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Speech balloon.png This page went through several changes during its history.

Firstly, the Buy gold page was merged into the Special items page, and later on, the special items page was divided into Shop and Gold store. Please note, that the following is an overview of all gold packages you could buy on the special items page.

Although some of the information written here is still valid, you should check the new Shop page for the accurate information.

Buy gold feature can be accessed from the Gold and Extras page or from wherever Need Gold? button is seen.

These packages are available for both citizens and organizations and you can buy them by following four easy steps.
Important: You will buy the packages for real money.

Step one - choose the package you want to buy


Citizen/Organization can buy the following packages:

  • Flag-European Union.jpg 99.9 € or Icon - Game tokens.png 999 Game tokens for Icon - Gold.gif 300 GOLD
    • (0.333 euros per gold)
  • Flag-European Union.jpg 59.9 € or Icon - Game tokens.png 599 Game tokens for Icon - Gold.gif 175 GOLD
    • (0.342 euros per gold)
  • Flag-European Union.jpg 24.9 € or Icon - Game tokens.png 249 Game tokens for Icon - Gold.gif 65 GOLD
    • (0.38 euros per gold);
  • Flag-European Union.jpg 9.9 € or Icon - Game tokens.png 99 Game tokens for Icon - Gold.gif 25 GOLD
    • (0.396 euros per gold);
  • Flag-European Union.jpg 4.9 € or Icon - Game tokens.png 49 Game tokens for Icon - Gold.gif 11 GOLD
    • (0.445 euros per gold).
  • Flag-European Union.jpg 1 € for Icon - Gold.gif 2 GOLD
    • (0.5 euros per gold).

Under each package, there is a see more button. Click it to open a page where the option of how to pay will be shown (real currency or game tokens), and select a button beside the desired paying option.

Note: There are some packages that can be bought by paying with loyalty points.

Step two - choose payment method

In step two you must select one of several possible payment options to complete your purchase. You can choose which option you prefer for making the payment by clicking on one of the three logos:

  • PayPal logo - link to your PayPal account where you will finish your transaction.
  • Credit card logo - link to ePayment page on which you can pay by your Credit Card.
  • Paymentwall logo - link to Paymentwall page where you can pay by:
    • Credit card - Paymentwall page where you can also pay by credit card.
    • Paysafe card - a page where you will enter paysafe prepaid card information to pay for the package.
    • Pay by Mobile - link to enter the access code purchased by SMS. Standard SMS rate will be added to the cost. Not available for all packages.
    • Mint prepaid - a page where you will enter mint prepaid information to pay for the package.
    • Bitcoin - a page where you will pay with your bitcoin.

Step three - Agreeing with the ToS

A check-box is available for: "I have read and agree with the Terms of Service." Check it and proceed by clicking on the desired payment method logo.

Step four - Success

Write down the required data for payment and your transaction will be successful. A few minutes after a successful transaction, the paid amount of gold will be transferred to your Gold account on eRepublik.

Invite Gold

If you have signed up to eRepublik via an invite and have reached Level 6 after Day 912 (May 20, 2010), then the person who invited you will receive 10% of the gold that you received. So if you purchased Icon - Gold.gif 140 GOLD, they will get Icon - Gold.gif 14 GOLD. This does not apply to people who have been invited and have received the referral bonus for, before Day 912.

Buy for a Friend

Buy for a Friend: show your generosity.

A package for a friend can also be bought. You have just to click on the button Send a gift on your friend's profile page and choose what you want to send to your friend. Then write a little description if you want, or you can send the gift anonymously; a good way to show your generosity. Finally, follow the payment instructions above to complete the transaction.


If you press the Buy now button one of the following errors can occur:

  • a message will appear: "Must choose a package"
    • To solve this problem you simply must check which package you wish to buy.
  • a message will appear: "Must agree with the terms."
    • To solve this problem you must check the check-box button next to "I have read and agree with the Terms of Service".

Occasionally, your gold may not show up. If this happens, try buying something from marketplace or do some action in-game (train, work). If this doesn't solve the issue, it is recommended that you send a ticket to get the situation resolved.

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