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Celio Azevedo Jr

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Nationality Flag-Romania.png Romanian
Date of birth 19 April 2009
Date of death 20 September 2016
Residence Bucovina
Sex Male
Faith Catholicism
Congress member of Brazil
26 May 2009 – 6 July 2009
Party president of Democratic Socialist Party (DSP)
19 June 2009 – 26 June 2009
Party president of North Korean Communist Party (NKCP)
26 June 2009 – 24 September 2009
Congress member of North Korea
26 June 2009 – 15 September 2009
Served under NKCP
Party president of ePCB
16 September 2009 – 15 November 2009
Succeeded by parzewski
16 January 2012 – 15 March 2012
Congress member of Portugal
26 September 2012 – October (est) 2012
Served under União e Progresso
Congress member of Romania
26 August 2012 – 26 September 2012
Served under Partidul Conservative Liberal
Party president of Romanian Liberal Party
26 January 2015 – N/A
Party president of Partido Liberal Conservador
26 June 2016 – N/A
Military rank Icon rank National Force**.png National Force**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman


Celio Azevedo is a prominent right-wing politician, who decided to leave the eRepublik game a long time ago[1]. He was also an editor of a newspaper named "The Last Word". Celio Azevedo was also a Congress member from International movements.

In North Korea, he managed to reclaim the DSP Party of North Korea from the controversial appointment against the old party president William Shafer.

Celio Azevedo beat off the party takeover attempt against Sam Hodkin, who was so humiliated at his loss that he literally left the country and went to Australia.

Celio Azevedo was at least 7 times congressman in all his entire eRepublik life. 4 times in this first account, 2 in the other one, and 1 more time now. Always spreading honesty and new capitalist ideas.

With the Party, Celio Azevedo won two Congress Elections. In the May 2009 elections. In June 2009, with more than five times the average votes for a successful congressman, he achieved the top position and was the most voted candidate. He also won the Party Presidency elections.

After the 5th July 2009 presidential elections in North Korea, Celio left the country for eRussia for help to free the Soviet Union in eR, as announced in his article.

Before November 2009 ends, Celio Azevedo created another International Movement.

He is the dissolver of the old Internationale.

He lived in Brazil and rebuilt the ePCB, being party president, turned it into a Right-Wing liberal party. His new political party achieved a good result with the third place to the Country Presidency Elections of Brazil and the second place for the second time.

The New Right-Wing

In April of 2012, Celio Azevedo decided to retire from the eRepublik politics indefinitely, until the things get better in the game to newer political parties. His successor was Gustavo P. He has lived in Portugal being congressman of União e Progresso party.

Celio Azevedo were in the Partidul Liberal of Romania, where became congressman one time in this new and current eRepublik account, with new ideas, changing them for the classic liberalism.

Celio was lastly living in Romania, helping the country to rebuild and promoting the economy opening for liberalism. He was leading to create the first Liberal (For a Free Capitalism) party in Romania, and he was supposed to be in his way with Romanian Liberal Party where he was the party president.

He was a Congressman one more time in 2015, with many votes from the liberals and conservatives. He also founded the PLC (Partido Liberal Conservador) in Brazil [2].

His political views

  • No taxes for products from the government.
  • Combat against fakes multiple accounts.
  • Conservationism.
  • Against corruption!
  • Free market, economic and individual rights.
  • Economic Liberalism.
  • No bureaucracy in a smaller state.
  • Meritocracy.

Partido Liberal Conservador

On 26 June 2016, Celio Azevedo founded a new right-wing party, Partido Liberal Conservador - PLC, in eBrazil.


Celio was a member of: