Bulgarian Democratic Party

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Bulgarian Democratic Party

General Information
Country Flag-Bulgaria.jpg Bulgaria
Abbreviation BDP
Newspaper D - News
Founded June 2008
President Artiomov33
Members 126
Congress Occupancy 6/40 seats, 15%
Orientation Center-Right
Ideology Libertarian

The Bulgarian Democratic Party is a political party in Bulgaria, founded in June 2008. The party gained the majority of congressional seats in several elections, starting with the October 2008 elections.
The party also gave several Presidents of Bulgaria.
It was started in June,2008.


The Rebirth

After the annihilation of all the Bulgarian regions by Romania,
and the loss of the political parties,
a young citizen named Dimow Brando gave new life to the Bulgarian Democratic Party. The date was 01.02.2010.

Party Presidents in chronological order

This is the list of known party presidents:

Date Party President Date Party President Date Party President Date Party President Date Party President
January 2009 bimba January 2010 Nickolai* January 2011 Antonio KK January 2012 Night85
February 2009 bimba February 2010 unknown February 2011 Gruyo Gruev February 2012 Night85
March 2009 bimba March 2010 unknown March 2011 J Grey March 2012 Night85
April 2009 bimba April 2010 unknown April 2011 Georgieff*** April 2012 Nikolay Krumov
May 2009 bimba May 2010 unknown May 2011 Georgieff May 2012 Nikolay Krumov
June 2008 Krembo June 2009 Ealendil June 2010 J Grey June 2011 Georgieff June 2012 Nikolay Krumov
July 2008 Krembo July 2009 chukcha July 2010 J Grey July 2011 Georgieff July 2012 Nikolay Krumov/Night85
August 2008 Krembo August 2009 PavellecheV August 2010 Squall Leonheart August 2011 roonex August 2012 Night85
September 2008 Krembo September 2009 bimba September 2010 nqmame_zaguben_flag September 2011 roonex September 2012 Nigh85
October 2008 bimba October 2009 bimba/Jeunny** October 2010 J Grey October 2011 Night85 October 2012 Nikolay Krumov/Nigh85
November 2008 bimba November 2009 Dimow Brando November 2010 J Grey November 2011 Night85 November 2012 salamand3er
December 2008 Dancho December 2009 castlewarder December 2010 dido79 December 2011 Night85 December 2012

* Bimba was the head of the party until the end of the month when she resigned and Jeunny took the presidency chair until the next elections on November 15. 2009.

** His party presidency was short lived as onJanuary 19, 2010 Romania conquered Bulgaria and all of the parties were transfered to Romania.

*** The party was PTOed by SturmmanIYI. The United Liberals party was used to start BDP again with party president Georgieff (who lost the elections against SturmmanIYI).

Congress history

January-February 2016:






Country Presidents from this party

see List of presidents of Bulgaria

Term President Cabinet
August 2008 Krembo see Cabinet
September 2008 Krembo see Cabinet
October 2008 Krembo see Cabinet
November 2008 Garabeda see Cabinet
December 2008 Garabeda see Cabinet
January 2009 Garabeda see Cabinet
February 2009 Garabeda see Cabinet
March 2009 Garabeda see Cabinet
April 2009 bimba see Cabinet
May 2009 bimba see Cabinet
June 2009 Ealendil see Cabinet
July 2009 chukcha see Cabinet
December 2009 Garabeda see Cabinet
January 2010 Garabeda see Cabinet
April 2010 Garabeda see Cabinet
December 2011 roonex see Cabinet
April 2012 Night85 see Cabinet
July 2012 Nikolay Krumov see Cabinet