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I, malta_1990, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, hereby appoint Bob Boblo, Member of the Order of the British eRepublik Empire, as conferred by the United Kingdom Honours Committee.

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Bob Boblo

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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth May 2008
Date of death 2011
Sex Male
Newspaper The Freudian Slip
Mayor of Newcastle
21 August 2008 – 13 October 2008
Preceded by frufru
Minister of Work of United Kingdom
9 December 2008 – 5 February 2009
Preceded by Keitarour
Succeeded by John Forseti
Minister of Health of United Kingdom
6 Febuary 2008 – 6 March 2009
Preceded by JerryGFL
Succeeded by Anaxima
Congress member of United Kingdom
2 August 2008 – 25 March 2009
Party president of People's Communist Party
15 February 2009 – 15 April 2009
Preceded by Stan Wephen
Succeeded by Dan Fallows
Military rank Icon rank Commander**.png Commander**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman
 I want Bob to myself 

Bob Boblo, born in May, was a UK citizen and congress member.

He was a member of the People's Communist Party, having joined the day he was born. He was most well known for his infamous conduct on the UK forums.


Maddog Jones Medal Of Awesomeness Maddog Jones Medal of Awesomeness

Early Days

On his first day, he joined PCP, and quickly gained notoriety for offensive journalism. However, once he became more active he toned this down. He started by trying to get new members on the forum, and worked with frufru for various PMing tasks for the PCP.

Mayor of Newcastle

In August 2008 Bob ran as PCPs candidate for Mayor of Newcastle, after incumbent mayor frufru decided to step down. He won in a landslide majority for two consecutive months, despite tough opposition from Malta_1990. The following month mayors were removed, and he took up the new user-created role as National Health Service Director of the North East of England. He had to step down after one month, handing the role over to the (very) capable hands of Malta.


In August 2008, he won a congress seat, and retained it until October when he missed out in the first V1 elections, although this was widely attributed to the poor interface in these elections, which was subsequently improved. Bob regained a congress seat just a week later when Bremer resigned to fight for Australian independence. In November and December, he won a seat in the North East of England congressional elections.

Minister of Work

Bob took up his first government role in November becoming apprentice Minister of Work under Keitarour, and became co-minister of work in December, as UK president Dishmcds decided the workload was too much for one person. He later took on the role full-time.

Minister of Health

Bob moved to the Ministry of Health in February after the incumbent JerryGFL became President. He gained acclaim for steering the department through the first stage of its cost cutting era. It proved to be his last government role, after he retired in March 2009.

Party president

On February 15 2009, Bob was elected party president of the PCP, succeeding the retiring Stan Wephen. He would remain Party president for 2 terms. In that time the PCP is noting for shifting further left on the political spectrum; a popular move amongst its members. However, several departing members such as Hassan Pesaran have cited it as a reason for leaving the party, and it was one of the foremost reasons for the establishment of the Liberal Social Democrats.


Impeachment Movements

In October, Bob chose to prove he had regained a Congress seat through resignation by proposing impeachment of the president Dishmcds, becoming the first UK citizen to do so. Most people, however, took it lightly, as the proposal never came near passing, and Bob never had any intention of actually impeaching Dish.

A second joke impeachment movement was made against Deathtoll, and some even speculated it would pass, but it was eventually beaten, 19 votes to 16.

Newspaper Articles

The Freudian Slip is newspaper owned and published by Bob Boblo.
Bob has gained notoriety for his satirical newspaper articles, as some are seen as crossing the line, particularly in his early days when he accused members of the UK Reform Party of being coprophagous and depicted then UK president shadowukcs as a ruthless autocrat.

He toned this down, however in later months would continue to write satirical articles, some of which attracted criticism for being negative.

Forum Spam

He was known for his large of amounts of non-constructive posts on the forums, having had hundreds of threads locked for being 'spam threads' and even being banned multiple times.

The House of Lords proposal

As party president of the PCP, Bob Boblo proposed himself as a member of the House of Lords only a few hours after losing a Congress Election in which he posted no Manifesto. His membership was controversially blocked by TUP President Iain Keers, who claimed that his nomination was undemocratic and an attempt to subvert the public vote. Bob's allies and other credible citizens such as Rayf Drayson criticised this and many tried several times to revive the nomination, some even went as far as threatening Iain Keers with a boycott of his nominations and attempting to change the law to allow the nomination.


On 15th April 2011. Bob was elected PP of the United Kingdom Worker's Party. It proved highly controversial as a number of Bobloists joined the party to vote for him, leading accusation of a political takeover. He was also accused of buying votes.


  • Bob can only see the colour yellow.
  • Bob Boblo does not like spam, he lives for it.
  • Bob Boblo is a fan of Che Guevara.
  • Bob Boblo started the BOBLO awards.


Bob Boblo is the figure on which the unofficial religion Bobloism was based on. Many people practiced Bobloism, most were UKers, but there were practicing members in other countries.


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