British Empire Party

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British Empire Party

Party-British Empire Party.jpg
General Information
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Abbreviation BEP
Founded 5th May 2009 and again on 5th October 2013
Dissolved Unknown
Congress Occupancy 0%
Succeeds The British Union Party
Succeeded By Party dissolved?
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

The British Empire Party was a Center-Right, Libertarian party within the United Kingdom.


The Conservative Revolution

Originally called The Conservative Revolution, the party had roughly 24 members for quite a while, but when the party dropped to 21 party members others decided it was time for change. After long talks with party members the party president JayTune95, decided to call the party The British Union Party.

The British Union Party

After the name being changed to The British Union Party two new members joined but soon later the name was to be changed again because most members felt it sounded more of a left party than right. This party name only lasted a few hours before it was changed to The British Empire Party.

Rise To The Top 5

The rise to the top 5 started when Lionbeard was elected to Party President. This was a tough election, where he was competing against the old Party President, JayTune95 , a rogue player (Connor Mawn) and the most experienced player in the party, Dodgy Dude. Lionbeard promised in his election that he would gain the BEP recognition, recruit members and start a forum. Numbers soon rose from 30 to around 50. Soon enough Lionbeard created a forum which was a big success and was highly active. Each new member was messaged with a link to the BEP forums and activity increased sharply. This activity was organised and soon policies and manifestos were drawn up with all members contributing. Recruiting groups were made, and advertising of the party increased. Numbers soon rose to around 70. By 70 members, the British Empire Party had overtaken most of its main smaller party competitors, such as Britain's Advancement Party, and Liberal Social Democrats. However the main competition was with the 5th ranked party at the time, Forward Britain!. Forward Britain! were declining in members at the time, mostly due to poor leadership and bad press. It was highly expected that The British Empire Party would overtake them and enter the top 5. Finally on the 11th of June 2009 The British Empire Party obtained 90 members while Forward Britain! dropped to 87. By the end of Lionbeard's term the membership reached 100 exactly, increasing by 70 in one month. This meant the party had risen from 8th place in the eUK party rankings at the beginning of his term, and finishing in 5th place. The party finished with a firm grasp on 4th place.

BEP Party Presidents

Term Started Term Finished Party President Number of Terms
April 16th 2009* May 15th 2009 Citizen1294396.jpg JayTune95 1st Term
May 16th 2009 June 15th 2009 Citizen1392748 v2.jpg Lionbeard** 1st Term
June 16th 2009 July 15th 2009 Citizen1294396.jpg JayTune95 2nd Term
July 16th 2009 August 15th 2009 Citizen1259090 v2.jpg Dodgy Dude
August 16th 2009 - Citizen1441294.jpg Sir Terry The Great 1st Term
- - Citizen1441294.jpg Sir Terry The Great 2nd Term
- 15th November 2009 Citizen1441294.jpg Sir Terry The Great 3rd Term
16th November 2009 15th December 2009 Citizen1551162.jpg Lemuel Gengulfus***
December 16th 2009 January 15th 2010 Citizen1392748 v2.jpg Lionbeard 2nd Term
January 16th 2009 January 26th 2009 Citizen1870465.jpg Devioux
February 2nd 2010 February 3rd 2010 Brotherd.jpg Brother D
February 3rd 2010 February 15th 2010 Citizen12326.jpg Eadie
16th February 2010 15th February 2011 Citizen1551162.jpg Lemuel Gengulfus 2nd Term
15th February 2011 March Citizen1517462.jpg bamber 1st
15th March 2011 March Citizen1517462.jpg bamber 3rd Term
28th March 2011 April Citizen3567873.jpgEno Live intrim
15th April 2011 May Unknown Person.jpgMickale 1st Term
15th May 2011 June Citizen3567873.jpgEno Live 1st Term
15th June 2011 unknown Unknown Person.jpgRooty1234 1st Term
5th April 2013 unknown Unknown Person.jpgLord Ryan Of Britannia 1st Term

*Including The Conservative Revolution.

**Reach the Top 5 parties.

***Move to 4th place.


1st Term

JayTune95 was the first Party President of The British Empire Party. Taking over the party while it was called The Conservative Revolution he had the difficult task of saving the sinking party. With only 21 members and stuck in 8th place in the United Kingdom political rankings, not much could be done for the dying party. Discussing with other party members a new name was chosen and the party became known as The British Union Party. In just the few hours it was known as this it had mild success with 2 members joining. There was then doubt over the name as it sounded more left than right on the political compass. In the end the party came to an agreement that the party should be named The British Empire Party. The name was changed on the 5th May 2009, ten days before the party elections. There was success straight away. The party jumped from 21 to 35 members in the ten days left of JayTune95's party president term.

2nd Term

After the success the month before JayTune95 was now the elected Party President of a top 5 party. With 100 members JayTune95 had to try and keep The British Empire Party in the top 5 for 10 days. If the party stayed in the top 5 until the 25th June 2009, they would be allowed to have congress candidates. Enjoying success with new members joining, JayTune95 moved the external forum to the UK forums. With the congress elections arriving The British Empire Party did an untactful move and put as many people forward as possible, experienced or not. Although the party came close in many regions (for example Colt Silver was tied 18 votes all with Bumblebee in the East Midlands) they were only able to get one elected. This was Dodgy Dude. The party was fairly dormant until the next party election. The party was now in a secure position in the top 5, thanks to a successful term, with over 120 members and 6th place with about 60.


Lionbeard was the party president of The British Empire Party. As party president, the number of members in The British Empire Party increased greatly. Lionbeard also created a party forum ( which was a main reason for the parties success. When he first became party president he created a mini Cabinet which involved a Vice Party President, Advertising Minister and Recruitment Manager. Other greatly contributing members who are now main party members were Colt Silver, Sir Terry the Great and Big-Joe Pryde. With their help, Lionbeard saw the party grow from 21 members to entering the Top 5 parties, with 90 members. When his term finished, The British Empire Party had gone from 30 members to 100, gaining 70 members in one month.

Dodgy Dude

Dodgy Dude was the 3rd Party President of The British Empire Party. Narrowly getting elected for Party President he tried to bring a new image to the party. By encouraging more members to the forum new ideas were erupting on the party forum. Quickly it was decided that a new logo was needed. Soon enough a new one was created and it was selected for the party's new image. In the congress elections the party gained another member including the Party Presdient. This meant that the party now had two congress members. The party has since gained around 30 members and stands at 155, over 100 above the party below them. In the August Country President elections, Dodgy Dude ran under the party's banner with two other party's supporting him. He did surprisingly well and finished in 2nd place with 188 votes which was 16.88% of the vote.

Temporary Deletion

On the 26th January 2010, The British Empire Party was removed for reasons unknown. It was then reinstated on the 2nd February 2010, although the party came back with 190 members, whereas before the party was on 272. The party was also moved down to the fifth largest party in the UK.

The New BEP

The deletion marked the end of many of the original member's careers at the party. But Lemuel Gengulfus and Big Joe Pryde, two of the party's most experienced members, decided to stay. Eadie, one of the most experienced citizens in the U.K., decided to stay as well. Eadie became leader of the party, taking over from Brother D who resigned after spontaneously becoming leader. The 15th of February brought the party president elections. The BEP was run by Bamber for a while, but slowly faded into obscurity and vanished from the eUK Political Scene

The British Empire Party Reborn

Over 2 years later, the British Empire Party was reformed when the Social Liberal Party, losing members at sitting at 15, went through a series of radical reforms led by its Party President, Adastros. On the 5th of October, the SLP ceased to exsist and the new British Empire Party rose in its place. Within 10 days the party had gained ten members and risen to the 7th largest in the eUK, and had three Congress members after Sekula Vasilijevic and Prince Sheogorath defected to the BEP.

In October 2013, Cheetah Curtis won the elections, taking 80% of the vote.

Party Logos