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Nationality Flag-USA.png American
Date of birth 5 May 2009
(Day 532)
Residence Springfield, Illinois
Sex Male
Newspaper The True Voice of Reason
Minister of Education of United States
7 April 2018 – 6 July 2018
7 November 2018 –
Congress member of United States
27 February 2018 – 26 April 2018
Congress member of Wallonia
26 April 2011 – 25 June 2011
Congress member of Flanders
26 February 2011 – 25 March 2011
Congress member of North-Eastern Thailand
26 April 2010 – 25 June 2010
Congress member of Texas
26 February 2010 – 25 March 2010
Congress member of Tasmania
26 September 2009 – 25 October 2009
Congress member of Vermont
26 July 2009 – 16 August 2009
Congress member of Alaska
26 June 2009 – 25 July 2009
Party president of United Belgian Independents
7 April 2011 – 18 April 2011
1 May 2011 – 15 June 2011
Party president of Constitution Party
17 November 2018 – N/A
Military unit Easy Company
Squadron Regiment 11
Military rank Icon rank Supreme Marshal***.png Supreme Marshal***
Aircraft rank Chief master sergeant 0.png Chief Master Sergeant

Chris Stanwick (born 5 May 2009) is an American politician and businessman who has served multiple terms as a Congress Member in the United States, Belgium, Australia, and Thailand. He also served in the Cabinets of many Country presidents. He was the founding party president of the United Belgian Independents Party in Belgium. He was born in the United States, but has also resided in Ireland, Australia, Thailand, and Belgium. He is the owner of Stanwick Holdings Ltd, based out of Carson City, Nevada.

Books.jpg Biography

Early Life

Chris Stanwick was born to the New World on Day 532, 5 May 2009. He originated in Texas, his home state, and quickly unlocked every option available in-game. Desiring to pursue a political and business career path, Chris founded Stanwick Holdings and joined the United Independents Party within his first few days. Using the holding organization, he purchased four companies from the company market, a grain and food company, a moving ticket company, and a housing company. At first, the companies did fairly well, but over time, a weakening economy reduced the profit, prompting Chris to sell them shortly thereafter.

Within the UIP, Chris quickly proceeded to make his mark, becoming the Internal Communications Coordinator on 18 May 2009, less than two weeks into the game. Although not his original plan, Chris decided to run for Congress in Alaska shortly before 25 May 2009. However, his campaign was poorly organized, leading in his defeat to Kitlero by four votes. However, his increasing prominence on the US forums led to his appointment as the UnderSecretary of State for Developing Regions on 7 June 2009 by then Secretary of State Harrison Richardson. This duties of this diplomatic role were largely self-defined, with Chris working closely with the newly created Congressional Foreign Relations Advisory Committee (FRAC).

June 2009

June 2009 Campaign Banner

As his activity on the forums increased, Chris became better known by members of Congress and the administration. Early in June, he submitted himself to run for Congress in Alaska once again. Running a better organized campaign complete with a campaign manager and campaign banner, Chris swept the election, taking 50% of the votes in the three-way race. Shortly after his election, Chris was approached by Ajay Bruno, relatively unknown candidate for President in the July 2009 election. Not knowing Ajay or his reactionary views, Chris accepted the running mate position in the campaign, although remaining very quiet while watching and listening to Ajay's rhetoric and stances during the first Presidential Debate between Ajay and Harrison Richardson. After the debate, Chris publicly left the Bruno campaign, citing political differences as the reason. The next day, he endorsed Harrison for president.

Chris put a lot of work into Congress during his first term, becoming a very active Senator and being assigned to FRAC. Taking on the project of changing the new citizen welcome message, Chris completely restructured the eUS forum's Welcoming Committee board to better serve as the starting point for new citizens. He also continued to work on projects for FRAC and the Congressional Oversight Committee. Shortly after Harrison's election as President, Chris was appointed a position in his Cabinet, Deputy Secretary of State. Discussing his role in the State Department with new Secretary of State Emerick, they decided that Chris would continue to work with Developing Regions.

United States Office of Developing Regions

As his pet project within the State Department, Chris established the Office of Developing Regions to handle the economic aspects of foreign affairs. Hiring a large staff and appointing PigInZen the UnderSecretary of State for Developing Regions, Chris gave the Office the assignment of researching the economic situation of underdeveloped nations in the New World by looking at their economic statistics, talking to their Minister of Finance, checking their donations, and looking into their military funding. The staffers would then write reports detailing their findings, making recommendations for the nations to improve their economies, and making recommendations as to how the United States can help. With seven staffers and an UnderSecretary, the Office of Developing Regions is one of the largest departments of the United States government and offers players a way of becoming involved in the government with room for advancement.

July 2009

July 2009 Campaign Banner for Alaska

As the Party president elections approached, a PEACE GC invasion appeared imminent. The Cabinet and Congress worked around the clock to prepare for invasion. Chris ran an emergency moving ticket program to provide free moving tickets to anyone wanting to move to a region with a Q5 hospital. Congress raised income taxes to 30% to increase government revenue used to fund the military and the entire nation was put on red alert. During this crisis, Chris was also asked to teach the eRepublik Economics 101 course at the newly reopened North American University. Despite the additional duties, he continued to put in many hours in Congress. With the intention of running for re-election in Alaska, Chris published his new campaign banner on 13 July 2009. World War III officially began on 13 July as France invaded Canada in Nova Scotia. Chris fought twice in the Battle of Nova Scotia, which was lost to France on 14 July. Alaska itself was invaded on 14 July by Russia, opening a second front of assault on North America. As the unofficial director of the National Emergency Evacuation Program, Chris encouraged the citizens of Alaska to evacuate the state, providing them free moving tickets to facilitate the evacuation. He finally evacuated himself, late in the day, to New Jersey until Alaska was again secure.

Unfortunately, Alaska fell in the Second Battle for Alaska, opening the continental United States to invasion by Alaska and making Chris the Senator for Alaska in Exile. With Alaska occupied by enemy forces, his campaign for re-election was curtailed until such a time when the state could be retaken. On 20 July 2009, Chris announced his candidacy in the State of Vermont since Alaska was still occupied. After the election of Joshua Hoss as Party president of the UIP, Chris was appointed as the newly created Secretary of Communication, managing the Public Relations, Internal Communications, and Recruiting Offices. On 19 July, Chris was appointed the United States Ambassador to Ireland. He established an embassy and hired a staff to assist him in collecting information and advisement.

On 25 July 2009, Chris was re-elected to Congress from Vermont. He tied with his main competitor, LG Ato, but won due to higher experience points overall. He rejoined few of his former colleagues, as the 20th Congress included many freshman Senators. After declining the nomination to run for Speaker of the House, Chris accepted newly elected Speaker Pfeiffer's offer of the position of Deputy Speaker of the House on 26 July 2009.

Presidential Scandal of July/August 2009

On 30 July, Chris posted a copy of a peace agreement he wrote for presentation to PEACE on the forum of the Umbrella Research Party for discussion, intending to publish it in his newspaper the following day for public opinion. However, the next morning, he awoke to find the agreement published by a third party without an explanation and a scandal erupting over its "leakage". President Harrison Richardson demanded Chris's resignation as Deputy Secretary of State and Ambassador to Ireland effective immediately, which Chris consented to publicly in a newspaper article announcing his candidacy for the presidency. Receiving the endorsement of the Umbrella Research Party and the Independent Party of America, Chris quickly drummed up support, taking the lead in official polls over the next few days.

However, the scandal and subsequent resignations sparked much controversy on the US forums, resulting in the removal of Chris's global moderation powers and a call for his removal as Deputy Speaker of the House. On 1 August, Chris resigned as Deputy Speaker, no longer being able to fulfil his functions in that office. He left the URP on 2 August to run as a non-partisan, but his endorsement was withdrawn and given to Ajay Bruno on 3 August. Deciding to take a backseat to the political disaster that was unfolding, Chris announced he was dropping from the race late on 3 August and gave his support to Joshua Hoss, the UIP candidate. Having been banned from the military and the UIP, Chris decided to serve out his term in Congress as a member of no party and to not seek re-election upon the termination of his term in office.

August 2009

On 4 August 2009, Chris deleted his account on the US forums as he was no longer able to post in any thread without an attack following. He relegated himself to two-clicking, cut off from Congressional debate and Stanwickism. He voted for Joshua Hoss in the August presidential election, but watched as Emerick won, becoming the next President of the United States. The following day, Canada was completely conquered and the PEACE armies turned their entire attention toward the United States. Although he planned to remain in the United States until its complete occupation or the end of his term in Congress, by 7 August, Chris began making his plans to leave the nation sooner rather than later. On 9 August, Chris's main newspaper, The True Voice of Reason, reached 1000 subscribers through the Media Mogul program started by Cynic Grim. He donated the 5 gold award along with another 5 gold to The Legacy Trust to use for starting and fighting resistance wars to reclaim lost regions. He posted his secondary newspaper, Is Fearrde Thu Guinness, to reach 1000 subscriptions on 10 August.

County Cavan.jpg

On 11 August, Chris decided to terminate the National Emergency Evacuation Program since it was being used very little with the creation of a government sponsored program that duplicated the work. Preparing for his departure to Ireland later in the month, Chris moved his primary organization, Stanwick Holdings, to Dublin and renamed his secondary paper. Deciding to offload a Q1 House in his inventory, Chris announced the first Stanwick House Raffle on 12 August in both his newspapers. The winner was announced on 15 August as Zacharius Axeland.

On 15 August 2009, Chris returned to the Congress debates on the US forum to participate in the vote for a peace treaty with PEACE GC. Voting against the treaty in accordance with public opinion, Chris was again vilified by the current administration for his decision and subsequent article. Deciding to resign his Congressional seat and leave the country in the wake of the treaty, he initiated an impeachment proposal against Emerick for "signing away our nation without so much as consulting with the American public."[1] On 16 August, Chris resigned from the United States Congress and subsequently left the nation for Ireland, where he settled in Louth.


By 19 August 2009, Chris announced his candidacy for the Irish Dáil as a member of the Irish Union Party, which he had joined on the invitation of patton. This announcement was met with some suspicion in Ireland since Chris had only moved to the nation a few days before. After negotiating with British Prime Minister Hassan Pesaran in late August, Chris founded the International Institute for Political and Economic Research (IIPER) on 24 August 2009. IIPER was headquartered in London in the UK, and hosted on the UK forum. Chris became the first Director of the Institute upon its foundation. The Congressional election of 25 August went poorly for Chris, ending with him receiving only four votes out of 91 casts.

On 31 August, Chris was accepted into the Irish Defense Force as a guardsman in the 3rd Home Guard, commanded by Lieutenant DashRiprock.

September 2009

As September began, Chris and Sera began to tire of what they perceived as the immaturity and uncivil behavior of many Irish citizens, especially in the IRC. On 5 September, after voting for patton as the next Taoiseach of Ireland, Chris left the IUP and moved to Victoria in Australia. He applied for citizenship and found a job quickly, settling in expecting a longer stay and a better atmosphere than Ireland. Shortly after his move, Chris went on holiday, relegating him to two-click status until right before the September Party president election.

On 14 September, Chris joined the True Blue Party as the first step to building a presence for himself in Australia after six weeks of virtual inactivity. He also announced the second monthly Stanwick House Raffle, in which he raffled off a Q1 house for 5 units of currency per ticket. On 17 September, Chris announced his candidacy in Tasmania for the Australian Senate[2]. The winner of the second raffle was announced on 20 September as darkdarr.

On 24 September, after using gifts for extra fights in the previous two battles, Chris reached the rank of General with much excitement. After fighting a long battle in the 25 September elections, Chris was elected to the Australian Congress from Tasmania with three votes. In Congress, Chris has made his priority the removal of all the "red tape" laws and protocols passed by previous Congresses.

October 2009

On 1 October, Chris earned his fifth hard worker medal, marking his 150th day of existence in eRepublik. On 2 October, Chris published an article endorsing patti11 for President of Australia in the October election. He also announced the third monthly Stanwick House Raffle, with the prize of a Q2 house. Having supported patti11 throughout the election and considering his extensive diplomatic experience, patti appointed Chris the Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs on 6 October 2009. In this office, Chris established an ambassador program in Australia on 7 October and set out to accomplish his goals for the office.

Chris joined the World Alliance for Truth in mid-October to assist ASTERISM with the global charity. On 15 October, Chris announced that Dekker Meridius had won the third monthly Stanwick House Raffle and that he would begin hosting weekly house raffles for the World Alliance. He also voted in the TBP Party president election, casting his vote for TheBlackAdder, who ran unopposed. That day, Chris was also accepted as a member of the Australian Commando Unit Koalas by ACUK Commanding Officer binda33.

However, on 16 October, Chris suffered significant real life medical problems that reduced him to two clicker status until early November. He was forced to step back from politics and reorganizing the Department of Foreign Affairs, missing the events that led to the retaking of Western Australia on 30 October. He ran for re-election in Tasmania on 25 October, but was unable to put any effort into his campaign. Having lost the election and unable to fulfil his duties as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chris submitted his resignation on 1 November 2009 and left Australia to fight to keep Alaska, the region in which he started his political career, free from Russian control again. Chris decided to remain in the United States and help rebuild his homeland after his long three month exile in Ireland and Australia.

November 2009

During the first week of November, Chris decided to retire from eRepublik after weeks of inactivity due to the health issues he suffered in mid-October. Despite his departure, however, several friends continued to send him food for the next few months, keeping Chris alive and well.

February 2010

St. Theodore, Patron Saint of Patriotism and Montana

After three months away from eRepublik, Chris decided to return to the fray, encountering many changes in the political and militaristic scenes, and seeing many changes in gameplay. Although he had returned, though, he limited himself to part-time participation. However, he did join a former French political party, e.P.e., and signed up to run for Party president. Running unopposed, Chris won the party presidency on 15 February, gaining control of the party, which he renamed the Patriotic Party of America to demonstrate his patriotism and loyalty to the United States. As well as reentering the political fray, Chris also revived the Cult of Stanwickism and created the first Saint of Stanwickism, St. Theodore, the patron saint of patriotism and Montana.

On 21 February, Chris resigned the party presidency of the PPA, left the party, and joined the United States Workers Party. He announced his candidacy for Congress in the state of Texas under the banner of the USWP the same day. Although Chris expected a challenging race in Texas against system0101, he won the election by a landslide of 17 points. He was sworn into office for the fifth time on 26 February. Chris had planned to work diligently during the 27th Congress, but the primary focus of Congress was the major tax debate that had raged for many weeks. Almost all other issues were set aside in the process, and Congressional procedure was called into question time and again. Quickly disillusioned by the seemingly inability for Congress to work together, Chris pushed his own agenda aside.

March 2010

As the tax debates continued into March, Chris decided not to run for re-election at the end of the month. However, after multiple Congressional scandals in which several national enemies were approved by warrant Congressmen; several highly contested party president elections; and the messy way in which tax reform was implemented, Chris decided to run for re-election in Texas after all. He created a platform that revolved around finding solutions to the divisions in Congress and the nation, primarily by proposing the US to start another major world war.

Around the middle of the month, Chris petitioned for a minor position in the executive branch, accepting a staffer position in the Bureau of International Database within the State Department. He was also appointed the Deputy Ambassador to India on 17th March. Chris lost his bid for re-election in Texas to TheSpartan, and quietly retired to civilian life in California. He accepted the helm of the North American University (NAU) toward the last of the month, but did not actively begin work on its operation until April.

Owing to Jude Connors long absence from eRep after the March Party President election, Chris began considering a run for party president in April. He applied to become the Director of Member Services in the USWP, but was declined in favour of Lorenzo Serafini. By early April, Chris had decided not to run for party president.

April 2010

With the April presidential election forthcoming, Chris began working for candidate Joe Newton, securing a major party endorsement for him before Joe decided to run as Woxan's vice president instead. Initially supporting the Woxan/Newton ticket, Chris switched his support to Bradley Reala's campaign after his endorsement by the Libertarian Party. Despite their efforts, though, Brad lost the election on 5th April to Woxan.

With the amount of trolling and infighting in the US media and forum throughout March and into April, Chris became tired of the disunity of the US and began making plans to retire quietly to a smaller nation. With the presidential election over, he started making plans to leave the US for an extended sabbatical. On 9th April, Chris moved to Central Thailand and applied for Thai citizenship. He had heeded Thai president Albert Neurath's call for experienced immigrants to help Thailand build a stronger nation.

Having applied for citizenship, Chris waited for acceptance until the request expired, the problem being a lack of approvals left. He reapplied on 19th April after being reassured that approval was available. While in Thailand, however, Chris took a high paying job and began to assume new duties in his adopted nation, taking over the dormant Social Services program on 18 April 2010. Shortly after, he accepted a position in the Thai military as the General of the Thahan Phran, Thailand's National Guard. Having joined the Pattana Unity Party, Chris announced his candidacy for Congress in North-Eastern Thailand shortly before the election.

On 26 April, Chris took his place as a member of the Thai Congress after winning a seat the day before with two votes.

May 2010

Chris supported Gates Schellinger in the May presidential election. He worked with other high ranking Thais and Chinese officials to reform Sol before and after the presidential election, finally concluding that Sol was no longer reformable. He petitioned incoming president Schellinger to leave Sol and consider the option of joining EDEN instead. After Schellinger's successful election, Chris continued to serve as the Minister of Social Services and General of the Thahan Phran. He was also appointed as one of Thailand's Advisory Representatives to Sol.

On 5th May, Chris celebrated the first anniversary of his eBirth with a newspaper article giving a brief biography and warm wishes and gifts from old friends. Shortly after the presidential elections, Chris announced his candidacy for party president of the Pattana Unity Party with the backing of former party president Babalon. His election was contested by an Indonesian PTO candidate who registered the day before the election.

During the middle of the month, Chris continued to argue for the dissolution of Sol in favour of the member nations' joining either EDEN or PHOENIX. With alliance reform stalled, he proposed the withdrawal of Thailand from the alliance on 15th May.

June 2010

Despite winning reelection to the Thai Congress on 25th May, Chris began to grow disillusioned by the constant Indonesian PTO successes every election. After a month of little progress, he decided to leave the game once more, this time permanently. Due to the nation needing every non-Indonesian vote in Congress, he postponed his departure until after the June Congressional elections, serving his entire term in office. On 1 July 2010, Chris bade farewell to everyone he had known in the New World, dispensed with all of his belongings, and allowed himself to die.

January 2011

After six months away from eRepublik, Chris was revived on 16 January 2011. With assistance from his old friend James Pfeiffer, he was able to move from Thailand back to the United States, settling in Texas. He rejoined the USWP and took a job in preparation for returning to a career in politics. Toward the end of the month, Chris ran for Congress in Mississippi as the USWP candidate. Although he lost the election to Jacksondr5, he became active with a new Department of Education project building a new educational wiki for the US government. He was appointed the lead administrator for the project, creating templates and monitoring editing.

Although he was only in the United States for a short time, Chris quickly grew bored with the same old arguments that had been recurring for over two years. He became less active on the forums, almost ceased using IRC, and only logged in long enough to work, train, and fight. He knew that if he were to make his return lasting, he would have to find some entertainment in the New World. Thus, he began speaking with shadowukcs about Belgium.

February 2011

Finally, on 1 February, Chris moved across the Atlantic to Belgium, settling in Brussels and applying for citizenship. Within his first day there, he had discussed representing Belgium in the international community, working on the Belgian wiki articles, and looking into joining the Belgian military. His citizenship approved on 2 February, Chris joined the Res Belgica party and was appointed the Belgian Ambassador to Australia.

Chris took an active role in Res Belgica, but did not seek elected office in the month of February. He joined the Belgian Army, but resigned on 19th February. After the impeachment of Belgian president LeValeureuxLiegeois, new president shadowukcs asked Chris to serve as a co-Minister of Foreign Affairs, especially in regards to Panam relations. He worked on negotiations with France to end the "training war" they initiated along with mittekemuis, the Minister of Foreign Affairs appointed by LeValeureuxLiegeois.

On 23 February, with the majority of Belgium occupied by France, including Brussels, Chris moved to Flanders and placed his candidacy for Congress as an emergency candidate. He was elected to the Belgian Congress on the 25th, donating the gold reward to the Belgian treasury the next day and taking his place in the Congressional Hall.

March 2011

With the presidential elections fast approaching, Chris supported the re-election of shadowukcs. However, when the campaign turned negative, with slander articles published by both shadowukcs and ThomasRed, he took a neutral stance towards the candidates publicly, while still privately supporting shadowukcs' re-election. After ThomasRed's election, Chris turned his attention to reforming the Belgian constitution. On 7th March, he was reappointed as one of the two Ministers of Foreign Affairs along with mittekemuis. As before, they divided foreign affairs between eastern and western regions, with Chris maintaining contacts with the western nations.

Working swiftly, Chris was instrumental in negotiating a training war between Belgium and the Netherlands to complete three new missions instituted by the admin. Following this success, he began quietly inquiring about possible EDEN membership for Belgium to bring regular battles to the neutral nation. As the Belgian opposition ran out of steam following the unsuccessful PTO attempt of the Belgium for Belgians Party, Chris moved out of the disgraced Res Belgica and became an unaffiliated citizen. He declined to run for re-election from any party, including the newly formed United Left Alliance that many active citizens were joining. Slightly disillusioned by the strong divisions that arose with the opposition, Chris contemplated his next move, whether to remain in Belgium or to depart for yet another small nation.

In the last few days of March, the United Kingdom declared Belgium as its natural enemy and prepared to conquer the smaller, neutral nation. Chris' interest was renewed by this threat of war as it finally forced Belgium to drop its neutrality and sign alliances with stronger nations to fight against the British. The Foreign Ministry had an official task to complete. However, Chris announced his upcoming retirement from the ministry following the end of ThomasRed's term as president.

April 2011

On 1st April, Chris announced his official support for the candidacy of NLSP for president of Belgium. When ThomasRed announced the cessation of the war with the UK on 4th April, Chris was very disappointed that the serious war was ending so soon after it began. As ThomasRed's term as president came to a close, Chris began to close up his affairs in the Foreign Ministry and prepare to hand them over to the next Minister. NLSP won the April presidential election and included Chris in his Cabinet as the Minister of Justice, the office he had previously held under the last few presidents. Chris began planning his agenda for the Ministry, foremost seeing the passing of a working constitution for Belgium.

On 6th April, Chris joined the CSC-Crazy, Sexy, Cool-Party, which had formerly been the EGroen Party before March's PTO by a small group of formerly Serbian players. Noticing that their party president was planning to leave the country and accept citizenship elsewhere and the fact that he would be the highest level player in the party, Chris joined so as to gain the party presidency. He became party president on 7th April and renamed the party the United Belgian Independents Party, which was previously a Belgian party that had died out months prior.

Having written a new, vague constitution that gives the Belgian Supreme Court a practical mandate, Chris posted it in Congress for discussion and debate, hoping to bring it to vote before the end of the Congressional term. On 15th April, he ran against Ray Captain for the party presidency of the UBIP. The following day, Chris was still unsure as to whether he won the party president election as the results were never confirmed by the eRepublik admin. The lack of an update continued into the 17th.

On 18th April, the results of the party president elections were finally released. Chris lost control of the UBIP to Ray Captain by a single vote. The same day, he resigned as Minister of Justice in frustration at the lack of progress towards a new constitution due to certain individuals blocking any useful legislation. Despite his resignation, however, Chris continued to work with Kylero to push a compromise constitution through Congress and see the appointment of two new Supreme Court Justices. His status as a Cabinet member was never revoked, allowing him to participate in internal government affairs even after the resignation, leading Chris to believe that it was never accepted by President NLSP. He withdrew his resignation on 26th April.

Recovering from his disappointment at losing the UBIP party presidency so soon after gaining it, Chris began working with party affairs again. He declared his candidature for Congress in Wallonia on 23rd April as part of an anti-takeover effort to prevent a group of multis being elected. Despite his casual campaign, Chris won election to Congress on 25th April, taking his seat the following day. As April came to a close and CP elections loomed closer, Chris announced his support for mittekemuis, the ULA candidate. He also began finalizing his work in the Ministry of Justice, as he would not be serving in that position in May.

May 2011

2-Year Birthday Celebration
Born: 5 May 2009 Texas, USA
Chris has lived in the USA, Ireland, Australia, Thailand, and Belgium. He still maintains friendships with many of those he worked with in the governments of each of the nations in which he lived.
He has served in numerous political positions in several nations, including high-ranking Cabinet Ministries. In the two years since his birth, he has served nine terms in Congress.
Happy Birthday, Chris!
Age 730 Days

On 1st May, Chris was restored to the party presidency of the UBIP when first Ray Captain resigned the presidency and M.Leviathin left the party briefly so that Chris would be the highest ranking party member.

On 5 May 2011, Chris celebrated his second year in eRepublik with an article detailing his experiences around the world and the people he had met along the way. The birthday celebration coincided with the May 2011 CP election, in which Chris had endorsed mittekemuis. Upon mittekemuis' successful election as president, Chris was appointed Minister of Defence of Belgium. He spent the 6th May learning what he would need to do as the Minister and familiarizing himself with the workings of the Belgian Army. He also contacted the Minister of Defence for Macedonia to coordinate the use of the Belgian Army in Macedonian battles.

In the merger debate on the Belgian forums, Chris began supporting a merger with the United Kingdom to bring to Belgium daily battles, economic advantage, and increased activity. In his aspirations for a presidential run in June 2011, he created a poll on the forum with himself and the other three declared candidates to gauge public support. On 15th May, he ran unopposed for UBIP party president, continuing the office he had held since 1st May.

On 20th May, Chris officially announced his candidacy for president for June 2011 in an article and on the Belgian forum. As the Congressional election came close, Chris declared his candidacy in Wallonia again and organized UBIP candidates into the three regions, posting an article to gain support for UBIP candidates. He won re-election to Congress on 26th May along with four other UBIP candidates. Also on the 26th, admin gave each citizen four new economic structures - a Q1 food company and three grain farms. Chris activated each to increase his food production and income potential despite many complaints from other citizens that the new structures were a worthless gift. On 27th May, Chris published his presidential manifesto and was formally endorsed in-game by the UBIP as their presidential candidate.

Late on 30th May, Chris received a message from mittekemuis informing him that she was removing him as Minister of Defence and breaking the agreement they had struck before the May presidential election. She had decided to run for re-election under the ULA banner that Chris was counting on for support of his own candidacy. Her decision was partly based on a perceived lack of activity by Chris as he was experiencing difficulties with IRC and was unable to use it. Despite the setback, however, Chris was determined to remain on the ballot despite his dwindling chances of election.

June 2011

A few days before the June election, Chris realized that there was no way he could win with mittekemuis and Manong running against him, making him third on a ballot of three. Yet, he did not drop out of the race, and finished a very distant third with only 11% of the total vote. Disgraced and disappointed after his firing from the Cabinet and major defeat in the election, Chris settled in for a period of little activity while regrouping his lost esteem in the community. On 8th June, he submitted his resignation as the Belgian ambassador to Australia.

As the month slowly inched by, Chris decided to step aside as party president of the UBIP in favour of a newer player. By the 10th, Chris was already contemplating moving on to another nation and starting over once again, tired of the same stale arguments on the Belgian forum and the petty bickering amongst its citizens. Chris voted for Monsieur Guillontine in the UBIP party presidential election on 15th June, stepping down from the position the next day. He fought in Congress against the ever quickening movement of Belgium into the ONE alliance without making any progress. Finally, on 18th June, he reached the limit of his patience for Belgium and announced in Congress that he would not be seeking another term, but rather would be leaving Belgium at the end of the month.

Chris left Belgium for Florida, while retaining his Belgian citizenship. By early July 2011, his activity had nearly ceased with his last login occurring on 6th July 2011. Effective that day, he became a "dead citizen".

February 2018

On 5th February, Chris Stanwick was resurrected by USA Country President Pfeiffer., a long time friend and fellow live streamer. Faced with a completely renovated eRepublik, he set off relearning the mechanics of gameplay as quickly as possible. Chris moved to Carson City, Nevada, established a holding company, joined the United States Armed Forces, and became a member of the Constitution Party. His next course of action was to support his old friend Pfieffer in the Country President election. Quickly learning the new mechanics, Chris increased his activity within the party and focused on increasing his military strength and rank. Toward the end of February, he left the United States Armed Forces and joined Easy Company. After voting for Gnilraps for Party President, he began making inquiries into the Congressional elections late in the month. Gnilraps included him on the roster of candidates in the ninth position. The Constitution Party, despite being only the third largest party in the United States, received the second highest number of votes, capturing nearly 24% of the Congressional seats, and sliding Chris back into Congress for the first time in seven years.

March 2018

After the February Congressional elections, Chris began to increase his activity on the forums and in the party. With Congressional activity low throughout the month, he accepted an offer to join the Gnilraps administration as a staff writer for the White House Press Room under Secretary of Media just another George. Chris supported David Wilson's bid for the party presidency of the Constitution Party in mid-March, becoming the Vice Party President after Wilson's successful election. He cast his hat in the ring again for Congress towards the end of the month, being re-elected on March 25th to a 12th term. By the end of the month, Chris began working on player retention with new citizens of the USA. He approached Country presidential candidate, WhydoIbotherToo, with his ideas for new citizens a few days before the end of the month, giving his full support to WDIB2.

April 2018

The first day of April was also Easter Sunday, and the USA was quiet with many citizens away at family functions. The quiet of the holiday was shattered with the declaration of Natural Enemy by Croatia, Ireland, and Egypt, and a successful airstrike by Egypt on Nebraska. Chris was as shocked as many citizens and scrambled to find orders from his MU and the President. The next few days were tense with Thailand, Bulgaria, Lithuania, and the Macedonia joining in the invasion. The benefit of the invasion was an influx of constant battles in which to fight. Chris improved his air and ground ranks, plus reached level 30 after several days of battles. WhydoIbotherToo won the presidential election on April 5th, taking office on the 7th, the same day Chris' home state of Nevada was conquered by Bulgaria. Chris was appointed as the Minister of Education in the new administration, focusing on player retention and guidelines for fighting.

On Day 3794, Chris earned his first Battle hero medal against Hungary in Pennsylvania. He won a second on Day 3795 fighting in Missouri. Despite fierce fighting, the USA was overrun and ultimately occupied by nine foreign nations. Through negotiations with Ireland, several New England states were freed before the April Congressional elections, but TCP polled poorly, winning only five of the thirty Congressional seats available. Chris, being the sixth candidate, was not re-elected. Several trips at the end of the month limited his activity, but he threw his support to rainy sunday for the May Country President elections.

Summer 2018

The second month of occupation began quietly with the stalled negotiations between the WDIB2 administration and the occupiers for a plan to eventually free USA territory. rainy sunday won the CP elections on May 5th, and Chris was renamed as the Minister of Education. He continued in that position through rainy sunday's second term in June. Upon leaving the office on July 6th, Chris took a break from politics and spent the rest of the summer working and fighting against the ever-changing list of occupiers. Throughout the next six months, his home state of Nevada was occupied in succession by Bulgaria, Romania, the Macedonia, and Serbia. Despite the long months of occupation, however, there were few instances in which company owners in Nevada could not work in their factories.

Fall 2018

As the year came to an end, Chris re-entered the political service on November 7th as Carlos3652's Minister of Education. He ran and won the Party Presidency of the Constitution Party on November 15th. During the 11th anniversary celebrations of eRepublik and later the Black Friday sale, Chris published several Department of Education articles highlighting the events, and added several new factories to Stanwick Holdings Ltd. The rewards from the anniversary event enabled him to earn five additional Battle hero medals, and several True Patriot medals. He dealt his highest damage in a single battle on Day 4041 against Serbia in Mississippi, dealing 944,977,461 for the USA. Carlos3652's re-election in December saw Chris re-appointed Minister of Education, and on the 15th he was re-elected as Party President.

Icon allcountries.gif Citizenship

Icon-USA.png USA - (5 May 2009 - 16 August 2009)

Icon-Ireland.png Ireland - (16 August 2009 - 5 September 2009)

Icon-Australia.png Australia - (5 September 2009 - 1 November 2009)

Icon-USA.png USA - (1 November 2009 - 9 April 2010)

Icon-Thailand.png Thailand - (9 April 2010 - 1 July 2010)

Icon-USA.png USA - (16 January 2011 - 1 February 2011)

Icon-Belgium.png Belgium - (1 February 2011 - 5 February 2018)

Icon-USA.png USA - (5 February 2018 - )

Icon adv vote.png Electoral History

Congress - May 2009 - Alaska

Candidate Political Party Votes Percentage
Chris Stanwick United Independents Party 8 26.6%
Kitlero United States Workers Party 12 40%
Ryan_5 Conservative Party 5 16.6%
FileteCerdo Libertarian Party 3 10%
OrangeLobster America's Advancement Party 2 6.6%

Congress - June 2009 - Alaska

Candidate Political Party Votes Percentage
Chris Stanwick United Independents Party 16 50%
Angelini Conservative Party 11 34.4%
the_weber United States Workers Party 5 15.6%

Congress - July 2009 - Vermont

Candidate Political Party Votes Percentage
Chris Stanwick United Independents Party 5 50%
LG Ato Libertarian Party 5 50%
PaminBB America's Advancement Party 0 0%

Congress - August 2009 - Dublin

Candidate Political Party XP (Day 644) Votes Percentage Result
Chris Stanwick Irish Union Party 1369 4 4.4% Unelected
tonymana Irish Union Party 1286 2 2.2% Unelected
AppleMan Irish Socialist Republican Party 949 15 16.5% Official
Englebirt Humpydink Irish Union Party 891 3 3.3% Unelected
ImperatorI Independent Voices 625 8 8.7% Official
Daniel Kaffe Irish Freedom Party 561 14 15.4% Official
Liam Neeson Saoirse 519 9 9.9% Official
Tarazis Sati Irish Union Party 469 6 6.6% Wildcard
David phelps Irish Socialist Republican Party 464 7 7.7% Wildcard
Daire Queenan Independent Voices 192 0 0.0% Unelected
Sagers 2.0 Independent Voices 165 8 8.7% Official
jebbs Irish Union Party 133 11 12.1% Official
Captain_Jack_Harkness Saoirse 127 4 4.4% Unelected

Congress - September 2009 - Tasmania

Candidate Political Party XP (Day 675) Votes Percentage Result
Guy Baumber Australian National Party 1861 3 10.71% Official
Chris Stanwick True Blue Party 1721 3 10.71% Official
chrisincoplay Australian Independents 1298 2 7.14% Unelected
Keegan Knoll Australian National Party 1002 3 10.71% Official
Okanius Australian Independents 827 5 17.86% Official
WelshLad Australian Independents 549 1 3.57% Unelected
Paul Hamon Australian Democratic Socialist Party 519 6 21.43% Official
Zangetsu Bankai Australian Communist Party 350 1 3.57% Unelected
AmyW Australian Democratic Socialist Party 307 3 10.71% Official
callisto 3 Australian Democratic Socialist Party 203 1 3.57% Unelected

Congress - October 2009 - Tasmania

Candidate Political Party XP (Day 705) Votes Percentage Result
Chris Stanwick True Blue Party 2096 2 6.45% Unelected
Guy Baumber Australian National Party 2074 2 6.45% Unelected
Sir_c0nstant Australian National Party 1924 2 6.45% Unelected
DARK VORODOR Australian Independents 1416 3 9.68% Official
Keegan Knoll Australian Independents 1323 4 12.90% Official
Okanius Australian Independents 1175 5 16.13% Official
Paul Hamon Procreate and Populate Party 879 4 12.90% Official
AjdAu Australian Democratic Socialist Party 679 3 9.68% Official
AmyW Procreate and Populate Party 604 4 12.90% Official
John.Smith Australian Democratic Socialist Party 452 2 6.45% Unelected

Party president - February 2010 - Patriotic Party of America

Candidate Votes Percentage
Chris Stanwick 1 100%

Congress - February 2010 - Texas

Candidate Political Party XP (Day 828) Votes Percentage
Chris Stanwick United States Workers Party 2648 22 68.75%
system0101 America's Advancement Party 2587 5 15.63%
Storm_Shadow Federalist Party 1226 0 0%
Josh Linze Democratic Republicans 264 3 9.38%
Reid Rightmer Libertarian Party 232 2 6.25%

Congress - March 2010 - Texas

Candidate Political Party XP (Day 828) Votes Percentage
TheSpartan Democratic Republicans 3706 17 56.7%
Djazheer America's Advancement Party 3280 3 10.0%
Chris Stanwick United States Workers Party 3078 8 26.7%
Matt123456 Federalist Party 1427 1 3.3%
David Hentz Libertarian Party 329 1 3.3%

Congress - April 2010 - North-Eastern Thailand

Candidate Political Party XP (Day 888) Votes Percentage Result
Gates Schellinger Thai Nation Together 4448 4 14.3% Official
Borra Thai Nation Together 4425 2 7.1% Official
Popelus Thai Nation Together 4282 0 0% Unelected
Chris Stanwick Pattana Unity Party 3467 2 7.1% Official
Franz Kaisepo eThai Narcissist Party 3075 2 7.1% Official
markos28 Pattana Unity Party 2622 2 7.1% Official
Kybuto Thai Nation Together 2553 1 3.6% Unelected
LIMA NOVI eThai Narcissist Party 2176 4 14.3% Official
Luka100 Pattana Unity Party 1601 2 7.1% Official
Burcik Free Thailand 1472 2 7.1% Official
Aeolius Pattana Unity Party 1400 0 0% Unelected
tfaironpirate Thai Military Party 1037 1 3.6% Unelected
Sargeras Maximus Thai Military Party 1023 1 3.6% Unelected
Huckleberry Ryder Thai Military Party 939 2 7.1% Official
Wizzon eThai Narcissist Party 708 1 3.6% Unelected
Grimir Pattana Unity Party 662 0 0% Unelected
ordnajela Free Thailand 421 2 7.1% Unelected
jose de palafox Pattana Unity Party 139 2 7.1% Unelected

Party President - May 2010 - Pattana Unity Party

Candidate XP (Day 907) Votes Percentage
KuBu 6259 11 52.38%
Chris Stanwick 3736 10 47.62%

Congress - May 2010 - North-Eastern Thailand

Candidate Political Party Votes Percentage Result
Pedro Velarde Thai Nation Together 4 26.7% Official
alex lav Pattana Unity Party 3 20% Official
La Rana Gustavo eThai Narcissist Party 2 13.3% Official
Nitrous Oxide Pattana Unity Party 2 13.3% Official
SaiX Thai Nation Together 1 6.7% Official
Chris Stanwick Pattana Unity Party 1 6.7% Official
Franz Kaisepo eThai Narcissist Party 1 6.7% Official
markos28 Pattana Unity Party 1 6.7% Unelected
tfaironpirate Pattana Unity Party 1 6.7% Unelected
ordnajela Pattana Unity Party 0 0% Unelected
jose de palafox Free Thailand 0 0% Unelected

Congress - January 2011 - Mississippi

Candidate Political Party Votes Percentage
Jacksondr5 Federalist Party 5 62.5%
Mrdo United Independents Party 2 25%
Robert Grosseteste Libertarian Party 1 12.5%
Chris Stanwick United States Workers Party 0 0%

Congress - February 2011 - Flanders

Candidate Political Party Votes Percentage Result
ThomasRed Belgium for Belgians 23 24.0% Official
mittekemuis Belgium for Belgians 11 11.5% Official
Theneka Belgian Communist Party 9 9.4% Official
Jofroi Belgium for Belgians 5 5.2% Official
Chris Stanwick Res Belgica 5 5.2% Official
MaryamQ Res Belgica 5 5.2% Official
NLSP Belgian Communist Party 5 5.2% Official
Juan Cruz Unity is Strength 4 4.2% Official
Jacob van Artevelde Res Belgica 4 4.2% Official
Mike Wooldridge Res Belgica 4 4.2% Wildcard
Draganw Belgian Communist Party 3 3.1% Wildcard
Glenn Wauters Belgium for Belgians 3 3.1% Unelected
Slivever Belgium for Belgians 3 3.1% Unelected
Pieter557 Belgium for Belgians 3 3.1% Unelected
wazowzky Belgium for Belgians 2 2.1% Unelected
jamster737 Belgium for Belgians 2 2.1% Unelected
Daniel Trump Res Belgica 2 2.1% Unelected
Critically Res Belgica 1 1.0% Unelected
busorik Belgium for Belgians 1 1.0% Unelected
Kissack Res Belgica 1 1.0% Unelected
Helviro Res Belgica 0 0% Unelected
Billy Flanders Res Belgica 0 0% Unelected

Party President - April 2011 - United Belgian Independents Party

Candidate Votes Percentage
Chris Stanwick 4 44.44%
Ray Captain 5 55.56%

Congress - April 2011 - Wallonia

Candidate Political Party XP (Day 1251) Votes Percentage Result
Elynea Belgium for Belgians 11,429 6 24% Official
Jofroi Belgium for Belgians 8165 2 8% Official
touchdown_thomas Belgium for Belgians 7886 2 8% Official
wazowzky Belgium for Belgians 6567 2 8% Official
M.Leviathin United Belgian Independents Party 6367 2 8% Official
Chris Stanwick United Belgian Independents Party 5920 2 8% Official
Wolfenn Belgium for Belgians 5877 2 8% Official
mittekemuis United Left Alliance 2713 2 8% Official
eWorldCitizen Belgium for Belgians 2448 1 4% Unelected
Procuste Res Belgica 222 3 12% Official
pingpong1234 Belgian Democratic Front 213 1 4% Unelected

Party President - May 2011 - United Belgian Independents Party

Candidate Votes Percentage
Chris Stanwick 9 100%

Congress - May 2011 - Wallonia

Candidate Political Party XP (Day 1251) Votes Percentage Result
Fhaemita Malodorous United Left Alliance 9650 6 17.14% Official
Wolfenn Belgium for Belgians 7352 2 5.71% Official
Chris Stanwick United Belgian Independents Party 7148 2 5.71% Official
Ernest Bogdansson United Left Alliance 7099 2 5.71% Official
gerbdeblee Belgium for Belgians 4656 2 5.71% Official
Goran73 Belgium for Belgians 4261 1 2.87% Unelected
Xgentis Lempereur Res Belgica 4182 1 2.87% Unelected
GoopyPants United Belgian Independents 2404 2 5.71% Official
vekarga All TOgether 1035 4 11.43% Official
Ouguinho United Left Alliance 966 3 8.57% Official
Chauvin Philippe Belgium for Belgians 762 7 20% Official
Ilovespa Belgium for Belgians 468 2 5.71% Unelected
Tengo2 Belgium for Belgians 398 1 2.87% Unelected

Country President - June 2011 - Belgium

Candidate Political Party Additional Endorsements XP (Day 1293) Votes Percentage
mittekemuis United Left Alliance All TOgether 4543 69 45.39%
touchdown_thomas Belgium for Belgians 9180 65 42.76%
Chris Stanwick United Belgian Independents 7718 18 11.84%

Congress - February 2018 - United States

Political Party Votes Percentage Candidates Seats Won Candidate/Roster
Federalist Party 134 30.32% 31 16
Socialist Freedom Party 88 19.91% 26 11
Constitution Party 104 23.53% 28 12 Chris Stanwick, 9th on Roster
The Black Sheep Party 65 14.71% 22 8
We The People 51 11.54% 12 6

Congress - March 2018 - United States

Political Party Votes Percentage Seats Won Candidate/Roster
Federalist Party 120 28.37% 15
Constitution Party 103 24.35% 13 Chris Stanwick, 4th on Roster
Socialist Freedom Party 75 17.73% 10
The Black Sheep Party 74 17.49% 9
We The People 51 12.06% 6

Congress - April 2018 - United States

Political Party Votes Percentage Seats Won Candidate/Roster
Federalist Party 124 30.10% 9
Socialist Freedom Party 94 22.82% 7
Constitution Party 70 16.99% 5 Chris Stanwick, 6th on Roster
The Black Sheep Party 79 19.17% 6
We The People 45 10.92% 3

Political History

United Independents Party

  • Internal Communications Coordinator: 18 May 2009 - 10 July 2009
  • Secretary of Communications: 16 July 2009 - 31 July 2009

United States of America

  • UnderSecretary of State for Developing Regions: 7 June 2009 - 7 July 2009
  • Congress member for Alaska: 26 June 2009 - 25 July 2009
  • Deputy Secretary of State: 7 July 2009 - 31 July 2009
  • Director of the National Emergency Evacuation Program: 10 July 2009 - 11 August 2009
  • United States Ambassador to Ireland: 19 July 2009 - 31 July 2009
  • Congress member for Vermont: 26 July 2009 - 16 August 2009 resigned
  • Deputy Speaker of the House: 26 July 2009 - 1 August 2009
  • Congress member for Texas: 26 February 2010 - 25 March 2010
  • United States Deputy Ambassador to India: 17 March 2010 - 1 July 2010
  • United States Deputy Ambassador to Thailand: 19 April 2010 - 1 July 2010
  • Lead Administrator of the US Educational Wiki: 18 January 2011 - 18 April 2011
  • Congress member of the Constitution Party: 27 February 2018 - 26 April 2018
  • Deputy Press Secretary for Domestic Affairs: 7 March 2018 - 7 April 2018
  • Minister of Education: 7 April 2018 - 6 July 2018
  • Minister of Education: 7 November 2018 -


  • Director of the International Institute for Political and Economic Research: 24 August 2009 - 1 July 2010
  • Director of Education of The World Alliance of Truth: 13 October 2009 - 5 November 2009


Patriotic Party of America



United Belgian Independents Party

Constitution Party

  • Vice Party President: 17 March 2018 - 16 April 2018
  • Party president: 17 November 2018 -

Military History

Although not his favourite game module by far, Chris tries to fight everyday and has joined several national armed forces throughout his life. Before the advent of V2, he had reached the rank of Icon Field Marshal.jpg V1 Field Marshal and had considerably high strength. However, under the new formulations of V2, his strength was considered middling at best and was demoted to rank of Lieutenant Colonel, which he achieved on 27 April 2011.

Icon-USA.png United States of America

As a young player, Chris fought in the training wars between the United States and Ireland. Nearly two months after his birth, Chris joined the United States Home Guard on 26 June 2009 and was placed in the First Platoon of Company C, commanded by Seth Ford. Witnessing Ford's inactivity, Chris applied for the commanding officer position and was promoted to Lieutenant of the First Platoon on 13 July 2009.

As a Lieutenant, Chris restructured the platoon's organizational chart and reinstated weekly roll calls. He was assigned new recruits following the invasion of the United States by Russia. After the Presidential Scandal of 2009, Chris was dishonourably discharged from the Home Guard and permanently blacklisted from the United States armed services. Following this discharge, Chris continued to fight against the invaders as a private citizen until his departure for Ireland on 16 August 2009.

Icon-Ireland.png Ireland

For the first two weeks after his arrival, Chris fought as a private citizen in Ireland. On 31 August 2009, he was accepted into the Irish Defense Force as a member of the 3rd Home Guard under Lieutenant DashRiprock. Chris only remained in the IDF a short time, resigning when he departed from Ireland on 5 September 2009.

Icon-Australia.png Australia

Having moved to Australia, Chris once again fought as a private citizen in the Sol War Games. He fought privately for over a month, not joining the Australian armed forces until 15 October 2009, when he joined the Australian Commando Unit Koalas and was placed in Squad 5. He served in this capacity until his departure from Australia and eRepublik due to health issues on 1 November.

Icon-USA.png United States of America

Chris returned to the United States briefly before his long absence from eRepublik, fighting as a private citizen. Upon his return in February 2010, he continued to fight privately as the military blacklist against him was still in effect. Although no longer in a world war, the United States at that time was involved in many small wars around the world. These frequent battles renewed Chris' interest in the military module. On 9 April 2010, he departed for Thailand.

Icon-Thailand.png Thailand

As a member of Sol, Thailand was a participant in the regular war games, giving citizens ample opportunities to gain rank and experience. However, on 20 April 2010, Chris was appointed commanding General of the Thahan Phran, Thailand's National Guard and one of only two branches of the Thai armed forces. In this position, he was responsible for the organization and supply of the entire branch, and assisted with military planning with the Minister of Defense and the General of the Mobile Infantry. Chris held this position until his departure from eRepublik again in July 2010.

Icon-Belgium.png Belgium

Resurrected once again in January 2011, Chris moved to Belgium on 1 February 2011. He fought privately for a few days before joining the Royal Guard of the Belgian Home Guard. A lack of interest in the new military module couple with a lack of activity in the Belgian Army made him resign only a few weeks after joining. Chris continued to fight against France to save Belgium from conquest following his resignation.

Chris was disappointed with the lack of battles following the 2011 eRepublik Rebellion, and worked to begin a training war with a neighboring nation. With the advent of the three time restrained missions, he doubled his efforts to negotiate a war with the Netherlands. The training war with the Netherlands began on 13 March 2011 and have proven very successful and popular with citizens of both nations. Chris has made a point to fight in every campaign possible.

In the last days of March, the United Kingdom declared war on Belgium in an attempt to conquer the smaller nation. As soon as fighting began on 1st April, Chris began fighting as many times possible to ensure a Belgian success in the war. In the Battle for South East of England, Chris dealt the largest amount of influence he had ever laid out in one battle - 11,063.

On 6 May 2011, Chris was appointed as the Belgian Minister of Defence, the civilian administrator of the Defence Ministry and military. To maximize his experience gain, military influence gain, and military rank, Chris moved to France early in May to take advantage of the multiple daily battles, something that Belgium has long been lacking. On day 1281, Chris dealt his largest amount of influence in a single battle in the Battle for Lower Egypt - 14,306.

With a gift of 10 energy bars from admin on day 1297, Chris dealt 40,152 influence on 9 June 2011 in the Battle for Kansas as Spain attempted to continue their invasion of the USA. Chris moved to the USA early in June to assist in repelling the invasion by Spain.

Icon-USA.png United States of America

Upon his return to eRepublik in February 2018, Chris initially joined the United States Armed Forces, but left soon after to join the Easy Company upon recommendations by old friends and party members. He was assigned to the EZC Airborne to work on increasing his aircraft rank, which was at 0 upon his return. By the end of the month, he had reached the rank of Staff Sergeant, albeit was still dealing out very little damage. During the 7-pronged invasion of the United States in April 2018, Chris earned his first Battle Hero medal on Day 3794 in Pennsylvania, and a second the following day in Missouri.

Economic Activity

With his return to the eWorld in February 2018, Chris formed a holding company, Stanwick Holdings Ltd, in Carson City, Nevada, and transferred all his existing companies into it. Over the course of the month, he upgraded several of the manufacturing companies and founded additional companies to increase his food and raw material production.

Company Type Quality Level
Stanwick Foods 1 Icon - Food Q2.png 2stars.gif
Stanwick Foods 2 Icon - Food Q2.png 2stars.gif
Stanwick Foods 3 Icon - Food Q2.png 2stars.gif
Stanwick Arms Icon - Weapon Q2.png 2stars.gif
Stanwick Fishery 1 Icon - Food Raw Materials.png 0stars.gif
Stanwick Fishery 2 Icon - Food Raw Materials.png 0stars.gif
Stanwick Fishery 3 Icon - Food Raw Materials.png 0stars.gif
Stanwick Farms 1 Icon - Food Raw Materials.png 0stars.gif
Stanwick Farms 2 Icon - Food Raw Materials.png 0stars.gif
Stanwick Farms 3 Icon - Food Raw Materials.png 0stars.gif
Stanwick Aluminum Icon - Weapon Raw Materials.png 0stars.gif
Stanwick Oil Icon - Weapon Raw Materials.png 0stars.gif


Icon achievement Freedom Fighter on.gif
Freedom Fighter (x11)
Icon achievement Hard Worker on.gif
Hard Worker (x27)
Icon achievement Congress Member on.gif
Congress Member (x12)
Icon achievement Media Mogul on.gif
Media Mogul (x1)
Icon achievement Battle Hero on.gif
Battle Hero (x37)
Icon achievement Resistance Hero on.gif
Resistance Hero (x1)
Icon achievement Super Soldier on.gif
Super Soldier (x84)
Icon achievement Mercenary on.gif
Mercenary (x1)
Icon achievement True Patriot on.gif
True Patriot (x17)
Icon achievement Party President on.gif
Party President* (x2)


  • Decoration Day 4000.png Day 4000 - Worthy fighter of the Day 4,000.

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6 May 2011 - 31 May 2011
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Congress member from the Constitution Party
27 February 2018 - 26 April 2018
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26 February 2010 - 25 March 2010
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26 June 2009 - 25 July 2009
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1 May 2011 - 15 June 2011
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Party Founded
Party president of United Belgian Independents Party
7 April 2011 - 18 April 2011
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