Central Intelligence Agency (organization)

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Central Intelligence Agency
Government of USA

General Information
Country USAUSA
Abbreviation CIA
Established November (?) 2008
Type Intelligence Agency
Director Rod Damon (?)
Executive Director Elizabopolous (?)


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The Central Intelligence Agency is an intelligence gathering organization of the United States, created by Roby Petric some time in 2008 to accompany the FBI.

(Known) Operations

South Korea

Operation Eagle Strike

(Known) Organisation

Strategic Air Command

It is possible that the SAC was the renamed United States Air Force, after it was moved from the United States Armed Forces to the CIA, as a mobile ATO unit.

Project C.A.R.E.

Main article: Project C.A.R.E.

Project C.A.R.E. was created by Rod Damon in 2009 to uproot and help ban citizens of the US's enemies who multi and cheat, and is still running to this day. It is known to have had a forum section in the United States Armed Forces private forums, until around the time when the military became officially separated from the state.

(Known) CIA operatives

Listed in order of (known) service, oldest to newest: