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Buck Roger

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eRepublik Ambassador
Nationality Flag-Canada.jpg Canadian
Date of birth 14.07.2009
Day 602 of the New World
Date of death Summer 2015 (est)
Residence Aegean Islands
Sex Male
Newspaper Stop the Abuse
Party president of Greek Independence Party
16 January 2010 – 15 March 2010
Minister of Commerce of Greece
6 March 2010 – 5 May 2010
Congress member of Greece
26 March 2010 – 25 April 2010
Military rank Icon rank Supreme Marshal**.png Supreme Marshal**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Buck Roger was a Icon-Greece.png Greek citizen who ended his career in Icon-Canada.png Canada.


Born in July 2009, Buck Roger...

  • Predicted that Greece would become a "Top Ten" country measured by experience, a spot that Greece have (more or less) held ever since.
  • He created a modified "Greek battle orders" script which runs the text through Google translator to produce English.
  • Wrote a report on the motives of the thousands who had migrated into Greece during WW3 using a survey of 50 of them.
  • Wrote a report on changes in the raw materials markets, one of he's enduring interests.
  • Wrote a report on how to maximize the damage through improvement of rank and the right selection of Weapons and Gifts.
  • Wrote two groundbreaking reports analysing the profitability of every industry and Quality in 27 selected countries. It hit #1 International.
  • Wrote a pair of articles dedicated to ways of making money and saving money for the citizen.
  • Wrote an article on his ideas for the Economics Module V2 in September 2009. It hit #1 International.
  • Wrote a popular guide for surviving "Your First 45 Days" that has been translated into five languages and adapted into English for four other countries.
  • Wrote a "Merry Christmas" article in which he gave away 500 GOLD to the Hellenic Depository, 250 GOLD to 250 citizens blindly, and 125 GOLD to charitable initiatives.
  • He also managed to donate to many other governments and warchests of allied nations such as old North Korea, the USA, Croatia, and Israel; for a total over 1500 GOLD for the interests of allied nations and Greece.
  • He actively managed companies since his birth. This is why he has always felt that education about the economy, which is so lacking, is so important. He thinks that the economy are the wheels upon which everything else rolls, and they need the greasing of investors with intelligence.

In 2009, although he could have run more often than he did, he chosed to run for congress only once. His reason was that he didn't believed he had enough experience, and he wanted to establish his reputation as someone who cared for his country, not just another title seeker. After his first term in congress, he wanted to become a two-clicker, which he did until December. He believed that it's completely irresponsible to seek a position in congress or government if you will not be active.


He continued his series of international interes articles in 2010. If anything, the pace has picked up dramatically, and he won five Media Mogul medals.

  • Wrote a guide to "Rules of War Every Greek Should Know."
  • With the help of Astra Kat G, he gave out 1839 gifts to fighters in the Hello Kitty battle.
  • Wrote a guide to using the "incentivized offers."
  • Wrote a small thesis on the situation for Houses and Wood taxes at the time.
  • Wrote "Save the Game, Spain!" to give eRepublik free advertising for its jobs. It hit #1 International.
  • Wrote two articles for China, one of admiration and one of encouragement.
  • Wrote a pair of articles for Croatia and Romania and, during Prekmurje, an article of support.
  • Wrote "Graduate to Become a Two-Dozen Clicker," which hit Top 5 International, purely on its merit.
  • Wrote an article suggesting that "Lanaflation" will correct itself, not anticipating the Wellness changes that would intervene first.
  • Wrote an interview with CybeRNerO and an article of support for Constantinos.
  • Wrote an article in which he pledged to provide funds to help Israel secure strong MPP's. Then provided them. Then, with less fanfare, helped them renew the MPP with Poland.
  • Wrote "The Economy: Past, Present, and Future" with uncanny accuracy for the effects of the Wellness changes in terms of the importance of Food and Houses. The (relative) decline of Iron is already underway.
  • Wrote "A Guide for the Perplexed" to young Greek citizens.
  • Wrote the tongue-in-cheek "Answer to All Our v1 Problems" in the brief, shining v1 moment in which Q5 Tickets were viable.
  • Ended up giving away 3400 Gifts, 1700 Q3 Food, and a Q5 House for free.
  • Asked the admin to Change the Business Model.
  • Wrote about the Best Jobs in the New World with data culled from all countries.
  • Wrote about the best places to export your goods - any industry, any quality, find out the best market for export.

In January of 2010, he accepted the most daunting feat of organization, planning, and just plain work that he had ever undertaken, and it took him two months. Heretofore, he tried to avoid party politics entirely because it did not sit well with his own beliefs about the role of politics in eRepublik. He believes that every party and especially the top five parties, charged with responsibility over forming the congress, should endeavor to use the party as a tool for the improvement of their country. The preservation and expansion of the party's influence is merely a means to that overriding purpose, not an end in itself. Sitting at sixth place, it would have been impossible to participate in party elections with his own chosen party, Greek Independence Party, the second-oldest party in Greece and the one to which he had always belonged. Greek Independence Party was, moreover, uniquely positioned as a party that has never made identifications with real-life politics (whether left, right, up or down) and thus could be imbued with new life with an e-political philosophy that he endeavored to develop in a series of articles in GIP News and his own newspaper.

Armed with the ideas that are the sine qua non of any political movement, sheer effort and practical solutions drove the party to quadruple in membership and sit third on the lists. Believing firmly that this helped the party grow and also helped Greece and, thus, shot down two birds with one stone, he had given away Weapons, Gifts, Food, and Moving Tickets to all Greeks in the manner of charity: everyone is welcome. In the end, however, the real drive for membership came from the comprehensive PM campaign undertaken first by him and then, in zest, continued by Tina for several weeks. In the end they reached over 2000 young Greek citizens with our messages, directing them to guides and offering help, having started before there was a similar spectacular initiative taken up by the Ministry of New Players. Along the way the party picked up help in the form of new leadership along with the new members: Ektonosiakos, Makedonissa, Megalexandros, and CybeRNerO, just to name a few.

Handing over the reigns to Ektonosiakos, he is quite relieved to be extricated from the Party President role, as it has given him more time to devote himself to the work that he have done on behalf of the Greek state. He have served for some time now as the ambassador to the USA, to Canada, and to Ireland. For a while, he was an aide to the Ministry of Defense, and most recently he had come upon the administration position that he had most enjoyed, that of the Minister of Trade. In it he have organized the agenda for an ambitious 8 point discussion of economic policy that drew in 40 Greeks and lasted a good two hours (and a bad half hour!). He would like to continue in the post another month to pursue the discussion further.


This article is based on Buck Roger's autobiography, written in April of 2010[1].