Chris Moltisanti

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Chris Moltisanti

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eRepublik Elite Citizen
Nationality Flag-Serbia.jpg Serbian
National rank 512
Date of birth 15 April 2008
(Day 147)
Residence Belgrade
Faith Theocracy
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy
1 October 2008 – 18 October 2008
Preceded by Ramon Mendoza
Succeeded by Cromat
Congress member of South Africa
25 December 2008 – 28 December 2008
Congress member of Switzerland
25 January 2009 – 24 February 2009
President of South Korea
January 2010 (interim) – February 2010
Preceded by leop
Succeeded by Spade
Military rank Icon rank Titan.png Titan
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Chris Moltisanti (Also known as Kamran, KingKamran, Kamran Salimi, Gep) was an Icon-Italy.png Italian citizen of the New World, shareholder of LAK Group with Dio Akira and vegaicm. He supports Theocracy.

Sometime in his history, he changed his name to Chris Moltisanti, believed that he has done it sometime in 2010.

Economic History

He was founder and holder of Kamsa Corporation (Housing and Gift company owner) and LAK Group (Hospital builder). After few weeks Dio Akira and Kamran decided to merge their companies under the flag of LAK Group. This was the first merging of companies in Italy. After the merger, LAK Group become one of the most important and powerful companies in Italy.

Military History

Kamran's military life is very active. He's a veteran of the Italian Army. He was Commander of Divisione Arditi. He was part of the Italian Military HQ and he was Vice-Commander of the 1st Italian Armada. Then he become a member of Theocratic Holy Army and a commander of a small Serbian unit Jedinica. Currently Chris is not a part of any military unit.

Politic History

He started joining Democracy and Future Party becoming part of administration. After 6 months he decided to join Aquila et Gladius party. In July he proposed to the Italian Congress a law reform called Riforma Kamran but after numerous discussions the law proposal was rejected. In October, under the Pericle presidency, he was elected Minister of Foreign Affairs but he resigned after the launch of the v1. He was a member of Theocratic Party in first part of 2009. At the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010 he was a member of Korean Nationalist Party, and before that he was a party president of Diktatur Von KINGO, with a small break in October 2009 when the president was Cigarra.

In January 2010, after impeachment of leop, he becomes the President of South Korea.

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