Byzantine Empire

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Byzantine Empire
Flag of Byzantine Empire
Map of Byzantine Empire
Formation August 3, 2008
Type Military Alliance
Headquarters Nova Byzantium (Lamia, Greece)
Secretary-General Imperial Council
Members 2

The Byzantine Empire (Latin: Imperium Byzantinum; Greek: Βυζαντινή Αυτοκρατορία "Byzantine Autokratoria"; Turkish: Bizans İmparatorluğu) was an alliance that was created August 3, 2008 by Greece and Turkey. It was short lived as it ended with the first death of Phaedrus Lidox on August 22, 2008.


The Byzantine Empire is a nod to the historical empire of the same name which exerted influence over much of Europe in its time. The Byzantine Empire is ruled by the Imperial Council, a congress of all member nations' heads of state and two lifelong Councilors that makes decisions for the Empire based on democratic vote.


Member countries (red)
Councilor: John Daker
Councilor: Phaedrus Lidox

Byzantine Imperial Council

The Concilium Byzantinum Imperialis (Latin: "Byzantine Imperial Council") is the ruling body of the Byzantine Empire. The Council presides over all alliance affairs, from admitting or ejecting members to amending the Founding Articles. All heads of state of member nations are by default Byzantine Councilors. As of August 2008, only heads of state of member nations and Councilors-for-Life may hold votes on the Council.

Councilors serving from the founding states, Greece and Turkey, hold two votes in alliance affairs. Councilors serving from all other member states hold one vote.

In addition to heads of state, there are two Councilors-for-Life who have voting power in alliance affairs regardless of their political status in member nations. These Councilors were John Daker of Greece and Phaedrus Lidox of Turkey. When not serving as heads of state, Councilors-for-Life holds one and one-half votes in alliance affairs.

Relations with other alliances

Flag-FIST.jpg Formidable International Security Treaty

All current members of the Byzantine Empire are member nations of FIST.

Undefined-coat-of-arms.gif Northern Alliance

Greece is an ally of Romania, a country whose soldiers prevented the fall of Greece during the Balkan Wars.