Bolivia Primera

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Bolivia Primera

Party-Partido Bolivia Primera.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-Bolivia.jpg Bolivia
Founded November 2009
Dissolved 2011
Congress Occupancy 0 /0 seats, 0%
Succeeds Partido Liberalista Boliviano
Succeeded By party
Orientation Center
Ideology Libertarian

Partido Bolivia Primera was a political party of Bolivia.


1- "Libertad, igualdad y tolerancia" - "Liberty, equality and tolerance"

2- "El partido oficial de Roto en Bolivia" - "The official party of Roto in Bolivia"


Bolivia Primera was a centrist Bolivian party inspired by the democratic ideals of equality, freedom and tolerance.

BP defends economic freedom, albeit limited by solid economic control by the state and promotes social protection policies and education of the population.


- Look for unity and consensus in state policies that are vital to the smooth running of the country.

- In foreign policy affirm the idea of good alliances, while maintaining the sovereignty of Bolivia for its decisions.

- Stand for economic freedom and fair competition among entrepreneurs. Accept the state intervention to prevent abuse, revitalizing certain sectors of the economy and stabilize prices of certain basic goods.

- Help new players with tips on their progress.

- The party has established a Obra Social (created by Clamper), the first in Bolivia which distributes food and gifts to those in need and to send a message to the Or Partido Bolivia Primera.

Party presidents

Term started Term ended Terms in office Citizen name
16 November, 2009 XIIII
16 December, 2009 - - Joshua Morrisseau
16 January, 2010 - - Juan Bowcly
16 February, 2010 - - Clamper


The BP situation became untenable after the March 15, 2010. That day the party was the victim of a TO BCC (Black Cat Command) supported by key members of Bolivian politics in order to avoid TO potentially more dangerous.

Since then the principal leaders of BP: Joshua Morrisseau, Juan Bowcly and Xxrenat0xX began planning the party's dissolution. The dissolution was finalized in late March when the real militants (about 13) left the party en masse.

BP now stands as a party under control TO BCC.