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CV James

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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth 10 August 2008
Date of death 2011
Residence Yorkshire & Humberside
Sex Male
Newspaper eUK Telegraph
Party president of Movement for Democratic Unity
16th October 2008 – 15th December 2008
Preceded by Chrissetti
Succeeded by Tommy Tommasino
Party president of Movement for Democratic Unity
16th March 2008 – 15th April 2008
Preceded by Oexis
Succeeded by Robalbinio
Party Chairman of Movement for Democratic Unity
20th December 2008 – 20th February 2009
Succeeded by thehorseltd
Congress member of South East of England
26th December 2008 – 25th Apri 2009
Council Chairman of South East of England
1st March 2009 – 25th April 2009
Military rank Icon rank Commander.png Commander
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

CV James was a citizen of UK, founder of the UK political party, the Movement for Democratic Unity (as well as three times Party president).

Political Career

CV James joined The Great Britain Party in August 2008. He came 2nd in the September 2008 party presidential elections, and narrowly lost by 2 votes to Chrissetti, who won with 6. After Chrissetti reformed the out of date Great Britain Party as the People's Zeteticist Party, CV James was selected for the local elections in the Oxford region on September 20th, 2008, and was later elected Party president on 15th October 2008.

Party Presidency

He transformed the unpopular and unknown People's Zeteticist Party after his election as President, into the Movement for Democratic Unity and began a promotional campaign, which was highly successful. He created a party structure and appointment members into senior positions to improve party efficiency and unity.

Reelected on 15th November 2008, the party under his presidency then became the 6th biggest in the UK, and continued to rise. After overseeing the release of the party's comprehensive new manifesto, which was received by the UK to positive acclaim, CV James announced he would not be seeking reelection to a third term in December. In the final days of his presidency, CV James drafted the Movement for Democratic Unity's first party constitution and the party rose to become UK's 5th biggest, meaning it was now able to field candidates for Congress.

On 20th December 2008, CV James was elected Party Chairman by the party under §9 of the MDU's Party Constitution.

After the leadership

On 25th December 2008, CV James was elected one of the first ever congressmen of the Movement for Democratic Unity, along with Richard York, and Patrick Reckitt. CV James resigned from the position of Party Chairman on 20th February 2009, due to the inability to fully commit to the position, and was replaced by thehorseltd. On 26th January 2009, he created the South East Regional Council, and was appointed the Council's first Chairman on 1st March 2009.

Leadership re-election

CV James announced his intention to run again for the Party Presidency of the MDU on March 7th, 2009, against senior party member, thehorseltd, which he won, with 51.52% of the vote. He led the party for one last month before stepping down from frontline politics on April 15th 2009.

Leak controversy

On 29th April 2009, an article was published in the UK by former citizen Christophia, who had obtained a leaked thread from the private area of the UK House of Commons. Exposing a plot by the UK Government to subvert Hungary into signing a peace treaty, the article was highly controversial. Because of donations, CV James had made in the past to Christophia, something he has been quite open about, CV James was connected to the scandal, and was accused of leaking the information. The pair were banned from the UK national forums, despite CV James protesting his innocence, and Christophia openly declaring on numerous times he acted alone and at no point worked with CV.

Many in eUK campaigned for CV James' innocence, and for his name to be cleared, but as of yet, their work has been unsuccessful. Because of this, CV James felt it necessary to leave the United Kingdom, and with great reluctance, resigned from the party he had been a founding father of, and bid farewell to his homeland. He was then travelling the world and has been helping defend Germany, still fighting for justice.

Move to Philippines

In June 2009, CV James settled in the Philippines where he applied to join the Filipino Army and became a member of the elite Philippine Marine Corps, where he served the Filipino nation for some months. Real-life commitments, unfortunately, meant CV's political and social activity in eRepublik declined substantially over the Summer period of 2009. In the Autumn 2009, CV James was re-admitted to the UK national forum, and has since decided to return to his home nation after having made peace. He moved back to South East England, his birthplace, in November 2009, and briefly joined the Free Democratic Party and made a suggestion of returning to British politics sometime in the future. In December 2011, he re-emerged in the UK, and moved to North East of England to help fight the resistance war against Canada.

CV James is a member of the UK Reform Party, being a committed Libertarian.


Main article: eUK Telegraph

CV James bought the ailing "eUk Republican" in August 2008 and immediately began a rebranding programme. It was renamed after its takeover to the eUK Telegraph. Since then it has dramatically increased its views, from 0 in July, to over 300 in the first week of September 2008 alone, and its subscribers from 0 in July to 42 by December.

An article Foul play in Russia's elections is one of the newspaper's most voted articles. Published in January 2009, it received over 80 votes. Another article, European Social Alliance. A World Perspective also received critical acclaim and gained over 90 votes.

It was the 13th most subscribed newspaper in the United Kingdom, out of a total of over 1400. The paper printed articles all over the world.

Omega Enterprises

CV James creates Omega Enterprises with Primeminister Keogh in December 2008 and they started their first company, Omega Oil in the same month. CV James later on run Omega Enterprises alone, which itself expanded; in May 2009 Omega Air was established in Indonesia.

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