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Boosters are tools provided to citizens to improve their performances on the battlefield.

There are essentially four types of boosters:

Bazooka Booster

Main article: Bazooka
Icon - Bazooka Booster.png

Bazooka booster allows citizens to inflict more damage depending on their ground division.

Division Damage dealt
Icon division 1 blue.png 20000
Icon division 2 blue.png 30000
Icon division 3 blue.png 40000
Icon division 4 blue.png 50000

Note: If a citizen has a bazooka booster in their storage and they get promoted to the next division, the bazooka booster will NOT be upgraded.

Damage Booster

Damage boosters.png

Damage booster provides a 50% or 100% additional damage for a limited time.
It works like bazooka booster except for the fact that it doesn't activate per single hit but for a variable amount of time (from 5 minutes to 24 hours).

Damage boosters can be built in Quality 4 and 5 rocket factories or earned as a reward through missions, Weekly challenges or Power spins.

Damage boosters built in rocket factories activate at the moment they are built.

ShadowFighterBoosters.png In special occasions the +100% Shadow Fighter Booster can be acquired.

Ghost Booster

Main article: Ghost booster
Dark ghost booster.png

Ghost booster gives you 30% of the biggest damage/hit of the Citizen who fights in the same Battle, Round, side and Division as you.

a) If in Round 1 of a Battle, 10 Citizens fight and the Citizen with the biggest damage/hit is a Citizen A who makes 1,000 damage/hit, when Ghost Booster is activated, you will make 300 damage/hit + the regular damage/hit you have.

b) Citizen A hits 18,000 damage/hit with Q6 Weapon and 100% damage booster. Citizen B hits 2,000 per hit. Max hit = 9,000 (100% Booster not taken into account). With the Ghost Booster active, Citizen A will hit for 18,000 (regular damage) + 2,700 (booster damage) = 20,700, and Citizen B will hit for 2,000 (regular damage) + 2,700 (booster damage) = 4,700.

Each Ghost Booster lasts for 1 minute. The Ghost Boosters can be stored and they have no expiry date.

Global notes

  • When activated, a visual effect will be shown around citizen's weapon.
  • After each use, the certain quality of the booster requires a cooldown. During this time the booster of same or lower quality cannot be activated. For example, if a quality 2 booster is in cooldown, a citizen can activate a quality 3 one.
  • Activating a higher quality booster will replace the lower quality one, if one is already activated.
  • Guerrilla fights, bombs or rockets will not be affected by this booster, but Bazookas will get the damage bonus
  • Rank points are gained according to the damage done, so using the booster will also give citizens more rank points.

Damage Accelerator (DAB)

There are two versions of damage accelerators:

  • Acquired from the Gold_store:
    • Cost: Icon-gold.gif 1 GOLD
    • Damage acceleration: 2x
    • Duration: 3 minutes
  • Acquired from Power spin
    • Damage acceleration: 5x
    • Duration: 10 minutes


  • Prestige points are gained accordingly, so double hits also mean double Prestige Points.
  • DABs can be used together with Damage Boosters and Bazookas.
  • DABs don’t affect Bombs, Rockets or Guerrilla fights.
  • DABs don’t have an expiration date and they can be bought for an unlimited time.
  • They happear in the storage