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General Information
Country Flag-Germany.jpg Germany
Region Brandenburg and Berlin
Colors Blue and Gray
Type Defense Force
Total Soldiers 3052
Commanded by Master_rg
2nd Commander Anschlussbuerger
1st Regiment Captain VampirBiber

The Bundeswehr (English: Federal Defense Force) is the armed forces of Germany. It was reestablished after the German Independence War on November 21, 2008, and is currently serving to defend Germany and her allies.

The Bundeswehr is primarily controlled by the President of Germany and his Minister of Defense.


Bundeswehr Restructuring during the 1st Rorlikson Presidency

The Bundeswehr was reestablished directly after Germany once again became a country as a result of the German Independence War. The Bundeswehr was organized into separate forces once DKN appointed Isy to be his Minister of Defense and hasn't changed since then.

The Bundeswehr would have its first true test on 10 January 2009, in Operation Burning Spirit. Leaders of Germany met with PEACE Global Community officials and planned a multi-region resistance war in an effort to restore 5 regions to Germany. Bundeswehr and PEACE soldiers alike marched their way to the regions controlled by Sweden and made their mark by taking back every territory they fought for.

In the few weeks before the war module was reopened in February 2009, German leadership have been preparing for inevitable war with Sweden by moving troops into Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg, a region that Sweden has expressed great interest in ever since Operation Burning Spirit due to its high grain productivity.

After joining the ATLANTIS alliance, then Germany-Austria would use the Bundeswehr to defend original Austrian regions from Hungary and Italy-led PEACE Global Community forces. The attacks from PEACE would lead to resistance wars throughout Austria that returned all Austrian regions but one to Austria, that would later be taken by Italy and Hungary, and eventually Slovenia. Germany would keep a single Austrian region, Vorarlberg.

In April 2009, the Starkad Rorlikson administration would drastically restructure the Bundeswehr to optimize efficiency. A conflict arose between Rorlikson and his Minister of Defense, MortenLond, that would result in MortenLond resigning from his office and being succeeded by Chicco, former president of Austria. The restructuring saw the creation of four different military branches: Heer, Luftwaffe, Marine & Expeditionsstreitkräfte. While the former three in fact served identical purposes and merely saw a division due to psychological reasons, the latter was a new introduction to the German armed forces. Since Germany's army was young, rapidly growing, but notoriously underfunded, the EK's were designed to give players the opportunity to become full-time soldiers, dedicating their salary to purchase equipment and thus giving them the opportunity to gain combat experience much faster. This concept and the high degree of activity and mobility essentially established the EK's as German's elite military unit.

2011 structure

The old Bundeswehr logo

AGA - Allgemeine Grundausbildung

Division Commander
AGA Herr Wurstbrot / Vize: Caroline au Marymont / Hot Fever

EK - Einsatzkommando

Division Nickname Commander
EK2 Schmetterlingskaempfer (former "Sons of Hades") PecattiSyn / chickenwing
EK3 Ghost Division Daermon / Sportabwehrsoldat
EK4 The Win Raidoh / Vize: Asdfguy / Magnus Tradeus

KSK - Kommando Spezialkräfte

Division Logo Nickname Commander Happening
KSK2 Dancing Bullets PBalint / Vize: Bonny4k / Hans Agil Disbanded
KSK3 Todesschwadron X.jpg Todesschwadron X David D. Davidson / Vize: dermont Disbanded
KSK4 KSK4.jpg KSK4.gif The Win Magnus Tradeus / Vize: eChris Name changed to EK4 / Status unknown
KSK5 Leviathan Slayer10 / Vize: Leraia Disbanded
KSK6 KSK6.jpg KSK6 v2.jpg Ascension mhofman5 / Vize: KTTRS Disbanded
KSK7 KSK7.jpg The Hamsta Unit Dark Creed / Vize: croczka / Sonny Escobar Disbanded

GSG - Grenzschutzgruppe

Division Commander Happening
GSG LordTakeda Disbanded

HSB - Heimatschutzbataillon

Division Commander Happening
HSB Brigadegeneral: Greenie_T / Major: Leraia / NeueN / Slayer10 / GermanStar258 Disbanded

Mecklenburgische Garde

There was no requirements to join Mecklenburgische Garde.