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Cesar Romero

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Nationality Flag-Mexico.jpg Mexican
Date of birth 18 June 2009
Date of death 2011
Residence Valley of Mexico
Sex Male
Newspaper El Pensador eMexicano
Congress member of Mexico
25/07/09 – 25/01/10
Military rank Icon General.jpg V1 General
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Cesar Romero was a politician, soldier, and citizen of Mexico.


Cesar Romero was born on day 576 of the New World, in The Central Highlands region, Valley of Mexico today.

Shortly after joining the PCP, Elescriba and Andresim formed a small group of young climbers would go to fight in the war France vs Canada. Cesar Romero, enlisted and went to France. Going to war served to increase his experience and military skill. In France he reached level 12, enough to run for Congress.

Congress member

Xipetotec, MLPT2 leader, made ​​the invitation to run for Congress election in July-August. Cesar Romero, committed to his nation and seeking to avoid the takeover by the Company Polish GROM, which controlled the Green Party, led by Garbarek, decided to run for the congress of Mexico in The Gulf region.

After a difficult election day, he was elected in Congress.

After securing a place in Congress, Cesar Romero began to participate in informal discussions at the Congressman forum. The Polish GROM, who had not obtained the majority in Congress, managed a way to get rid of Mexican Congressmen: Put fake ads, which contained the link resignation to Congress.

Unfortunately, Cesar Romero was the first to fall into the trap of Poland. This prompted some lawmakers to worry, since it requires the greatest possible number of congressmen to stop the Poles. Cesar Romero published an article which described the situation. Eventually, the ads were removed.

Cesar Romero was not reinstated in Congress of Mexico, until a few days later, after sending requests from President luisrha, and all the petitions collected signatures.

Thanks to this, Hunter07 baptized him in the IRC Mexico as "Congressman Naive"

Because expression misuse by Cesar Romero, game management he received 1 day ban.

Later, he devoted himself to politics in general, highlighting his apprentice Edith, which was assigned to the SAC, is very proud of the accomplishments he has achieved.

Minister of Foreign Affairs

He was re-elected to Congress in the elections for the period from August to September.

He founded the Ingenuomex Corporation, Business Group which controlled the Naive Cafeteria. It was a thriving company that had to close its doors due to Market Take Over Mexico who is living.

When Colombia exchanged Mexico regions EEST to attack USA, the cafeteria was in Colombia, which sentenced her to bankruptcy. It was sold at a bargain price. And the organization as well.

He tried for re-election to Congress for the period from September to October, but was not elected by a bug that affected the New World. However, the problem resolved admins days later, giving him a medal and 5 GOLD.



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Hard Worker (x8)
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Congress Member (x8)
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Super Soldier (x6)
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