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eRepublik Ambassador
Nationality Flag-Turkey.jpg Turkish
Date of birth 07 September 2008
Day 292
Date of death 2012 (est)
Residence Northern Cyprus
Sex Male
Faith Lazocracy
President and Founder of FIFA
January 26, 2009 – 2012
Congress member of Turkey
January 26, 2009 – March 25, 2009
TUBITAK AR-GE-Science Minister of Turkey
December 6, 2008 – March 5, 2009
International Relations Administrator of Lazocracy
April 26, 2009 – September 1, 2009
President of Turkey
September 6, 2009 – October 5, 2009
Secretary-General of PHOENIX
December 4, 2009 – January 5, 2010
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey
October 6, 2009 – May 10, 2010
Party president of Turkuaz Hareket
October 16, 2009 – November 15, 2009
Ambassador of eRepublik
February 10,2010 – 2012
Minister of Interior of Turkey
May 11, 2010 – July 5, 2010
Congress member of Turkey
May 25, 2010 – July 25, 2010
Headquarter Staff of PHOENIX
December 5,2009 – 2010
Mayor of Erzurum
September 2008 – January 2009
Minister of Defense of Turkey
August 17, 2010 – September 6, 2010
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey
October 26, 2010 – September 5, 2010
Congress member of Turkey
October 26, 2010 – November 25, 2010
President of Turkey
November 6, 2010 – December 5, 2010
Military rank Icon rank Field Marshal**.png Field Marshal**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

burakkocamis was born in Eastern Anatolia, Turkey on 7th of September 2008.


He started to communicate with other Turkish citizens and be successful in Turkish Media. He created lotos, games on his newspaper "The Republic Time".

D&B Media Partnership

He founded D&B Media with Dynimum. D&B Media became the 1st media organization in Turkey. It had also some newspapers around the world (France, USA etc.)

eRepublik TV

He founded eRepublik TV under name of D&B Media. It was the first television of eRepublik. He broadcasted many things there for Turkish citizens.

Mayor of Eastern Anatolia

He became Mayor of Eastern Anatolia as a member of MHC.


He left from MHC with starting of V1. Because he wanted peace with Israeli and Greek people, but BattalGazi did not agree with it.

Entertainment Industry

He was the greatest man in the entertainment industry of eRepublik. He created lots of organization to have fun with other citizens.


He founded FIFA and created eFootball in eRepublik. FIFA was one of the entertainment organizations around the New World.


He made lottery in Turkey for Turkish citizens.

Congress for 2 terms

He was the Congressman in Turkey for February and March.

Ministry of Science

He became Minister of Science of Turkey when inverus was president. He improved communication systems for Turkish citizens.

He continued this duty up to end of April.

Lazocracy Age

Main article: Lazocracy

MYP was elected by the majority in elections of April 25, 2009. Citizens of the current government (ÇTP and TH) resigned from their positions. They left the country.

After the 5th of May, Lazocracy was founded officially in China. After a few days, it started to spread out of China.

All protest citizens of Turkiye joined Lazocracy.

burakkocamis became International Relations of Lazocracy Administrator. Lazocracy improved itself in 20 days. Lazocracy improved strong international relations, economic resources, communication systems and politic power.

Lazocratic Army was the best group in eRepublik then.

New Turkiye Age with Lazocracy

Lazocracy took the administration on August 5, 2009. mkiziltoprak was elected as president.

3rd Greek-Turkish War

Lazocracy did its goal and declared war against Greece.

P.S= Turkey conquered whole Greece without Central Greece in Beta. With V1, Turkey conquered Central Greece too in 2nd Greek-Turkish War.

Greece liberated some of its original regions after resistance wars which were supported by ATLANTIS.

Turkey attacked Thrace and Central Greece but Central Greece was the 1st priority. Maybe, Turkey could take it but didn't try in the last minutes when the wall was +300.000.

Turkey continued to fight against Greece but had to retreat from all Greek regions and retreated.

Turkey after War

After this war, a new age for Turkey has been started. Lazocracy was finished officially by Lazocrates and all of them came back to Turkey where is their real homeland.

burakkocamis was a deputy of Minister Of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, Ertugrul Han, in August term.

New Turkey and President burakkocamis

burakkocamis was elected as president on elections of September 5, 2009. He had 598 votes. (It was the highest number in Turkish history.)

Cabinet of burakkocamis

Ministry of Economy: canavur, Kimisworld, Caesar II

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: BattalGazi, ImHoTeP1907

Ministry of Defense: buura

Ministry of Babyboom: byoras, Nerox, Combination, Kimisworld, Cemone, Steoks

First Ambassadors

He started the ambassador system in Turkey as the first time.

Official Website

www.erepublik.gen.tr which is the official website of Turkey has been opened.

New Regular Army

He organized the new regular army with his MoD buura. Turkish citizens understood the importance of military strategies and armies in this term.

PEACE and International Relations

Turkey improved its international relations in this term. Turkey took her seat at PEACE Global Community again. burakkocamis improved relations with all.

He signed MPP with Colombia to save them in North America War.

He signed a peace treaty with Ireland for Greece-Turkey War.

BattalGazi who is MoFA was chosen as Supreme-Commander of PEACE Global Community.


He built Q5 hospital in Central Anatolia where is capital.

Also, he built Q5 defense system in Southeastern Anatolia where is the safest region.

Socialist Economy Project

He published a socialist economy project and tried to explain it, however, he cancelled his project after some events but you can see the articles here :

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

burakkocamis became Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey as Omantielvo started his presidency term. burakkocamis continued to be Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey under Ertugrul Han.

PEACE was cancelled officially. Turkey and its allies started to work for a new alliance which is PHOENIX.

burakkocamis was one of the citizens who work hard for PHOENIX.


Main article: PHOENIX

burakkocamis became Secretary-General of PHOENIX with the official declaration of PHOENIX. He was SG of PHOENIX. His deputies were Donnie Bronco, Jazar and Mr Woldy. Supreme-Commander of the alliance was BattalGazi and treasurer of the alliance was Iain Keers.

4th World War

4th World War has been started with the foundation of PHOENIX. The US invaded Asia to conquer high iron regions of Hungary, Indonesia and Iran.

Greece and Israel invaded Turkey. Also, Romania tried to pass over Bulgaria and invade to Turkey.

Spain conquered some regions of France. France is trying to take back them now. Also, Poland attacks Germany.

Brazil attacks to Australia.

burakkocamis was the first SG of PHOENIX when the war started.

Pakistan Road

Pakistan passed on Iran, Turkey and Bulgaria. She reached to Serbia and Serbia took all regions between Pakistan and Serbia.

Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia founded a great road for Serbia to Asia.

burakkocamis, Kistru and GLaDOS were the keys of this road in PHOENIX alliance.

After Rising

After eRepublik rose, burakkocamis liked the new military system so much although most of the other people did not. As you can read in the previous part; after PHOENIX has been created, he always became a part of the Turkish government with different jobs and ministries. After V2 was dissolved by the administration and a new easier model of V1 came, he went into inactivity for more than one month. In this process, he watched all the news very closely.

The Biggest Turkish Babyboom

During Ertugrul Han's presidency, with a new MPP rule; Greece invaded Turkey and conquered the whole country. As a result of it, Arizalius succeeded to move this on the 1st place of the biggest newspaper of real Turkey. It caused a very big baby boom. More than 8000 players started eRepublik under conquest of Greece. Türkey has gotten its freedom in 18 hours again and started to take all regions back.

burakkocamis was one of the fighters in these resistance wars but he didn't manage anything actively in this process. This baby boom succeeded to keep him in eRepublik. After October 2010 congressional elections; according to new governmental system of President Ertugrul Han, leader of ÖTP stankovic alexa became Prime Minister of Türkiye. burakkocamis has been selected as Minister of Foreign Affairs of Türkiye in his cabinet with ParsSercan. burakkocamis has also been elected as a congressman from Marmara.

He also got his 2nd Media Mogul medal.

November 5 - 2nd Presidency

burakkocamis has been elected as president by more than 1000 votes on November 5 of 2010. burakkocamis ruled a really great elections campaign which is focused on V for Vendetta day. On November 6, he started his job.

Internal Politics

He's trying to get on very well with all sides of Turkish politics. He's not aggressive. He resigned from Özgür Türkiye Partisi (the 2nd party of the New World at the time) after elections not to take a side as a president.

He appointed captain33 into Ministry of Home Affairs. Burak's government is standing against internal political TOs, especially against leftist parties. On every Saturday, Burak is calling all people to meet up in the IRC channel of Turkey to discuss national strategies and politics. He calls it 'Public Meeting'.

Diplomatic Relations

He appointed MooN-StaR into the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There's no change in Official PHOENIX membership of Turkey. Also, a strong ambassador program has been started by the ministry to the whole world.


He appointed PiLaV into Ministry of Economy. Ministry went into really radical decisions on the economy. He raised the income taxes and the tax incomes of the country have been raised 2 times. As a result of the baby boom, Burak's government has issued Flag-Turkey.jpg 350.000 TRY in a short time.

Burak also appointed Ertugrul Han into the administration of the National Bank. The National Bank of Turkey and the national economy was getting stronger day by day.

Burak's government distributed 60.000 health through free food. The National Bank was taken with Icon - Gold.gif 2000 GOLD and Flag-Turkey.jpgTRY, while at the end of the term, the bank had Icon - Gold.gif 4700 GOLD and Flag-Turkey.jpg +320.000 TRY.

Population and Education

The 1st goal of Burak was to keep current megababyboom babies in the game and get more. The population was the focal point of all strategies. New guides were being prepared by responsible people.

Technology and Communication

http://www.erepublikturkiye.com was getting used by all Turkish citizens. Also, the radio was founded in a short time. #eTR @ Rizon IRC channel was much active as it was ever been.

National Defense and Regular Army

A new regular army was created. Army companies were loaned and managed by the Commander of the Army with a budget of Bank. The stocks will be given to regular army soldiers in operations.

Macedonian-Bulgarian Conflict

As a result of the Bulgarian offensive strategy against Macedonia, a new conflict has been created in Balkans. Turkey was the 1st country to solve this problem and doing everything to keep both countries as allies.

Mutual Protection Pacts

Burak's government has signed 13 MPPs in one month process.

Cyprus Operation for Grain and Fish

In the last days of Burak's term, Turkey has attacked to Cyprus and conquered Northern and Southern Cyprus with all lands. So, Turkey has got grain and fish additionally to its Deer, Cattle and Fruits.

Only Icon - Gold.gif 1500 GOLD was spent for Cyprus from National Bank. The active user numbers have gotten the highest point of history in Turkey.

It was one of the most successful military operations in Turkish history.