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The carrot is an unique item that restores energy for 50 energy units. The carrot will not consume any of the daily consumable energy points. It was a part of the game from Day 2,345 until Day 2,358 during the Spring hunt.

How to get one?

Carrots could be obtained through defeating 25 enemies (the last enemy would always be the Henchmen and by that you could know that you earned a carrot). To collect them you needed to visit homepage and collect them as you would usually collect rewards from weekly challenge.

How to use it?

Eat Button

Carrots were used if you had them in your storage and at least one of following conditions apply:

  • you don't have any food in your storage
  • you can't consume food because you don't have any recoverable energy.

If it's possible to eat carrots, the eat food button will be orange. You can use the energy bar by simply clicking the Carrot button.

Energy and what influences it

Recovering energy: Energy barFirst aid kitFoodHousePower packWeekly challengeWinter treat
Spending energy: FightGuerrilla fightsMoving ticketTrainWork