British Capitalist Party

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British Capitalist Party

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General Information
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Abbreviation BCP
Founded July 2009 (estimated)
Dissolved September 2009 (estimated)
Congress Occupancy 0 /40 seats, 0%
Succeeds British Empire Party
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

British Capitalist Party was suspended because Party president resigned and there was no other party member with more than 125 Experience Points.

British Capitalist Party was a Center-Right, Libertarian party within the United Kingdom. The party had 44 members during the peak of its existence.


One of our strongest beliefs here is helping new players - something we do with our organisation, and with our recruitment techniques, which are aimed at lower-ranked people. This gives us the opportunity to raise them on a one-on-one basis! Another thing we strongly believe in is getting people to the UK forums - having an in-game ad linking to an article that gives information and a link to the UK forums would be fantastic, in our opinion - the more, the merrier!

We here at the BCP believe in capitalising on opportunities - this means always putting the UK first. Whereas allies are important, it must be remembered that the UK is number one, with allies number two (keeping in mind that doing harm to allies, will, in turn, do harm to the UK). We also believe in being part of the bigger, stronger, alliance - it can only benefit us economically and militarily.

The military is a fantastically important function of the UK - and should be treated as such. It needs to have the funding it wants, and needs to be streamlined 100% of the time. The BCPs take on how military funding should be spent is that a lot of it should be spent on getting us more Field Marshals - they are the key to getting respect in the worldwide community. If, over time, we slowly built up the number of Field Marshals we had, out-doing other countries, we would be a force to be reckoned with.
We also believe that, in regards to giving out weapons, that soldiers in the Royal Guard should be given NO WEAPONS in training wars - this will allow us to give 5 Q1 weapons to everyone in the UK to fight in real wars.

We believe in the lowest possible tax rate that would be sustainable for the UK - not a tax-less state, but enough to make General Managers richer. We believe that the key to a healthy economy is wealthy business owners. You see, if the business owners are rich, they can afford to undercut each other on the market - making goods cheaper. They can also afford to out-do each other on the job market - forcing higher wages. So, higher wages, and cheaper goods, means that the working man, and the General Manager benefit!

BCP Party Official Roles

Party President

The Party President is responsible for deciding who to assign to each role, and to ensure that the whole system is running smoothly and all jobs are completed. The Party President is appointed by the in-game voting system.

Internal Affairs Official (IAO)

This Official will make sure that there are no conflicts within the BCP community. This entails making sure no debates get too heated, and will also be in charge of keeping our forums active. This includes getting our members to join our forums - by messaging all party members once a week (as a target, not a requirement). The IAO must also bring new opportunities for young (and old) BCP members - such as government apprenticeship offers etc. Anything to help them get ahead. The mark of a good IAO is a large, happy, active community.

External Affairs Official (EAO)

This official will make sure that we have good relations with all other parties - it is a very important role. An EAO can be sacked instantly by the PP if he causes bad relations, or fails to resolve them. He must also work on getting us good press, as well as organising occasional press releases and will organise manifestos.

Note - The position of Vice President was always be held by either IAO or EAO.


"Maddog - Oh Dearz" Affair [1]

Amid Maddog Jones' preparations for the September 09 Party Presidential Elections, a thread opened up suggesting that Maddog was trying to take over the BCP with his friends, although he had only brought in two players. Dodgy Dude, the original accuser, was being seen as foolish and so, as the heat was really turning on him - he revealed his BCP informant as Mickale, the then Party President.

The story then twisted against Mickale and it ended up as everyone having been fooled by Mickale. Apologies all around, and Mickale and his remaining BCP allies leaving the party. Since this issue, the BCP elected Maddog Jones and the membership rose sharply.

Congress Elections 25/09

The congress elections were a roller coaster for the BCP. Running under the British Empire Party, GGRyan and celtgaerfelddafydd both had genuine chances of achieving congress. GGRyan was competing in the generally tough East Midlands and came in second with a very respectable 27 votes, grabbing a seat - however celt was not so lucky, with the power of big parties prevailing and roping in just enough voters to beat us. Just you wait!

Party Held Position


Underminister Of Trade

BCP Party Presidents

Started Finished Party President Number of Terms
Jul 15th 2009 Sep 15th 2009 Mickale 2 Terms
Sep 15th 2009 Sep 2009 Maddog Jones 1st Term