Channel Fleet

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Channel Fleet

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General Information
Country Flag-United Kingdom.jpg United Kingdom
Region London
Type Combat Fleet
Part of Royal Navy

The Channel Fleet was one of the six fleets in the Royal Navy.

Ships of the Fleet

HMS Rodney Mckay

The HMS Rodney Mckay is named in honour of Admiral of the Fleet Rodney Mckay, retired Commanding Officer of the Royal Navy.

HMS fezoj

The HMS fezoj was created and commissioned on day 788, by Admiral R.R. Napier, following the creation of the Channel Fleet: a new fleet designed to deal with the expanding Royal Navy. The only captain on this ship is Captain fherman (a.k.a. Herman). He remained the captain of the ship until the Royal Navy was disbanded to make way for the new British Army, to make the UK Armed Forces ready for eRepublik Rising.

Past Officers

  • Lieutenant: Courtney McGallosh - promoted to Captain
  • Lieutenant: Peejik - promoted to Captain


"Almost as good as HMS Rodney McKay (though definitely better than HMS Lionheart)."

The HMS fezoj employs this rather tongue-in-cheek motto, despite the fact that HMS fezoj is the flagship of the fleet.


The HMS fezoj, alongside the HMS Rodney McKay, were created to accommodate an increase in the number of sailors wishing to enlist to the Royal Navy. HMS fezoj was named after fezoj, a previous Admiral in the Royal Navy. Both were put in the brand new Channel Fleet, and the HMS Lionheart was transferred to make the Fleet bigger. fherman, a long serving lieutenant from the HMS Katana in the Southern and Caribbean Fleet, was chosen to be promoted to be the head of the new ship. fherman was the sole captain of the ship, albeit being temporarily replaced when his commodore thought he had left the ship permanently, when in actual fact fherman had been on leave for 2 weeks. Thankfully, the mistake was later rectified and fherman was reinstated.

During the 4 months in commission, the HMS fezoj had much crew serving upon her. It produced many active sailors, notable Courtney McGallosh and Peejik, who went on to be future lieutenants under fherman. The HMS fezoj was later disbanded in April, as the rest of the Royal Navy was, in order to make the British Army, a successful attempt by the UK Armed Forces Command to successfully transform the Armed Forced to be ready for eRepublik Rising.


Courtney McGallosh a.k.a. Courtneyy went on to be a Captain of a Royal Navy ship, before leaving, citing RL as a reason for her departure. She later returned to the British Army and took a Private and Major role in an Infantry regiment, before being promoted to become Lieutenant Colonel of ATR Catterick, a training regiment for Infantry soldiers.

Peejik also got the promotion to become a Captain, before leaving shortly afterwards. Peejik let his account to starve, before creating a new account: The Purple. The Purple, a.k.a. TP rejoined the Armed Forces and took a Private role in 9th Regiment, Army Air Corps. He remains in AAC currently.

After the disbanding of his ship, fherman later got offered a promotion to become Staff Officer, or Brigadier, of Army Air Corps. He took the job, however, left the UK Armed Forces entirely a couple of days later, citing impending RL exams as the reason for his sudden resignation. During those couple of months, fherman decided to ask the eRepublik Admins to kill his account, after having realised that this was the best time to get rid of his typoed account and start a new one. fherman then created a new account, called Herman Andersen.

fherman, now called Herman Andersen, a.k.a. Herman, lied low and two clicked while revising for his exams. Herman later joined 9th Regiment, Army Air Corps, where he quickly became a Major under Octavian Ratstrangler, and 3 days later was offered a Lieutenant Colonel job for ATR Pirbright, a training regiment for helicopter pilots.

HMS Lionheart

The third ship in the Channel Fleet.