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Brendan E Austerion

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Nationality Flag-South Africa.jpg South African
Date of birth 16th August 2008
Day 270
Date of death 2011
Residence North West Province
Sex Male
Newspaper The Mapping Standard
Congress member of North West Province
26 October 2008 – 25 December 2008
26 January 2009 – 25 February 2009
Party president of Black Lion Front
Minister of Defence of South Africa
5 December 2008 – January 2009
Preceded by Rico Suave
Military rank Icon rank Lt Colonel*.png Lt Colonel*
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Brendan E Austerion (E standing for Eyrie) was a South African citizen who was prominent in politics, the media, fighting, and private enterprise.

He was the author of the weekly paper The Standard (a syndicate of The Journalist SA) and the occasional publication The Straits Times (a syndicate of The Journalist Singapore, the Journalist SA's much more low-key sister organization).

He was a soldier of the SA Marines Unit, a five-term member of Congress, one-term Commander of the South African Armed Forces, and two-term as Minister of Defence. He was appointed Minister of Defence, as his flight was delayed due to resignation issues from a temporary workplace in Romania due to his moving there to ready for a fight against Iran which never materialized thanks to the 'Shell Game' played by PEACE. He was thus unable to arrive in South Africa in time for registration for Congress, and subsequently moved to the Balearic Islands of Spain to fight against Italy in Sardinia.

Early Life

Brendan E Austerion was born sometime in the middle of August 2008. He became close friends with Lester Wesnaw, now deceased, who gave him aid on getting a job and party. After several days without a job, a homeless and unemployed Austerion was hired by Blats Foods, a then Q1 food company, where he gained much of his manufacturing skills (5.17 as of the 4th of December 2008). It was around this time that he founded the Austerion Standard, in which he wrote frequent articles regarding hospitals, the economy, and the political situation, on which he stayed neutral.

Croatian Occupation

Shortly after his birth in the New World, Brendan found himself in a country just taken over by the group of Croats led by Zocky, which sent South Africa into a deep slide in many areas. This was when his paper the Austerion Standard changed tack and abandoned its neutrality, shortly thereafter launching tirade after tirade against the Croats.

Notable Incidents

Austerion has been involved in several notable incidents, including the War in the Northern Cape and the 'Mudslinging Incident'.

Hedgerow Country

On the 12th December, 2008, Austerion joined the USA in a war against the French and PEACE (including longtime enemy Indonesia) in order to earn combat experience, knowledge, etc., as well as to fight the French and 'Japs' (that is, Indonesians) alongside American friends, para-trooping in with no loss of health thanks to the short trip. However, he landed in hedgerow country in the province of Auvergne (where heavy fighting between invading American forces and French insurgents was going on at the time) behind enemy lines and had to fight his way clear with only a Q1 Glock to use. However, he did manage to do a relatively large deal of damage to French forces before running out of ammunition, by which time he was rescued and sent to a Florida hospital, where he quickly recovered from blows dealt to him and the famine he had suffered in South Africa thanks to the excellent facilities.

Discharged only a few hours later, he managed to fly back across the stormy Atlantic and move into position in the right place this time, this time wielding a Q3 M249 Para general purpose machine gun hastily shipped across Africa, the Mediterranean, and Spain to France from Pathway Holdings' (his organizations') warehouse in South Africa, where he had stored his weapons as well as several military ones. Better equipped this time and with more alertness and health, he managed to find, ambush and destroy a French guerrilla group based in a secret outpost; after the destruction of this fortification and accompanying soldiers, he reloaded and repeated the feat against a slightly larger base, scattering the enemy. However, with this battle over, he was wounded quite badly and was below half-strength.

Moving slowly and laboriously through France's infamous hedgerow country back to base, he was ambushed by a well-prepared group of the enemy, who he identified as the hated Japs by their odd method of communication (tongue-clicks and such sounds). No longer armed with his machine gun but only with a Glock sidearm he had strapped on just in case of this very situation (that is, caught with no ammo against the enemy), he fought it out with the group, emerging victorious and killing all 10 of them. Unfortunately for him, he was severely injured and passed out quickly from severe blood loss. It was a lucky thing then that a squad of US soldiers found him slumped over next to a hedge along a street having conducted a successful mission against the 'underground' French insurgents and soldiers; he was carried back to their base and sent off to the much better facilities of Florida on the next available flight.

Worse was to come, however: The hospital was overstretched and could not admit him, and he would have to heal over time, though luckily no injury was life-threatening. Sent medicine from Alaska and South Africa respectively by his friends Elizaveta Shcherbakova and Rico Suave, he recovered and continued fighting once the hospital was available, attaining, for the first time in his life, 100 wellness.

He returned home to North-West on Tuesday, the 16th of December, 2008.

Recurring Sickness

Brendan is known to have suffered from a recurring disease which prevented him from working, training, seeing the media module, donating, buying from the marketplace, voting, sending messages, etc. He termed this disease 'The Bug', and it struck four times, twice for a week and twice for a day. This disease began shortly after V1 and continued till the 10th of December 2008, when it was cured by Deus Ex.

Hobbies and Food

Brendan is known to enjoy writing stories, poems, speeches, etc., and creating videos. He also enjoys playing soccer / football. He enjoys Bong Belly food every day (though he turns to lower-quality Q2 foods on occasion when Bong Belly is sold out). The videos he has made to date are:

  1. The Biko Brigade
  2. It's Time For Us To Fight
  3. It's On

He also enjoys listening to music; his taste spans numerous genres, and, in his own words, he listens to 'whatever sounds good'.


Brendan was, for nearly 2 months after his birth, homeless, due to the large amount of money needed for houses. However, he eventually managed to buy a small Q1 three-room apartment in Mmabatho, in which he lives to this day, though there are some reports that he intends to sell it eventually for a Q2 four-room apartment nearby. During his four skirmishes in the Northern Cape, he left his house behind and stayed in a makeshift army camp that brought very little rest and healing. He was very kindly given by Moishe another Q1 residency outside Mmabatho, which he sold to an anonymous customer after realizing that it was no longer needed. He briefly stayed in a Q1 apartment in Florida while he recovered from wounds suffered in the battles for Auvergne, Limousin (II), and Center, returning to his Mmabatho house once he had reached 100 wellness.

Close Friends

Brendan's closest friend is Lucien Morjuet, known for his somewhat cutting wit in his newspaper 'The Rub', a syndicate of Independence Media. Other notable friends include Kiwifire1, Jizzie McGuire, Hireshmont Vellos, Rico Suave, G M Tarkin, Howard Roan, Michael Hanson, Elizabeth Engels, Gabriel Borien, and several others.


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Hard Worker (x14)
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Congress Member (x5)
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Battle Hero (x2)
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Super Soldier (x3)
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Party President* (x1)
for Black Lion Front