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This military unit played an important role in creating military history, however today it is no longer active

Bulgarian Army

Bulgarian Army.jpg

General Information
Disbanded N/A
Country Flag-Bulgaria.jpg Bulgaria
Colors White, Green, Red and Yellow
Total Soldiers 400+

eBulgarian Army (eBA), was the main and official Bulgarian fighting force. It's the bulk of Bulgaria's war might and main "perpetrator" for the victories in all conflicts that the country has been involved in, through the years of its existence. For every Bulgarian player, it's a matter of honor and pride to be part of the army structure. The modern Bulgarian Army has been established in February 2010, when a major reform has been implemented, to match the growing Bulgarian population after the "New Year's" baby boom. It inherited the older structures that operated, as official Bulgarian fighting force. In its peak, eBA consisted of more than 600 active players, and took a major part in the war struggle of both Bulgaria and PHOENIX alliance. The eBA was estimated highly, as one of the TOP 10 armies in The New World.

eBA flag copies the battle colors of the real Bulgarian army. It combines the country's official flag colors (white, green, red). The basis represents the Bulgarian military decoration "For bravery" ("За Храброст"). In the centre of the flag, there is a portrait of a golden lion framed by a shield on a white background. In the four corners are embroidered golden laurel monograms, with center orientated initials „eБА" (eBulgarian Army). On the header of the flag is embroidered the military slogan "С Нами Бог" ("God is with us").

After several reforms and reorganizations, caused by the changes in the military module, the army holds a new structure and branches separated by requirements in strength and activity, shown from lowest to highest here.


Army High Command

The General Headquarters serves as strategics, logistics, management, and oversight for the whole eBulgarian Army. It consisted of all divisional and elite commanders. The Head of the General Headquarters and the ministries of war are General Lieutenant windfall, General Lieutenant Fritz Klingenberg and General Lieutenant Greevas. The official commander in chief of the eBA was the President of Bulgaria.

Army Barracks (Training Corps)

Insignia Corps leader Desciption
Bulgarian Army - Army Barracks.jpg Major
Led by Major kasorazbiva4 and his deputy Lieutenant-Colonel TriEdgeAl, the "Army Barracks" (AB) represents the lower level in the army's hierarchy. It was dedicated to the education and improving the military skills of the fresh recruits, who are eager to contribute their time and accomplishments to the army. After two weeks period of initial training, the "rookies" are to be transferred to the next level of training, the army's battle units, or they join the reserves, depending on their performance in the Barracks. The minimum requirements set for joining the AB is 100 strength and average activity.

The Army Barracks was split into five corps and each consists of 20-25 cadets.

Training Corps Platoons Insignia
Bulgarian Army - Army Barracks Insignia.jpg

Regular Army

The "regulars" were the oldest structure in eBA and the bulk of the army's war might. The minimum requirements of joining the RA is 500 strength and moderate high activity level. It's split in two divisions, every division consists of four platoons and every platoon consists of 20-30 soldiers. The Regular army structure is as follow:

1st Division

Insignia Division leader Desciption
Bulgarian Army - First Division.jpg Major General
Led by Major General VelikGogov and his deputy, Colonel Martinchu Kolev, the "Iron Division" was the first operational branch of the Regular Army. It contained four tactical units (platoons).
Platoons in 1st Division
Insignia Unit Desciption
Bulgarian Army - Benkovski.jpg 1st Platoon "Benkovski" "Benkovski" (a.k.a "Iron Wolfs" as they prefered to be called), were one of the highest ranking battle units in the army. The platoon contained one of the most dedicated and strongest soldiers among the regulars. They were led by Captain TIE-Fighter, and deputy commanders Lieutenant Prozerpina and Warrant Officer dark.templar.
Bulgarian Army - Tzar Samuil.jpg 3rd Platoon "Tzar Samuil" Just like their patron, the medieval Bulgarian tzar Samuil, the soldiers from this platoon stood strong against all challenges, no matter how big the treat was, and what might the enemy would bring before them. Their commander was Captain Bloody_sword and deputies Lieutenant malion, Warrant Officer BuccaneerBG and Warrant Officer Simionski.
Bulgarian Army - Kurvavite Stursheli.jpg 6th Platoon "Kurvavite Stursheli" ("Bloody Hornets") The unit was a mixture between the former squads "The Hornets" and "The Bloodies". Only one thing could be said about them – they are bloody and they bite... a lot. The Platoon was led by Captain Vasov, Lieutenant 5koo and Warrant Officer F1reOne.
Bulgarian Army - Evpraksia Vasileva.jpg 8th Platoon "Evpraksia Vasileva" Originally planned as a female unit, the so called "women's platoon" faced a lot of mockery and indulgent jokes caused by their specific origin. But you know "Who laughs last, laughs the best", just ask the enemies that faced them. The platoon was led by Captain didi210 and deputy commander Lieutenant sladka_ jesy

2nd Division

Insignia Division leader Desciption
Bulgarian Army - Second Division.jpg Major - General
Stanislav Borisov
The "Wilful Division" was the second operational branch in the Regular Army. It was led by Major – General Stanislav Vladimirov Borisov and deputy commander Colonel Zhivko Yankov. It contained four tactical units (platoons).
Platoons in 2nd Division
Insignia Unit Desciption
Bulgarian Army - Krum Strashni.jpg 2nd Platoon "Krum Strashni" ("Krum the Terrible") Named after the ancient Bulgarian leader khan Krum, the "scourge of God" of the byzantines, the platoon was built of fearless and dedicated soldiers, a great mixture between the warriors from the former 24th squad and "Tangra" squad. They were led by Captain Alexander Machev and deputy commanders Lieutenant deskokd and Warrant Officer Ater Peregrinus.
Bulgarian Army - Vasil Levski.jpg 4th Platoon "Vasil Levski" The soldiers from this platoon choose the Bulgarian national hero Vasil Levski as their patron, and it's fully entitled to say, that these men hold a creed to the worlds and values left behind this great revolutionary – "If I win, I win for the whole nation, if I loose, I loose only myself ".The platoon was led by Captain Beko13 and deputy commanders Lieutenant Trafficant and Warrant Officer Dimitar22.
Bulgarian Army - Chernite Angeli.jpg 5th Platoon "Chernite Angeli" ("Black Angels") There's nothing angelic with these guys. Maybe only one thing – the fact that they send every one that faces them to the eHeaven. The platoon was led by Captain pashkulev and deputy commanders Lieutenant Picaroon and Warrant Officer jesterfromhell.
Bulgarian Army - Hristo Lukov.jpg 7th Platoon "Hristo Lukov" The Platoon was named after the WWII Bulgarian general Hristo Lukov. These man don't talk too much, but when they acted, everybody understood. The platoon was led by Captain Kimmie_bs and deputy commander Lieutenant kalin raikov and Warrant Officer SUPERGADGET

3rd Division

Platoons in 3rd Division
Insignia Unit Desciption
Bulgarian Army - Khan Asparuh.jpg 9th Platoon "Khan Asparuh" Named after the ancient Bulgarian leader Khan Asparuh, founder of Bulgaria. Firstly, it was created as a team of the strongest soldiers of the Training Corps, and eventually was transfered to the regular army. They were led by 2nd Lieutantant Yavor Tsonev and deputy commanders Sergeant primma, Major alexandr0v and 2nd Lieutantant Tihomir Monovski.
Bulgarian Army - G. S. Rakovski.jpg 10th Platoon "G. S. Rakovski" This platoon was named after the famous Bulgarian revolutionary Georgi Rakovski.

Night Guard

Insignia Platoon leader Desciption
Bulgarian Army - Night Guard.jpg Warrant Officer
Ater Peregrinus
A newly formed unit, with an elite status in the eBA hierarchy. The so called "sleep-walkers" were brought together with the mission to be the army's night watch. They are the Bulgarian open eyes through the long nights of battles, with a strictly specific operational time of action. The minimum requirements to join the squad is 500 strength and high activity. The squad was led by Warrant Officer Ater Peregrinus.

Elite Tank Squad

Main article: Elite Panzer Squad
Insignia Platoon leader Desciption
Elite Panzer Squad.jpg Lieutenant General
The former "Chukchi" squad was the highest level in the military. The Bulgarian tank unit was the "shock" squad of the army and they contribute the highest damage at the exact spot of the battle. The minimum requirements needed to join the unit is 1500 strength and very high activity. It was led by Lieutenant General windfall and second in command is Lieutenant-Colonel Cnac.


Volunteer squads have always been a part of the Bulgarian military. These units had their own private budgets, not sponsored by the government, and they were not restricted to follow General Headquarters orders. However, they contributed to the country's war efforts, despite the fact that they were not always coordinated with the official eBA actions.


Bulgarian Army - Animationers.jpg

The last operating Volunteer unit was "Animationers", a squad led by Captain IvJorell. Their credo was - "Don't expect anything from us, because we don't expect anything from you".

Bulgarian National Legion – BNL

Bulgarian National Legion.jpg

Bulgarian National Legion (BNL) was the official fighting unit of the Bulgarian nationalistic party BNF (Bulgarian National Front). It was sponsored and get's orders only from the party High Command. The unit ceased operations as of December 2010.

Blue Legions

Blue Legions.jpg

The Blue Legions were the official fighting force of the former Bulgarian party Blue Alliance. The party was famous with the partiality of it's members to the Bulgarian Football club "Levski" Sofia. The unit is not operating since the summer of 2010.


eBulgarian Army website
The eBulgarian Army's own website. One of the requirements to be an army member is to be signed in it. The creator and main operator of the site was cryptos.
Military History
eBulgarian Army has been involved in a number of conflicts throughout the New world's history. It's most famous battles were set during World War IV, as the army stands along with the TOP armies in the PHOENIX alliance.
Notable members of the army

  • Chukcha – one of the most famous Bulgarian players. Former president, commander in chief of the army, and leader of the elite squad. The Elite Tank Squad was named "Chukchi" in his honor, after he withdrew from the game.
  • Bimba – Former long term commander of the Elite Tank Squad.
  • cryptos – The creator of the eBulgarian Army website, and one of the founders of the modern army.
  • Melliores – Five times Minister of Defence of eBulgaria, former president, he is one of the guys that eBA owned new face and glory.

Traces of the eBA

It is unsure when this modern unit disappeared, however, some units remained, either carrying the same squadron logo, or just held the squadron name: