Cannon Cockers

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Cannon Cockers

Cannon Cockers.jpg

Infantry wins Firefights. Tanks win Battles. Artillery wins Wars!

General Information
Country Flag-USA.png USA
Colors Crimson & Gold
Total Soldiers 82
Commanded by Haselrig
2nd BugsBunnyz
Commanders Xavier3
1st Regiment Captain RegencyEra
4th Regiment Captain ArtSBobo


Cannon Cockers (C4) is a democratically-run artillery militia which has applied for partial funding by the eUS Office of Military Support (OMS). C4 is an open-minded militia filled with pleasant members who are more than willing to help out in any way.

  • C4 accepts all politically or economically minded players
  • C4 does not set any minimum kill/damage numbers for their members to achieve
  • C4 tries to help the country by providing a nice environment in which citizens/soldiers may play their own game at peace and with some financial backing from their MU


Strength Rank Activity IRC
Any Any Average Recommended / Not Required

Supply Policy from July 2012

C4 operates commune jobs found under havocpwn, AlexJ1890, Dinnyin, and Clorofila (outside C4). C4 communes pay between 1USD and 6USD per day. C4 has initially adopted a flat daily supply policy. This policy is currently being reviewed and will evolve with the militia.

To be eligible for supplies, C4 Commune workers must be uniformed. Members request supplies daily using this link:

Category Supplies
All Weapons 17 Q6 Tanks
Weapons + Food 12 Q6 Tanks + 70 Q5 Food

Additional Supply Information

  • All members must work in an C4 commune prior to requesting supplies on the day of the request.
  • Quartermasters (QM's) are usually available 24/7. However, supplies may be delivered within a few minutes or up to 20 hours (not the norm) after being requested.
  • C4 Uniforms may be obtained by PM'ing a uniform request to Sh0wTyme
  • Same-Day Requests Only: Soldiers will only be given supplies for the same day which they fill out a request.

C4 Organization

Commanding Officer: Haselrig The Commanding Officer is ultimately responsible for setting the direction of the military unit and he strengthening and advancement of its members. He is also responsible for representing the C4 politically with the eUS Government. The Commanding Officer is not a dictator, as this is a truly democratic milita.

Executive Officers: BugsBunnyz and Xavier3

The Executive Officer or 2nd commanders help the Commander make decisions, and are ultimately considered top line officers

Member list as of July 2012:

Role Members
Commanding Officer General AlexJ1890
Honorary Commanding Officer (CO) XO Neron Trocki
Executive Officers (XO) XO Neron Trocki

XO havocpwn

1st Regiment - Immortals Captain Sh0wTyme
2nd Regiment - Ranger Recon Captain alleyrat
3rd Regiment - Jockers Captain JuX0
4th Regiment - Young Guns Captain Chicago Machine
Recruitment Officer Captain Chicago Machine
Deputy Recruitment Officer Captain alleyrat
Intelligence Officer WO 5440
Uniform Specialist Captain Sh0wTyme
Commune Owners XO havocpwn

AlexJ1890 Dinnyin and Clorofila

Quartermasters XO Neron Trocki

WO Chicago Machine and WO Fidelorean

Operation: Rules, Policy, and Procedures

  • Be polite to fellow members
  • Obey Regiment Captain
  • Attempt to fulfill daily orders first before doing any independent damage
  • Do not use the C4 Shout Feed for a political tool (example: Vote "Joe Blow for Congress in New Mexico")
  • Don't snipe a Battle hero (BH) Medal from a fellow C4 soldier UNLESS the battle is close and the damage may put the US back over the wall
  • Don't request supplies if not worked in a C4 Commune (see above)


The founding members of C4 originated from EZC (mostly from the 10th and 11th Regiments). It is the original principles of EZC which inspired AlexJ1890, Neron Trocki and several other former EZC members to found C4. In May 2012, following battle module mechanics changes, which prompted a rapid reorganization of EZC, the Federalist Party President, twisted-pixel, demanded the resignation of Neron Trocki as Executive Officer of EZC. EZC Commander Gnilraps did nothing to intervene publicly, and in private he told Neron Trocki to leave. C4 was conceived, and the opening was planned for July 13, 2012 (Day 1697). IDF Soldier purchased the military unit and provided infrastructure in a selfless donation. However, events transpired which resulted in a mass expulsion of C4-bound soldiers from EZC on July 3 (Day 1687) by Gnilraps, which resulted in the opening of the MU later that day. Several others left voluntarily to follow their XO. The rest is history. Neron Trocki took the helm as Commanding Officer (CO) for the first week. He oversaw the MU as it grew from 15 to 90 members in its first week of existence. He also established the command and support structure. Subsequently, on Day 1695, AlexJ1890 finally transferred to C4 and took the permanent CO position.

The C4-bound members decided to strike out on their own and to put control back into the members of the militia. C4 believes in creating a laid-back military unit open to any eRepublik soldier. It is democratic in nature, not just in theory, but in practice. C4 Leadership is open to any suggestion from any player, regardless of service time, rank, or experience.

Several friendly players, even those from other military units, decided that C4 was worth backing and donated the use of their factories as communes. C4 is in eternal debt to these players for their sacrifice: havocpwn, AlexJ1890, and Clorofila.

C4 also would like to thank the US Food and Weapons Assistance Program and WFG which provided the MU with starting capital in considerable sums. C4 is forever in grateful.

Historical Fact: Goku 391 was the first C4 player to earn a Battle Hero medal on Day 1687.

C4 Forum

The C4 Forum is hosted by FolkMarv. It is located at

Register and then start a thread to request access. This is the best way to get info, request a uniform, etc.

C4 on IRC

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is utilized by most organizations in eRepublik. Our channel is #C4 located on Rizon (obviously)! This channel is the member channel ask for permission and one shall most likely receive!

Our public channel to learn more information about the MU and have discussions with members and leaders is #C4-public!

IRC Basics

For your nickname, try to use your eRep name (note: spaces aren’t allowed in nicks, so if there is a space in yours, use an underscore instead (example: Agent_Washington)).

From here, you can just start chatting if you want. But you may want to register your nickname, which would stop other people from being able to take it.

To register: /msg nickserv register mypassword

The password you pick must be longer than 5 characters, and the email must be one that you can check. You will get an email from with a confirmation code.

To enter the confirmation code: /msg nickserv confirm confirmationCode

Now you have a registered name! Each time you log on with that nickname, you will have to enter the password. There’s two ways to do this if you’re using qwebirc. The first is to check the box that says “Identify to NickServ” on the connection page, then enter your password (see picture above). The other, more general, way is the identify command:

To identify: /msg nickserv identify password