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Nationality Flag-Indonesia.jpg Indonesian
Date of birth 15 August 2008
Date of death December 2008
Residence California
Military rank Icon rank Recruit.png Recruit
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Chriz's death by banning was discovered on December 16, 2008. He was banned for not respecting the 1st eRepublik Citizen Law.

Chriz was a very vocal politician and activist based in Free State, South Africa, who speaks his mind and has seen the inside of the famous "Admin Hilton" in all its glory. He was a Free Africa party member and enjoyed writing articles in his capacity as Press Director at The African Sun.


Chriz was born Aug 15, 2008, in the small town of Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa.

After being dropped off near the Orange River in South Africa, Chriz noticed that the country was in utter chaos because the president was missing and nowhere to be found. Sensing a good story, he started investigating the whereabouts of this mysterious president Hull and other prominent political figures. Reports and findings were posted in his newspaper, The African Sun.

This is about the time he met Deus Ex, Leif Archaix and Esteban Delgado, POW survivors from the Second South African War and members of the Black Lion Front, which he joined for a brief period. Afte,r that he decided to join Free Africa party, which had an opening for party president after the resignation of the then party president Kintor.

One thing that Chriz felt very passionate about, being a South African IRL was, that his beloved country was without a working government or president and that a Croatian gang under the guise of the political party Proud Africa, now known as Croatian - African UNION, with its head thug Zocky, threatened to take over the country by sheer numbers. Bound by this common enemy he joined like-minded Delgado to fight against the newly elected government of South Africa and joined the South African Independence League (SAIL) in his capacity as FA party president.

At the party elections on the 10. September 2008, Chriz lost to Little Missy, a fellow FA party member with a less antagonistic approach to members of Croatian - African UNION, but his will to have a South Africa free from Croatian occupation still churned in him.

Struggle For South Africa

The struggle against Croatian - African UNION and their government continued as more and more evidence was brought forward into the light and more and more South Africans could see the PA parties true intentions for the country. The situation had escalated to such an extend that PA party members now openly admitted to stealing the countries money and that they indeed executed a coup.

It was proposed that a new National Bank of South Africa should be established, administrated by an unbiased, independent South African, who in turn would get his duties dictated by Congress in regards to spending. This was to prevent the Zockyists from stealing the countries treasury. All major parties agreed to this and suitable people where approached only to be rejected by Proud Africa time and time again.

Croatian - African UNION never had the intention to let the treasury be administered by anyone else than themselves. They wooed and shooed the people of South Africa with delays, bugs and other reasons long enough to form their own National Bank which is administered by PA members only, and not just by one president, but three of the main leaders of PA namely Zocky, Tomislav and Sucko.

The PA then initiated, without Congressional approval, talks to order a Q4 hospital from a company in Pakistan. Zocky withdrew the ZAR and Gold from the treasury with a little extra for expenses claiming it was for salaries. The Gold was in his personal account without any transparency whatsoever, however, when members of Croatian - African UNION left for Croatia they have left gold in South Africa and have not taken any gold with them.

Despite this huge amount of evidence, it seemed nothing was being done to right this injustice which forced the majority of South African political parties to call for revolution and declare the provinces Pretoria, Mmabatho and Polokwane they governed as an independent.

The Mayor of Bloemfontein, Orangedude66 (another South African leader with a less antagonistic approach towards members of Croatian - African UNION), did not see enough evidence of the PA crimes and refused the call for revolution and independence from the oppressors.

Nelspruit was in the hands of the Croatian - African UNION.