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Capitalism is a type of government or belief, in which one "worships" money, economic power, and wealth; often by the desiring and accumulation of such idols.


From the beginning, there have always been people who want or desire money. Capitalism never needed to fear for a lack of supporters, since many people desired money. Capitalism is not an "official" faith, but a type of government or belief that certainly has a fair following of its own.

Religious Areas

As Capitalism is not an official religion, there is no official place of worship. People do not actually pray to money or any similar substitute; they just love or want it. Instead, there are many idols. Fort Knox, for example, is often thought of as a Capitalist's dream. Dioist for example consider it to be significant force of evil.


Capitalism is widespread and has many followers. As always, it must be stressed that Capitalism is not an official religion, and should not be compared as such.

Uncle Sam and Benn Dover

Past presidents Uncle Sam and Benn Dover were both very rich presidents. This, however, does not necessarily mean that they were Capitalists. They simply happened to own a large amount of money and gold, resulting from their economic successes. Some people consider this a form of Capitalism, "Business Capitalism", which means you are successful in business and are always open to making large amounts of gold. Thought Uncle Sam and Benn Dover were banned for multiaccounting later.