British Bulldogs

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British Bulldogs



General Information
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom

British Bulldogs was a military unit in the United Kingdom. It was renamed to the British Army.

British Bulldogs

The British Bulldogs was created on day 1680. It was owned by Don Dapper. On day 1681 Don Dapper took over the Ultramilitia with 18 members and renamed it to The British Bulldogs. By the day 1688 there were 143 fighters in the unit. It had the second highest daily kills in the UK.

Regiments and Captains

British Bulldogs had 5 regiments. Regiment 5 was created in October 2012.

Month/Year Captain Regiment
September-October 2012 Don Dapper 1
September-October 2012 BaskB 2
September-October 2012 cenodekaMKD 3
September-October 2012 killer2001 4
October-November 2012 Elsworth 1
October-November 2012 BaskB 2
October-November 2012 cenodekaMKD 3
October-November 2012 killer2001 4
October-November 2012 Ewan Dougall 5
October-November 2012 howdyho 6


On every Sunday the British Bulldogs had a strike. The strike was on Sunday at 3:00 UK time. On Sunday's they run a quiz for 2000 GBP as well.

Did You Know

  • The British Bulldog was one of the fastest growing units in the country.
  • The British Bulldog did the most Damage for Division Icon division 1 blue.png
  • The British Bulldog did the 4th best overall damage in the UK
  • The British Bulldog gave away loads of supplies each week including q6 and q7 weapons and health.
  • The MU had its own website, chat, forum and radio station