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Boosters are tools provided to citizens to improve their performances on the battlefield.

There are essentially these types of boosters:

Bazooka booster

Main article: Bazooka
Icon - Bazooka Booster.png

Bazooka booster allows citizens to inflict more damage depending on their ground division, instead of the usual 10.000 damage per shot.

Division Damage dealt
Icon division 1 blue.png 20000
Icon division 2 blue.png 30000
Icon division 3 blue.png 40000
Icon division 4 blue.png 50000

Note: If a citizen has a bazooka booster in their storage and they get promoted to the next division, the bazooka booster will NOT be upgraded.

Damage boosters


Several ground damage boosters as they appear on the battlefield

A damage booster provides 50% or 100% additional damage for a limited time.
It works like a bazooka booster except for the fact that it doesn't activate per single hit but for a variable amount of time (from 5 minutes to 24 hours).

Damage boosters can be built in Quality 4 and 5 rocket factories, earned as a reward through missions, weekly challenges and Power spins or bought through packs.

Damage boosters built-in rocket factories activate at the moment they are built.


Air damage.png The air damage booster increases the damage in an air round by 20% or 50%. It has a duration of 10 minutes.

Rank and Influence

Ground Rank boosterAir Rank boosterGround Influence boosterAir Influence boooster
These boosters increase the rank gained when fighting in a battle and are specific to ground or air.
They have effects of +10% or +20% and durations of 10 or 20 minutes.

Ghost booster

Dark ghost booster.png
Main article: Ghost booster

Ghost booster gives you 30% of the biggest damage per hit of the Citizen who fights in the same Ground Battle, Round, side and Division as you for 1 minute.

In Halloween activities, you can acquire the Dark Ghost Booster, its damage boost is 100%, its duration is 5 minutes and it has an expiry date.

Damage accelerator (DAB)

Icon of the accelerators
There are two versions of damage accelerators:
  • Acquired from the Gold store:
    • Cost: Icon - Gold.gif 1 GOLD
    • Damage acceleration: 2x
    • Duration: 3 minutes
  • Acquired from Power spin
    • Damage acceleration: 5x
    • Duration: 10 minutes


  • Prestige points are gained accordingly, so double or quintuple hits also mean double Prestige Points.
  • DABs can be used together with Damage Boosters, weapons and Bazookas.
  • DABs don’t affect Bombs, Rockets or Guerrilla fights.
  • DABs don’t have an expiration date and they can be bought for an unlimited time.
  • They appear in the storage

Prestige points booster

Prestige booster.png The booster increases the prestige points awarded when fighting by 1 for each 10 energy for 10 minutes.

Shadow fighter booster

On special occasions, the +100% Shadow Fighter Booster can be acquired. This booster does not increase the rank points gained and the extra damage does not count for the True Patriot achievement, but it counts for the protector points. It is only valid for one side and one division of a round in a specific campaign. Usually, it has an expiry date of 30 days. ShadowFighterBoosters.png

Shadow fighter booster halo.png When active in a round, the citizen's vehicle will have a purple halo around it.

Packs boosters

Boosters that come with packs:

PowerPackBoosters.png Power Pack Booster (1 hour): +20 Energy/6 minutes for 1 hour
BlitzkriegPackBoosters.png Blitzkrieg Pack Booster (1 hour): +2000 Energy Building for 1 hour
MaverickPackBoosters.png Maverick Pack Booster (2 hours): This allows you to switch divisions for 2 hours. New ones refresh the expiry date.
InfantryKitBoosters.png Infantry Kit Booster (30 minutes): No experience points gained when fighting with weapons for 30 minutes.
TycoonPackBoosters.png Tycoon Pack Booster (30 minutes): Daily limit for receiving Gold via donations and Monetary Market transactions raised to 50; +20 bonus to the base production of your companies


Hero reward.png Funky Balloon Booster: Increase a Battlezone’s Hero Achievement Reward by 100%. Stacks additively up to a maximum of 10.
Deploy size.png Deploy size: Increases the deploy size by 100% or 200%. They have a duration of 10 minutes or 20 minutes.

Historical information

Energy and what influences it

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