Captains of Industry

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Captains of Industry

Captains of Industry.jpg

For it is together we shall prevail!

General Information
Country Flag-Canada.jpg Canada
Total Soldiers 75
Commanded by Wilhem Klink
2nd Commander JoeyJoJo Shabbadoo
1st Regiment Captain kiisupai
6th Regiment Captain Goran Thrax

The Captains of Industry is a patriotic Icon-Canada.png Canadian Military unit. Members are expected to follow the national battle orders. Members are permitted to sell the weapons to advance the development of their self-supply network.

The senior members of the Military Unit assist the junior members. The most common assistance is food donations so that the junior member can get in more fights. A band of about six senior members have formed a work-pyramid where they offer their high powered economic skill for a slave’s wage at the company of a junior member. This company is often bought with the proceeds of a loan that the Captains of Industry have provided the junior member. As junior members become senior members, the pyramid expands.

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Rank System

When starting out in the military unit, you assigned the rank of Initiate and should be taken under the mentorship of a Captain. Initiates should own at least one company, and should find a mentor to help them on their way to self-sufficiency. After the initiate has at least two companies, enabling him partial self supply in food - he is promoted to the rank of Private.

After purchasing more companies, either through self profit or by taking loans or donations from other CoI members, and achieving full self supply in food, the Private is promoted to Lieutenant. The Lieutenant should now proceed to sell his excess produce for profit, and should save his earnings towards achieving self-supply in Weapons, and purchasing more companies and upgrading their current ones.

Once full self-sufficiency has been achieved in both food and weapons, the Lieutenant is promoted to the rank of Captain - now an official Captain of Industry.

Former Commanders