China-Pakistan War

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China-Pakistan War
Map of China-Pakistan War
Date 05 May 08 –
14 May 2008
Location Asia
Result China annexed
Territorial Changes China annexed
Fights 356
Flag-China.jpg China Flag-Pakistan.jpg Pakistan
Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesia
Flag-Iran.jpg Iran
Flag-Germany.jpg Germany
Commanders and Leaders
Flag-China.jpg Gyro_Zeppeli Flag-Pakistan.jpg Falcon
Battles Fought 31 (China 0 vs Pakistan 31)
Fights Won China 133 vs Pakistan 93, Indonesia 26, Iran 19, Germany 0
Draw Fights 85
Total Fights 356

After China was taken over through a political coup by Pakistanis, they declared war on Pakistan. Since Pakistan had a much stronger military, it resulted in China being taken over themselves. There are strong indications that the Government of Pakistan was behind the coup [?].