Carter Malloy

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Carter Malloy

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Nationality Flag-USA.jpg American
Date of birth March 5, 2009
Date of death 2010
Residence Florida
Military rank Icon rank Captain**.png Captain**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Carter Malloy became a citizen of Ireland on March 5th, 2009. He was frequently seen on the Irish message boards and chat rooms. Sometime in 2010 he changed his citizenship to American.


In early April, Carter Malloy founded the organization Offaly Enterprises with fellow Irish citizens Mannimarco and binksy. The three together purchased several companies.


Malloy was a registered member of the Irish Defence Forces. Upon enlistment, he was assigned to the 3rd Semi-Mechanized Division of the Wexford and Mayo. He was also a member of the paramilitary group, the Irish Volunteer Force. He was the second in command of the 1st Active Service Unit.


Irish Union Party

The first political party that Malloy ever joined was the Irish Union Party. He was drawn to the party by well respected Ireland citizens like Igor Thunderbrow and pdiddy. On April 25, 2009, Malloy decided to part ways with the IUP.

Fianna Fail

Responding to an article posted by Declan Donaghy, Malloy decided to join the Fianna Fáil political party. Declans article criticized the FF party for the lack of involvement in Irish politics. Malloy saw this as his chance to make a difference in Ireland's political scene.