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Captain elections used to be held 15th each month in every regiment of military unit, until eDay 2,458 when the feature has been removed. Captain has the power to kick people from his/her regiment and set daily orders for his/her regiment.

How to vote in the captain elections?

Military unit voting banner.png

In order to get the right to vote, you need to be a full member of the unit, not a recruit. On the 15th of each month, a banner will be visible on the military unit page. Click the banner to vote!

How to candidate in the captain elections?

To run for Captain in a Regiment you must be

  • a member of the unit for at least 2 days
  • ranked at least Icon rank Captain.png Captain
  • a full member of the unit, not a recruit

Once you've met the requirements, you can candidate by clicking on the "Candidate" button at the end of your row in the member list.

When and how do the elections take place?

  • On 14th of every month every member who meets the requirements for being a captain can candidate
  • On 15th of every month every regiment will vote for their captain; you can't vote for yourself
  • On 16th of every month the elections will get into the verification process until 06:00
    • when the elections are validated, the winner will get an alert to let him know that he was elected as Captain of his regiment.

Note: Every regiment will have its own elections.

Winning conditions

Basic winning conditions are to be met - if you have the most votes you will win the elections.

However, if a tie (in a number of votes) happens, the one with the higher military rank wins. If it is a case of the same rank, the one with the higher military rank points wins.

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