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CNDA v2.jpg

General Information
Country Flag-China.jpg China
Access policy Any player can join the Military unit as a recruit
Total Soldiers 696
Commanded by thewey
2nd Commander GarfieldBoy

CNDA (Full name: eChina National Defense Army, Chinese 中国国防军) is one of the oldest military units in Icon-China.png China, started sometime in 2008. CNDA is China's national military unit, which operates under the full funding from the Chinese government.

CNDA also has a second unit - eChina National Defense ArmyII, usually mostly for the training of the cadets.

In the past CNDA absorbed some units to grow faster, one of them was Hong Kong Special Duties Unit, absorbed in January 2010.

Prominent members

Following is an alphabetical list of some of the notable members who served (or are serving) in the unit:

  • Jameson L. Tai - Commander of the 10th Battalion (January - March 2010)
  • Kris Tine - President of China, former active members, serving as a Captain, trainee Commander and assistant Commander
  • mariohexu - former chief of staff, served until February 2010
  • Momochi - former chief of staff, served from February to March 2010
  • Namewee - former captain of the 13th regiment
  • Robert Tornado - former captain of the 4th regiment