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Citizen Timinator

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Nationality Flag-USA.png American
Date of birth 22 April 2009 (day 519)
Date of death 2010
Residence California
Sex Male
Military rank Icon rank Commander**.png Commander**
Aircraft rank Airman 0.png Airman

Personal Info

Citizen Timinator was a citizen of the United States of America. He was born in Mississippi. He was an active member of the USA Mobile Infantry. He was also a member of the Libertarian Party.

Attempt at the US Politics

On Day 529, Citizen Timinator joined the Libertarian Party and immediately began making active contributions to the party's forum thread. He joined the Libertarian Party with hopes of helping to spread the message and mission of the party as well as contribute heavily to the foundational documents in an effort to provide a clearer statement to the party internally and prospective members externally.

Even at an early stage in The New World, he had a basic understanding of how he was positioned politically:

  • Economics: Taxes should be low in order to encourage business growth and competitive products in the global market.
  • Government: Government should do as much as possible to interfere in the lives of its citizens as little as possible.
    • Taking money from citizens for the benefit of pet projects, private organizations, etc. should be avoided at all costs. Instead, the government should be in the role of directing citizens to worthwhile organizations that can be used or not used at their leisure.
    • The legislative aspects of government should be transparent to its citizens, so that the populous can review proposed legislation and the discussion(s) involving its need for passage or failure and communicate their wishes with their Congressman.
    • Classified discussions of national security related matters should be released to the public at such a time when doing so will not jeopardize any ongoing defense efforts.
  • Military: A common defense is necessary to guard against ambitious and tyrannical governments, but military training and readiness should be organized from the ground up, focusing on statewide training programs, with a federally directed defense effort that combines the individual states in time of war.
  • Free Speech: Free speech, and freedom to choose or not to choose anything at all, are paramount above all else. Newspapers should be able to print whatever they want without fear of reprisal so long as they do not infringe on the rights of others to conduct their daily lives in peace.
  • Elevating the State: Congressmen from every state should contact new citizens within 24-48 hours and introduce them to other state citizens in an effort to build camaraderie at a state level long before party and national politics get in the way. This way smaller states can begin to elevate their status in the country and truly feel like states worth being proud of, because let's be honest: every state is worthwhile to the Union.

On May 25th, 2009 (Day 552) he made an unsuccessful Congressional run for the state of Mississippi. He lost to incumbent Bill Brasky 6 votes to 2, with 1 for a third candidate.


Citizen Timinator created CT's Skynet News on May 5 (Day 532) of The New World. This completed his first mission of creating a newspaper in which to increase his influence and chances to take over the world.

Military Service

Learning How to Soldier

Citizen Timinator joined the US National Guard on May 6th (Day 533) as a cadet in the Third Company, 14th Platoon. His first commanding officer (CO) was Lieutenant (Lt.) Cubby.

As a part of his military training, Citizen Timinator moved to Florida on Day 538 in order to take advantage of their 5-star hospital whenever he would take part in the war games between the USA and Ireland that were going on at the time.

Graduation and Induction into the US HomeGuard

On Day 558 Citizen Timinator graduated from US National Guard Training, and was transferred to Bravo Company, 5th Platoon of the US HomeGuard (formerly the National Guard). His first commanding officer was Lt. Nickk.

Induction into the Mobile Infantry

On July 12 (Day 600) Citizen Timinator received a systems upgrade and was assigned to the Alpha Company, 5th Platoon of the United States Mobile Infantry. His CO was Lieutenant Brickwall.

Becomes an Officer

On August 12 (Day 631) Citizen Timinator received his first promotion, to be the Alpha Five platoon executive officer (XO), earning the MI rank of Sergeant. He served alongside the platoon CO Lt. Dean Martin.

On August 20 (Day 639) Citizen Timinator received his second promotion on the recommendation of his then-CO Lt. Dean Martin, who was tendering his resignation, that Sgt. Citizen Timinator is awarded command of the Alpha Five platoon after displaying the skills and enthusiasm as an XO commensurate to the abilities of a platoon CO.

On the same day Lt. Citizen Timinator was assigned his first XO Sgt. ogplayapimpjuce.

Becomes a Senior Officer

On August 27 (Day 654) Citizen Timinator was promoted to be the Alpha Company XO. He was promoted to the rank of Major. He maintained his role as Alpha Five CO until his promotion to Alpha Company CO.

On September 4 (Day 662) Citizen Timinator was promoted to be the Alpha Company CO. He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He requested that Jimmy Olsen become his new Company XO.

Flies with the 82nd Airborne

On December 2 (Day 743) Citizen Timinator announced his resignation from the Mobile Infantry and his acceptance into the 82nd Airborne Division. He was assigned to 3rd Platoon under the leadership of 1st Lieutenant James Strife. He requested that his successor as Alpha Company CCO be his CXO Major Drumdude06.

Military offices
Preceded by
Executive officer of the Alpha Five platoon
Day 631 - 639
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Dean Martin
Commanding officer of the Alpha Five platoon
Day 639 - 662
Succeeded by
Jimmy Olsen
Preceded by
Kid A
Executive officer of the Alpha Company
Day 654 - 662
Succeeded by
Jimmy Olsen
Preceded by
Commanding officer of the Alpha Company
Day 662 - N/A
Succeeded by