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Nationality Flag-Australia.jpg Australian
Date of birth 25 July 2008
Day 248
Date of death Summer 2009
Residence New South Wales
Mayor of New York
August 21, 2008 – November 25, 2008
Party president of Australian National Party
December 11, 2008 – February 2009
Congress member of Australia
Military rank Icon rank Lieutenant**.png Lieutenant**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Calibur was an American citizen living in Australia. After serving the last two terms as mayor of New York, he moved to Australia where he formed the Australian National Party.



Starting Out

I started the game back in July of 2008. I lived in what was then the city of Albany. While living in Albany I quickly became excited about eRepublik and immediately wanted to run for public office.

I began talking to Immunogenic, the then Party president of the Libertarian Party, about running for Mayor of Albany. Immunogenic was a personal hero of mine and is a great inspiration in my political career.

Of course, being the new guy that I was, when Immunogenic allowed me to be the nominee for mayor I had written an article being all excited about being the nominee.

The First Campaign

Once I became the nominee I began to interview all of the major leaders of the US. I interviewed then Party president Justinious (yeah, we go way back) and a few other leaders and major characters of the US.

So now we enter into August of 2008, it was time for campaign season. There was a very bitter rivalry in the US between the United States Workers Party and the Libertarian Party. Of course my political rival in Albany was Leukel who had a lot of support from his party (United States Workers Party), but fortunately I was able to defeat him with liberal usage of alt accounts. I posted a series of articles about what I wanted to do for Albany (this is where I started writing long planks for whatever political position I wanted).

The First Election

Then election day came, I was so nervous it was ridiculous! I was on the computer all day long campaigning for people's votes (as was my rival Leukel). We were on literally ALL DAY!!!. We were neck and neck, right next to each other, only a few votes ahead of each other at any given time. Then, in the final hours of the night I broke ahead of Leukel with my alt accounts and was ahead of him by about 4 votes. Then, literally in the last minutes of the night a bunch of members from the USWP came on at the same time to vote for Leukel at the last-minute. Lucky for me they got on too late and instead of losing it became a tie. So, there we were. the citizens of Albany in one of the most vicious campaigns in the US, and of course it was a tie.

So there we sat for about 20 minutes not knowing what the hell to do, I messaged my good friend Justinious on what would happen and he told me that in the event of a tie the candidate with more political experience would win. I had but a single point more than Leukel for having voted the month before, a time when Leukel hadn't even joined yet, and because of that I was declared the winner in the Albany Mayoral Race. I felt a little bad about the fact that I had cheated Leukel out of it when he clearly deserved it more, but I got over it quickly and wrote a long victory speech. From there I immediately began working on getting what I promised done.

As Mayor

Work immediately began with a massive fundraising campaign to get money raised to try and buy a better quality hospital for Albany. After several weeks of campaigning, we were able to raise the necessary money to purchase a Q3 hospital. Immunogenic and I were online for several hours waiting for the hospital to be ready (he was President of the United States at this point), after purchasing the Q3 hospital we had about another 1,000 USD left over to which I wanted to use for the future.

Of course, when the eRepublik Admins announced that all regional government would be taken out in V1, we all became quite upset that the money we had would be wasted.

In Australia

Upon arrival in Australia, Calibur soon became involved in Australian politics. In December 2008, Calibur founded the Australian National Party, a centre-right/libertarian party.

Australian National Party

Party president
Since founding this party on December 11, 2009, he has been extremely active in the ANP. He has been Party president on three separate occasions. The first of these was in the election of December 15, 2008, where he received 11 votes in total. The second of these occurred a month later, on January 15, 2009, whereby he received 21 votes and was again successful in being Party president. In this month, he ran against Madhy, who received 9 votes, and was later a citizen of Indonesia.

The third time that Calibur was Party president of the Australian National Party was in the election of July 15, 2009. This was a very close election, and he ran in this election against Sir c0nstant. Calibur eventually won this election 33-30.

Other Party Positions

Calibur has also helped serve the Australian National Party in a number of other ways, being elected as Vice President on the ANP Council twice. These occurred in January 2009 and February 2009. Calibur has also represented the Australian National Party as Forum Director from August through to October of 2009.


Calibur was elected to Australian Senate on 6 occasions.


Calibur was also highly involved in the Australian cabinet (Executive Government) during his time in Australia. In January of 2009 he was asked to be the Minister of Foreign Affairs. In February 2009, he was asked by the Prime Minister to stay on as Minister of Foreign Affairs. March 2009 saw him demoted for a month as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, to let his previous deputy, Tantis, be involved as Minister.

The next time Calibur was involved in Cabinet was in August 2009, when, along with Zaney, he was co-Minister of Foreign Affairs.