Obrero (BO), from May 2009 Bloque Obrero Internacionalista (BOI), was a Spanish far-left party founded on the 25th of December in 2007 by Roscas. The main objectives of this party were to achieve a fair and equitable society and protect the worker class. Military unit of the party was 'Columna Internacional. Party disappeared sometime between 2012 and 2015, however it was reborn as BloqueObrero Internacionalista[1].


The first representative of the party was Roscas, who became the public head of the party in its first days as founder until the first internal elections. During the first party elections (January 11, 2008), Roscas was elected leader of the party in front of his party comrade Deth, both founders of the party. Roscas was elected again during the second party elections on 11th of February of 2008.

During the third party elections, Sr. Moran acquired the leadership of the party, becoming the second historical president of the party the day 11th of March 2008. This change in the leadership revived the party and attracted many new members. Sr. Moran was elected again in the fourth party elections, even though Moran didn't have the expected activity in the party. He didn't present again in the next elections because of his availability problems.

Durruti was elected and lead the party from the 11th of May, with a thrilling victory against the other candidate, Aisac. During this last legislature, the party gained many new members and became the forth party of Spain, and an important force in the political scene.

Ernesto_Guevara was the leader from 11th of June until the 10th of July, after winning the party elections against his main competitor, Carles.

Party Presidents

Date Term Began Party president
25 December 2008 Roscas
11 January 2008 Roscas
11 February 2008 Roscas
11 March 2008 Sr. Moran
11 April 2008 Sr. Moran
11 May 2008 Durruti
11 June 2008 Ernesto_Guevara
11 July 2008 Franchesco
11 August 2008 Franchesco
11 September 2008 Lamatxin
16 October 2008 lamatxin
16 November 2008 Cyberber
16 December 2008 Franchesco
16 January 2009 Redbridge
12 February 2009 Sr. Moran
16 February 2009 siCk CLoWn
16 March 2009 Warm 2
16 April 2009 desierto oscuro
16 May 2009 Allende (In June, Bloque Obrero merged with Movimiento Independentista to create Bloque Obrero Internacionalista)
16 June 2009 Ashkran
16 July 2009 Ignaki
16 August 2009 desierto oscuro
16 September 2009 Yomisma
16 October 2009 Franchesko
16 November 2009 Perti
16 December 2009 Ignaki
16 January 2010 MoRRiTxU
16 February 2010 Jacobo
16 March 2010 Parbell
16 April 2010 Pollo Rosa
16 May 2010 Vladimir Zolotariov
16 June 2010 jose_vk
16 July 2010 Shamzhabelt
16 August 2010 molinacat
16 September 2010 molinacat

Other notable members

Interesting facts

  • Party was started with ID 124, however after France conquered Spain in August 2009, party was re-established under the ID 2626.

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