Centre-Left Netherlands

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Center-Left Netherlands

Party-Center-Left Netherlands.png
General Information
Country Flag-Netherlands.jpg Netherlands
Abbreviation CLN
Forum Forum
Colors Red
Founded Day 1,245 / April 18, 2011
Dissolved Day 1,480 / Dec 09, 2011
Congress Occupancy 0 /20 seats, 0%
Succeeded By The Dutch Progressives
Orientation Center-Left
Ideology Libertarian

Center-Left Netherlands was a political party of the Icon-Netherlands.png Netherlands. It was one of the new parties founded after the 3 month '1 party-policy' intended to counter PTO's. Its creation was the brainchild of the late JackRitell, an industrialist and philanthropist who was concerned about the homogenous nature of Dutch political discourse. By his design, CLN was committed to progessive politics and was oriented towards fostering an open, just and fair society for all citizens.

When Jack Ritell decided to leave the game, he entrusted the future of the party to well-known Dutch progessivist Pierre Delvaux. Delvaux represented CLN in the CP elections (August and September 2011), recruiting high profile new members such as NoTie112 and Shakerr, overseeing a rapid growth of members as well, reaching 86 members in Autumn 2011.

CLN was taken over by Shakerr and NoTie112, and renamed to The Dutch Progressives.


  • Day 1245: CLN is born[1]
  • Day 1253: CLN participates for the first time in the Congress elections, however no seats are won
  • Day 1283: CLN get their first member into the 32nd Congress of the Netherlands (JackRitell)
  • Day 1300: CLN gets a wikipage.
  • Day 1314: CLN has another member in the Congress - Fryskiene
  • Day 1344: CLN didn't manage to elect anyone in the Congress
  • Day 1375: CLN for the first time has two members in the Congress - Pierre Delvaux and groenewilde
  • Day 1406: CLN repeats the success from previous Congress elections - 2 members elected in the Congress
  • Day 1436: CLN sets new record of Congress seats - 4
  • Day 1467: CLN repeats record number of Congress seats - 4
  • Day 1480: CLN become The Dutch Progressives[2]

Party presidents

Of course, every month there were Party elections held, and several party presidents represented CLN: