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Nationality Flag-Singapore.jpg Singaporean
National rank 13
Date of birth 06.06.2009 - Day 564
Residence Singapore City
Sex Male
Political party The New Green Party
Congressman of Singapore
November 26, 2009 – December 25, 2009
Party president of The New Green Party
Minister of Immigration of Singapore
September 06, 2009 – November 05, 2009
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Singapore
November 06, 2009 – December 05, 2009
Vice president of Singapore
December 06, 2009 – January 05, 2009
March 06, 2010 – Current
Military rank Icon rank General.png General
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


Boethiah is currently employed by Apioras AIR - Recycled Planes.

Boethiah currently has a land skill of 6.84, and a manufacturing skill of 4.18, as of day 787.

Boethiah has currently achieved 7 Hard Worker achievements.


Boethiah has currently attained the rank of Icon rank General.png General. Boethiah has currently earnt 2 Super Soldier achievements, and on Day 787, has a Strength of 11.92


Party Presidency

Boethiah is currently the Party president of The New Green Party, a position he has held since December of 2009. Prior to this, he was Party President of the Singapore Green Party. This party merged with the Acheivers of prosperous singapore party, who formed the new green party, which he is currently the party president of. Boethiah has, therefore, been party president of the Green Party in Singapore, for the last 6 months.


Boethiah has been elected into the Congress of Singapore on two occasions.


Boethiahbegan his involvement with Singaporean Cabinet on September 06, 2009, when he was the Singapore Minister of Immigration, a position he stayed on for in October as well. On November 2009, he was Singapore's Minister of Foreign Affairs, and in December 2009, he was the Vice President of Singapore.

minister of imigration since september for two months then after that I was MoFA for a month, then VP


Boethiah was president of Singapore during the month of March 2010.


Boethiah owns the newspaper entitled The News Leaf, which currently has 67 Subscriptions.


Boethiah is currently eMarried to Whispering Elizabeth


Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif 7x Hard Worker
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif 2x Congress Member
Icon achievement Country President on.gif 1x Country President
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif 2x Super Soldier