Brothers in Arms

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Brothers in Arms

Brothers in Arms

Brothers in Arms.jpg

For he who sheds his blood with me, shall be my brother !

General Information
Country Flag-Romania.png Romania
Total Soldiers 131
Commanded by priviticeruI numa praz
2nd ioaa
Commanders fr3edom

Brothers in Arms is a Romanian Military Unit founded on Day 2463. It was formed by the fusion of Military Units Semper Pro Patria and Praetorian Guard.

It has 225 members in 7 regiments.


Leadership will be changed every month between priviticerul numa' praz, MrBogdan, ioaa, galadrael, dsturzoiu, Ciufulitu, kubuntu and cristaph.

Junior's Academy

Military Unit Brothers in Arms will continue the project of Praetorian Guard, Junior's Academy, because for both Military Units, beginners were very important, so players from Division Icon division 1 blue.png will receive Gold if they won't fight.

First Tournament

Their first tournament was Kill Rush, a tournament which brought them and united them to fight together.

They occupied places:

  • 2nd at Division Icon division 1 blue.png
  • 3rd at Division Icon division 2 blue.png
  • 6th at Division Icon division 3 blue.png
  • 2nd at Division Icon division 4 blue.png

At Regiments, they took 9th place at Opponents Defeated and 16th place at Damage.


Anyone who wants to visit them on IRC, have to access #BrothersinArms or can click here.


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Articles about Tournaments

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