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Dead citizen.png
Dead citizen

Nationality Flag-Albania.jpg Albanian
Date of birth SEP 24, 2012
Date of death Unknown
Residence Qinghai, China
Sex Male
Newspaper Official AUP Newspaper
President of Albania
5 November 2013 – 5 December 2013
Congress member of USA
25 April 2013 – 25 May 2013
Congress member of USA
25 May 2013 – 25 June 2013
Military rank Icon rank Legendary Force**.png Legendary Force**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

cLaw eagLe (formerly known as cLaw 94) is a citizen with origin from Albania in the New World, but to help allies and for further progress has moved in USA. A man with a great heart, loves and lives to help the others.


cLaw 94 was born in September 24, 2012 in Albania, Southeastern Albania. To develop his country while it was occupied from the enemies and to help USA citizens he moved to the USA.

He speaks Albanian, English, German and a little bit Spanish. Since the beginning, he started to play wisely and everything in the game he takes in a record time and also he is an active player. He tries to help everyone in the game every time he has the possibility, it's not wired cause he is am Albanian and Albanians have these virtues!


  • Flag-Albania.jpg Albania
  • Flag-Turkey.jpg Turkey
  • Flag-USA.png USA


He has been a member of Partia Nacionaliste and The Simpsons party in Albania. After he moved in USA he was a member and Spokesman of Albanian Unity Party. Before he died he was a member of Federalist Party. He served 2 terms in congress for this party and worked in FedEx Federalist Department.


He was a member of: Albania D-1, S.P.A, Air Force 6th Regiment EZC 11th Regiment and a member of SHIELD 2nd regiment.


He is the owner of the eShqiperia ., while he used to be the owner of Official AUP Newspaper for which he earned a Media Mogul Medal.


He was a non gold-buyer and plans to remain so. Had Albanian license. He used to enjoy the economy module before, especially the market activity and monetary market speculations until the changes in the economy module decreased the profitability in these economic activities.

cLaw owned a Q5 Food factory and various raw materials companies, as well he had upgraded all of his Training Grounds at Q4 quality.


Awards and medals achieved by cLaw eagLe in the New World:

Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif X 12 Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif X 2 Icon achievement Country President on.gif X 1 Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif X 1 Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif X 107 Icon achievement Campaign Hero off.gif X 0

Icon achievement Resistance Hero off.gif X 0 Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif X 114 Icon achievement Society Builder off.gif X 0 Icon achievement Mercenary on.gif X 1 Icon achievement Top Fighter off.gif X 0 Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif X 15