Cekap Woods Affair

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The Cekap Woods Affair was a Spanish crisis which badly damaged the Allied Effort in the war against PEACE.

Beginning on Day 627, French-led PEACE assaults had advanced into Spain, conquering Navarra, Basque Country and Castilla y Leon on successive days. In an effort to limit gold losses occasioned by these land losses, the Prime Minister of Spain and the Minister of Finance, arranged to transfer a large portion of Spanish Gold reserves into Cekap Woods, a company owned by the latter.

Aware of the risks of transfer, a request was made to verify that the Cekap Woods company was not for sale. Unfortunately for Spain, the organization page does not allow a player to verify that status, and in fact, one of the options given to the owning org "Sell Company", may give the impression that a company is not for sale when it, in fact, has been so listed. This was the error which occurred here.

On August 10, 2009 (Day 629), approximately Icon-gold.gif 16,000 GOLD was transferred to Cekap Woods. Hungarian agents who had monitored the transfer soon verified that Cekap Woods was for sale, and a Hungarian agent organization, White Horse Consulting, bought Cekap Woods for Icon-gold.gif 35 GOLD and proceeded to transfer the gold to Hungarian Central Bank. Thus, in one fell swoop, Spanish gold reserves were depleted and the opposing PEACE gold reserves were significantly bolstered.

Although PEACE was winning the war, the Cekap Woods Affair may have hastened its end significantly.