Chartier of the Non-Aligned Nations of eRepublik Alliance

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Charter of the Non-aligned Nations of eRepublik Alliance


Article I – Preamble

Together we stand, divided we fall. Common cause preserves us and binds us to common action. We endeavour to ensure members have regular elections, maintain national territorial integrity, guard against unauthorised resistance wars, and harass common enemies until they desist or are destroyed. So say we all.

This charter is legally binding upon all nations granted membership. Alliance membership states an agreement with the goals, terms, and conditions of this Charter.

Article II – Aims

Our aims are to:

  1. Assist in the defence of each other’s core regions and rental agreements.
  2. Coordinate military action.
  3. Preserve legitimate elections and sovereignty.
  4. Create a platform to resolve differences amongst us.
  5. Build economies with trade, advice, and loans.
  6. Share intelligence to aid immigration, security and foreign policy.

Article III – Governance & Structure

  1. The Alliance’s governance shall be performed by the Council who govern on behalf of the Alliance Assembly on daily matters.
  2. The Alliance’s laws shall be determined by the Alliance Assembly.
  3. The Alliance’s military strategy shall be determined by the Military Assembly.

Article IV Rota

  1. The Rota is a list of all members in alphabetical order and is used to determine whose turn it is to make an appointment for a position.
  2. Rota roles are mutually exclusive when considering Rota appointments.
  3. If a nation is facing a revocation of membership proposal, then they are suspended from the rotation list until it is decided.
  4. New nations are added to the rota the month after membership is accepted.
  5. Nations may choose any citizen from their own nation or citizen from the Alliance using any method of their choosing.
  6. Should the rota nation already have a rota role, then the next nation on the rota list with no rota role makes the appointment. If all countries already have a rota role, then the rota nation may appoint an additional rota role.

Article V - Alliance Assembly

  1. The Alliance Assembly shall consist of:
    1. one (1) Representative from each member who has the authority to make decisions on behalf of their nation with one (1) vote.
    2. up to two (2) Delegates from each Member and Trial Member to aide their Representative with no vote.
    3. the Consuls with one (1) vote each.
    4. the Proconsuls with no vote.
    5. the Tribunes with no vote.
  2. The Alliance Assembly’s purview includes:
    1. Membership (see Article X)
    2. Consul appointment should a rota appointment not be made
    3. Reviewing the Council performance
    4. Correcting Council actions or decisions
    5. Amendments to the Charter and processes
    6. Strategic alliance alignment and intent
    7. Alliance resolutions
  3. The Alliance Assembly meets in Summit at least once a month.
  4. The Speaker is the lowest rota Consul present and presides over Assembly meetings and moderates discussion.
  5. Binding resolutions are made with a proposal, a discussion and a vote.
  6. In Session (Forum and in-game Thread) discussion requires at least 24-hours unless a Motion of Expedition is passed.
    1. A Motion of Expedition is a snap poll to close discussion and proceed to a vote.
    2. It requires a 50%+1 affirmation by a quorum of the entire Alliance Assembly.
  7. In Summit (IRC/Skype) discussion ends at the determination of the Speaker.
  8. quorum is the attendant membership.
  9. Representatives and Consuls have one (1) vote each.
  10. Resolutions need a 66% majority to pass once quorum is met.
  11. Voting ends when the required majority is reached or at least 24 hours elapse.
  12. Non-member nations must request permission to address the Alliance Assembly. Any member of the Assembly may present the request to the Alliance Assembly. It is granted with a normal vote. If successful, the Speaker may add it to the current agenda or defer it to the next meeting's agenda.

Article VI – Military Assembly

  1. The Military Assembly consists of:
    1. the Council with one (1) vote each.
    2. two (2) Defence Department Representatives from each nation’s Department of Defence with one vote each.
    3. one (1) Military Unit Representative from each Military Unit in alliance nations with one (1) vote for each Military Unit with more than twelve members.
  2. The Military Assembly are responsible for:
    1. Communicating Alliance orders to their respective National Armies and Military Units.
    2. Advising the Council on military strategy and tactics.
    3. Planning supply logistics.

Article VII: Council

  1. The Council consists of:
    1. The (3) Consuls with one (1) vote each
    2. Up to six (6) Proconsuls,
    3. Three (3) Tribunes,
    4. Up to six (6) Centurions.
  2. All Consuls are equal. Their rota order (1, 2 and 3) indicates their remaining term and hierarchy for delegating specified functions.
  3. The Council are responsible for:
    1. Advising the Alliance Assembly
    2. Assisting the Assemblies in performing their duties
  4. The Consuls assisted by Proconsuls are responsible for:
    1. Chairing Alliance Assembly meetings.
    2. Setting Alliance goals in consultation with the Alliance Assembly.
    3. Ensuring that the Alliances Charter and Resolutions are upheld, enacted, and maintained.
    4. Acting as mediators between member nations.
    5. Making decisions regarding the best military strategy for the alliance and its members.
    6. Determining battle priority.
  5. Tribunes assisted by Centurions are responsible for:
    1. Organising strikes.
    2. Calling battles.
    3. Tactical decisions in battle.
    4. Distributing supplies.
    5. Quarter Mastering for supplied battles.

Article VIII - Council Appointments & Elections

  1. Rota Council roles are appointed before the 10th of each month:
    1. A Consul3 is appointed each month per rota and serve three (3) months.
    2. Three (3) Tribunes are appointed each month per rota and serve one (1) month.
    3. Three (3) Centurion are appointed each month per rota and serve one (1) month.
    4. The balance of Centurions are nominated and elected each month by the Military Assembly after rota appointments.
  2. Elected Council roles are elected on the 10th of each month of:
    1. up to six (6) Proconsul who serve one (1) month by the Consuls.
    2. up to six (6) Centurions who serve one (1) month by the Military Assembly with a 66% majority vote.
    3. a Consul3 by the Alliance Assembly if the rota nation fails to make an appointment.
    4. up to three (3) Tribunes who serve one (1) month by the Alliance Assembly if the rota nation fails to make an appointment.
    5. Nominations are open for 24-hours.
    6. Electors get one (1) vote per available position and the top candidates are elected. Ties are resolved in a second round of voting with only those candidates.
    7. Council may fill any vacancies if too few candidates are elected.
  3. Councillors may not hold a CP position in a nation.
  4. Councillors may serve multiple terms.
  5. The rota nation may replace their rota roles at will.
  6. The relevant Assembly may impeach an elect role with a 66% majority.
  7. Should a Council role be vacant, then it is replaced by:
    1. the rota nation who originally appointed it for rota Council roles, or
    2. the Assembly who elected it for elected Council roles.
    3. A rota role that was elected’s replacement defaults to the rota nation who original should have appointed it.
    4. The new councillor will serve out the remainder of the term of the role they replace. Example: A Consul2 is replaced with a new Consul2.
    5. Should no replacement be made available within 48-hours then the role is elected per 2.

Article IX - Alliance Task Force (Optional)

  1. The Founders will establish an Álliance Task Force (ATF) Military Unit under command of a Tribune called the Iron Butterflies.
  2. A voluntary unit of tanks in each division to turn critical battles for the Alliance.
  3. They will follow Alliance orders first for these food fights.
  4. Each country dedicates soldiers to the join the unit who are fully equipped for at least 120 fights per day and 200 CC for moving.
  5. The number of soldiers committed is a minimum of 1 soldier per 200 citizens.
  6. The ATF will internally organise to maximise coverage over multiple time-zones. The goal is 24-hour coverage.
  7. The ATF will be based in a location with the most weapons resources, most MPPs, and lowest deployment costs.

Article X - Determining War Priority

Realising that all wars are important to the people involved, and that some conflicts have equal importance, we have a guideline to priorities. However, orders and campaign priorities are ultimately up to the Triumvirate once all strategic factors are considered.

  1. Ensure an election.
  2. Maintain national territorial integrity.
  3. Guard against unauthorised resistance wars.
  4. Defend a victim of a Natural Enemy declaration.
  5. Harass common enemies.

Article XI – Alliance Conduct

  1. Where financially possible each Member should have an in-game MPP with every member of the alliance to ensure they can assist where possible.
  2. Each member nation will follow and set their Campaign of the Day and Department of Defence Orders to that of the alliance before their own nations personal needs.
  3. No nation will extended wipe or deny congress to a nation who desires peace.
  4. All regions in rental agreements are not deemed home regions when considering military priorities unless the Triumvirate determines that they have implicit strategic value to the Alliance.
  5. No member may declare another member Natural Enemy without that nation’s consent and notification to the Triumvirate or Alliance Assembly.
  6. No member may occupy another member’s core regions without consent. All traded regions require a rental agreement with an exit clause and a penalty clause enforced by the Alliance.
  7. No member may occupy any regions of a non-member that borders another member without the consent of that member. All traded regions require a rental agreement with an exit clause and a penalty clause enforced by the Alliance; co-signed by all bordering Alliance members.

Article XII – Membership

  1. Membership may be rescinded by the Alliance Assembly with a proposal and 75% majority vote.
  2. New Membership may be applied for by any nation not in a formal alliance.
  3. The applicant nation must make a submission to a Consul to apply for New Membership.
  4. The Consul will submit the application to the Alliance Assembly for discussion.
  5. The Alliance Assembly has up to 30-days to discuss a New Membership application and vote on it. The applicant may be asked to present a case for membership to the Alliance Assembly.
  6. Trial Membership requires a 75% majority vote by the Alliance Assembly. If granted, a period of up to 3 months Trial Membership is set during which the applicant is evaluated. An ingame invitation to membership to the Alliance will be started.
  7. A Trial Membership Evaluation discussion is opened when the Trial Membership begins, and closed when it ends and taken to vote. Extension of Trial Membership needs to take place before the final vote.
  8. Full Membership requires:
    1. 75% majority vote by the Alliance Assembly, and
    2. 75% ratification by referendum or Congress in the applicant nation.
  9. If Full Membership fails then a vote is started in-game to remove the Trial Member with all CP’s voting yes to remove them to honour the forum vote result.
  10. Applicant nations who fail to get Trial Membership or Full Membership may not apply again for one (1) month.

Article XIII - Member Agreement

All members agree to the Alliance Charter and Alliance Resolutions holding supremacy over their national constitutions or regulations, and are bound to uphold them. The Rotation of positions by Nations will be held on the Rota List.

Article XIV - Amendments

All Members may propose amendments to any part of this Charter or Resolutions by proposing changes to the Alliance Assembly. Amendments are binding once adopted.

Article XV - Members

Nation Ratification Date President Ratification Status Left Alliance Date Left President
Icon-Australia.png Australia 2013-03-18 DraimAlexander [1] Founder [2] 2013-06-17 Molly Jo
Icon-South Africa.png South Africa 2013-03-18 Grimstone [3] Founder - - -
Icon-Cyprus.png Cyprus 2013-04-05 depici [4] Full Member - - -
Icon-Malaysia.png Malaysia 2013-05-15 Muhammad Hifzan [5] Full Member - - -
Icon-Pakistan.png Pakistan 2013-05-23 Faris Khawaja [6] Full Member - - -
Icon-Saudi Arabia.png Saudi Arabia 2013-05-23 wars 7 [7] Full Member - - -
Icon-Egypt.png Egypt 2013-06-03 costalsina [8] Full Member - - -
Icon-Philippines.png Philippines 2013-06-03 Boy Pick Up [9] Full Member - - -