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Christopher J Adshead

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Nationality Flag-United Kingdom.jpg British
Date of birth 18 December 2008
Day 394
Date of death 2010 (est)
Residence London
Sex Male
Small Party Rep of Liberal Social Democrats
March 2009 – April 2009
Party president of Liberal Social Democrats
June 2009 – June 2009
Military rank Icon rank Captain.png Captain
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Christopher J Adshead (or CJA for short) was a citizen of London, UK.


Christopher J Adshead was the press director of The LSD Mail a fairly small newspaper which reported on issues inside the Liberal Social Democrats (LSD) party.
He was also a:

  • 2x Small Party rep for the LSD
  • Home Advisor to the LSD
  • LSD Senior Adviser also known as the LSD Vice Party president
  • 1x LSD Party president

He first started as a normal average citizen starting work at a Q1 Food Company, getting money just to buy food and moved to different companies as he built up his skill level and strength level.

The London Observer

After a few weeks and when he built up his experience level high enough he founded The London Observer a newspaper which was made to report on all-around issues in London, however, the newspaper didn't get a lot of votes or comments and remained highly small.

First Step in Politics

His first move in politics was to join The Unity Party and built up a friendship with Squiddy a fellow TUP member and also a Congressman. He ran for Congress in December 2008 but he pulled out before election day mainly due to the fact he felt as if he was not ready.

The LSD Party

After leaving The Unity Party he drifted out of the game mainly signing in to work and train. However, weeks afterwards he found out about a new party Liberal Social Democrats when reading a news article and decided to join. Shortly afterwards he joined the UK forums under the name of Chris J Adshead (there wasn't enough room for Christopher so he just used Chris) and renamed his paper to The LSD Mail. After writing a series of news articles his paper becomes slightly more popular.

In March 2009 after the election of Patrick Reckitt as Party president of the LSD, he announced he would run for Congress, however, despite writing a manifesto and announcing it on the forums the party didn't have enough members for him to run. As the congress elections drew closer the number in the LSD increased and at one point there were only 4 members away from reaching Top 5 despite this the party only just missed out.

By this time he was more known then at the start of the month, mainly the LSD Private Forums which motivated him to run for the small party rep elections, he won along with Patrick Reckitt, vip b10 and Soultrader. Days before this he was appointed by the party president for the position of LSD Home State Adviser which increased his power within the party and importance to the LSD. He also has a close relationship with the LSD Party president Patrick Reckitt and other important political figures such as Squiddy, Party Pres of TUP Iain Keers and Tommy Tommasino. He also has a good friendship with HazzN who just like Chris does a lot of work in the Liberal Social Democrats and they both have written articles on their newspapers about the Liberal Social Democrats

Role in the LSD

In early April 2009 CJA resigned from Congress mainly due to the fact that another member of his party was made a cabinet member, therefore, he needed access to the HoC he received fewer votes on election day so he thought it will be wise that he steps down. Despite this, it will not be long before he returned to Congress

On April 17th 2009 Christopher J Adshead was re-appointed as an LSD Small Party member after Patrick Reckitt resigned he is running for re-election in April despite winning re-election the Small Party Rights were abolished and therefore he couldn't serve as a Small Party Rep.

When viberb10 was elected as the LSD Party president Chris was appointed the LSD Senior Adviser he also joined up to the Liberal Forums becoming an active member.

When viberb10 announced that he will not run for re-election as LSD PP Christopher J Adshead announced that he will run and with him being an active member of the UK Forums and a long-term member he was the favourite to win the LSD Party Presidency. He faced no rivals for the elections early on.

LSD Party Presidency

On June 15th 2009 Christopher J Adshead was elected to the role of LSD Party president, winning by 20 votes to 12.

His Party presidency started off well, he appointed an LSD Council, cabinet positions and this was noticed by fellow LSD Members on the forums, we congratulated him for "getting things done quickly" however five days later he came to terms that the party had died so he merged the party with MDU, only a few members went but one of the most important members, viperb10 followed the merge and joined up.


Only five days after being elected LSD PP, Christopher J Adshead moved to the Movement for Democratic Unity, as part of a merge. He then took on the role as MDU Party Chairman, a second-in-command position at the MDU for the rest of what would have been his LSD PP term. He dismissed running for the MDU PP in July PP elections.


Christopher's last known party membership was with The Unity Party. Not a lot information is known about his stay there, except that he tried to enter Congress twice[1][2], however unsuccessfully.

Army activity

After winning the supersoldier, CJA decided to fight in a battle, his first one was the resistance war in Nova Scotia. A few days later, after fighting for the UK in the resistance war in Newfoundland and Labrador, getting promoted to the Icon Corporal.jpg V1 Corporal rank, his battles have helped him increase his wellness up to 100 so he could train daily to get his strength up even higher.